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7 Things to Carry for Solo Hiking (Practical Tips)

Hiking is a very wonderful activity with a lot of exciting new experiences that challenge us and help us to unwind and relax in the wild.

It’s a fact that hiking with friends or groups has its own benefits but that doesn’t mean that solo hiking is bad or something. If you know what are the most important things to carry for solo hiking, then you’re good to go.

There is a myth that solo hiking is for introvert people only. But I don’t pay much heed to it. I am not an introvert person by any means, yet I prefer to go for solo hiking whenever I feel like exploring the nature on my own.

For the last 5 years I have mostly been trekking alone, and in this article I will share my personal secrets on what to pack and essential things to carry for solo hiking.

things to carry for solo hiking
Important Things to Carry for Solo Hiking

During hiking experience you are able to appreciate nature’s beauty as well as the amazing sounds of waterfalls and give you a one-on-one experience with surrounding nature. The melodious sounds of birds are also refreshing.

But it is not all roses and beautiful nature appreciation while listening to birds no; hiking solo requires that you make sure that you have carried all your basic essentials like instant tents or hiking poles.

This is necessarily important because your safety is more important than a solo hiking experience.

And the fact that you will be hiking solo is why this should be more emphasized so you can have a wonderful experience and capture all memorable moments instead of not enjoying your hiking experience or worse cancel the hiking trip.

Before going for a hike it is very important to decide the amount of time you would like to go for a hike trip.

If it is your first time to go for a solo hike trip then it is advisable that you make your trip short for instance one week. But for an introvert it could be better to take a longer hike. These are the seven things you must have.

7 Things to Carry for Solo Hiking (What to Pack)

Hiking Solo can be refreshing, but without proper precaution, it can be scary as hell as well. That’s why we have decided to educate you about the things to carry for solo hiking. Let’s get started! 

 what to Pack while hiking solo
what to Pack while hiking solo

Take a Comfortable Pair of Legging With You

This trip will involve a lot of walking and choosing the best cloth for your self should be something you put into consideration. This is important for example if you are taking month long trip to go on solo hike trip.

You require carrying these pair of leggings in order to ensure you are completely comfortable and not worried since you can wash and wear it again.

A Bag You Can Fold During the Hike

Flexibility is another factor you should consider when you are going for a solo hike. You would need a beg that is light for you to store your belonging and fold it for convenience in carrying.

When you have settled in you can now fold the bag and put it aside this helps to put you things in an organized way such that you are not going to lose some of you stuff during the hike.

A First Aid Kit is Also Very Essential

As much as enjoying outdoor your outdoor activities when it comes to nature it is really hard to escape some minor accidents.

When you are out there hiking you are required to be extremely careful some accidents do not need medical attention like getting a slight scratch.

You can just clean the skin and you are good to continue with hiking experience. But when you encounter a mini emergency you would really need the first aid kit to help you out because you could be far from hospital or camp site.

Ensure That You Have a Water Resistant Backpack

The outdoor environment can be really harsh and taking precautions is really necessary especially during a solo hike because you would not want to be stranded.

A water resistant bag ensure that you have kept all your belongings mostly electronics safe from any environmental damage cause by water for instance if it rains.

The back pack should also be smaller on the side you would not want a cumbersome bag to carry around. But most importantly the exterior should be water resistant.

Always Have a Money Belt

You will obviously carry your essentials like keys, money, identification documents and other prized possessions. This is the only way you could feel comfortable and not worried about safety of important private documents because they will always be with you during your hike time.

Portable Power Bank and a Map

When out in the wild during you solo hike it is not good to go with a phone that is almost going off.

This is due to the fact that there could be an emergency and you are required to ask for help because anything can happen in a solo hike because you are alone. Never let your phone to get below 5% and this is for you own safety as they say better safe than sorry.

This is important most especially if you are going for hike in a place you are not familiar with or you are not completely sure of where you are. This reduces the chances of getting lost and gives time to enjoy the solo hike experience.

Ensure You Have Enough Food

When you are out in the wild it is very important that you have enough food during your hike as well as have water. If you have not remembered these two then your hike may not be as successful as you had thought it would be.

If you lack these essentials you may end up having some problems during you hike or after the hike.


But the seven things listed above to carry are not the only things you should put into consideration because a solo hike needs full preparedness without divided attention.

Some of the other things you should carry include multipurpose shoes so that you can navigate the area well, a whistle and a knife just in case you need help or to keep away some animals.

Some other things as well like document folders that are sturdy especially when you are traveling far, a foldable jacket and a scarf with pockets and headlamp which is quite important especially at night and you are alone this guides your way on your hike experience.

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