7 Things to Carry for Solo Hiking (Practical Tips)

Solo Hiking Essentials

Hiking is a very wonderful activity with a lot of exciting new experiences that challenge us and help us to unwind and relax in the wild. It’s a fact that hiking with friends or groups has its own benefits but that doesn’t mean that solo hiking is bad or something. If you know what are the … Read more

Best Hiking Poles 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide & More

Best Hiking Poles

Hiking has been one of the most adventurous activities that man has ever discovered. Earlier, it was a necessity to hike to travel from one place to another but now it has become a sort of adventurous sport that is enjoyed all around the world. Nowadays people love to go for trekking while carrying the best hiking … Read more

How to Attach Tent to Backpack in 2 Easy Ways (Explained)

Regardless of whether you’re going outdoors for mountain climbing, hiking or camping, odds are you’ll be doing a great deal of strolling with a hefty backpack. A tent is an absolute necessity especially if you plan on going through several days on your next exploring experience. So if you don’t know how to attach tent to … Read more

How To Break In Climbing Shoes in 8 Easy to Follow Ways

how to break in new climbing shoes

Buying a new pair of climbing shoes means you will have to face the irritation and pain as your feet rub with the interior lining of the shoes. You might develop abrasions or blisters leading to pain and making you feel uncomfortable. Knowing how to break in climbing shoes eliminates the chances of hiking-related injuries; … Read more