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Best Hiking Poles 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide & More

Hiking has been one of the most adventurous activities that man has ever discovered. Earlier, it was a necessity to hike to travel from one place to another but now it has become a sort of adventurous sport that is enjoyed all around the world.

Nowadays people love to go for trekking while carrying the best hiking poles and spent a day or two with nature by setting up instant tents in the hills or wild. 

It’s a proven fact that the hiking poles are one of the most important things to pack before planning any hiking/trekking activities.

Best Hiking Poles
Best Hiking Poles of 2022

Hiking really tests your fitness to the core and it is preferably done in the mountains where the challenges become even tougher and the activity comes out as an intense cardio workout.

However, trekking in irregular terrains of the mountains is not a cakewalk for sure. It requires you to be much focused and have very high stamina.

So, it is obvious that before going on such a challenging hiking experience, it is better to take some safety measures with you.

Earlier we have talked about camping axes, here in this article we’ll be listing some of the best hiking poles of 2022.

Hiking poles and staffs have been helping the trekkers from all over the world. Serious and experienced hikers say that best trekking poles are a great safety and support equipment which are advantageous both on easy and difficult mountaineering terrains.

So, are you also planning to buy a hiking pole but are confused about which one to buy?

Do not at all worry because we have got for you all the necessary information that is needed to make that decision. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

What is a Hiking Pole?

Well, before telling you about which hiking pole to buy, it is really important to tell you what it is.

Trekking or best hiking poles are standard equipment that many hikers use because they provide balance and support to them in all kinds of terrains.

Hiking pole is basically a ski pole which comes with a handle and the bottom is made of such material that it gives you a grip while climbing and makes hiking easy for you.

Although they are not very essential, yet it is recommended that you carry them form additional stability and comfort. They can be of great use especially if you are very new to hiking.

Trekking poles are usually used in pairs although some people like to choose a single pole which is also referred to as a Hiking staff.

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles 2022 Reviews

Now is the time to reveal our list of best hiking poles of 2022. In order to come up with this unbiased list we have dedicated 3 of our product researchers to try and test hundreds of best hiking poles of different brands.

We also have adopted different criteria before selecting the best ones for our beloved readers.

Some of those parameters are durability, longevity, value for money, easy to use etc. We have also added pros, cons and our verdict for each of the products.

We hope this list of 10 best hiking poles will be able to fulfill your need. 

1: XMmux Adjustable Ultralight Trekking Poles

First up in the list, we have 7075 aluminium cork grip hiking poles from XMmux. The heat-treated aluminium makes it light weighted and ultra-strong and supports over 350 lbs.

The grip material is made of predominantly cork which is very comfortable and absorbs sweat very quickly. On the top of the poles, wrist straps are present which are made of good breathable material and give a very nice hole of the pole.

The Carbide Flexitips which are made of strong and durable rubber material give a very tight and secure hold on a wide assortment of terrains and surfaces. It weighs about 2.2 pounds and is designed to perform in all weather conditions. From extreme mountain climbing to trekking in ice, these amazing hiking poles can do it all.

Along with a pair of the best hiking poles, the package also contains other accessories such as a carry bag and 8 replacement pole tips in 4 unique shapes. The makers claim that the accessories that they provide are of top-notch quality too.

Let us now have a look at the Pros and the Cons of the XMmux Adjustable Hiking Poles:


✅ Adjustable Length. So, fit for all sizes of people.
✅ The Anti-Slip natural cork grip and the Nylon Wrist straps provide extra comfort.
✅ Best option at this price range.
✅ 180-day return and refund guarantee by the makers.


❌ The batteries are not long-lasting and have to be replaced many times.

Editor’s Pick

Overall, it is a very good buy and is highly recommended from our side as it is a mix of all the features that are needed to make a perfect hiking pole.

2: High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles

Next up, we have a hiking pole for kids from High Stream. They are walking sticks specially designed for your kids so that they too have a nice and a comfortable experience of hiking.

These best hiking poles for children are fully telescopic and can easily be reduced down in size and then stored and carried in the carrier bag that comes along with the poles and is included in your purchase.

It keeps the collapsible walking sticks safe and away from damage when not in use.

These telescopic trekking poles are designed specifically for the children below the age of 12 and the length is about 40 inches and they weigh about 6 ounces which is very light and would be very comfortable for your young ones.            

This hiking pole comes with two bright and jolly designs inspired by the great outdoors.  There is a blue and white pattern featuring wildlife track prints or a red design with an eye-catching leaf pattern.

The poles are meant for both boys and girls they will definitely feel like a grown up with their own trekking poles.

Now, let us have a look at the Pros and the Cons of this product:


✅ Ideal for a wide range of activities and trekking locations.
✅ Made from high quality aluminium which makes them durable.
✅ One of the few poles which are exclusively designed for kids.
✅ Very inexpensive at this price range.


❌ No negative reviews found.

Editor’s Pick

As you can see, we tried but could not find a single negative review about this product. Is it not enough to tell you how good this product is?

3: Brown Mountain Trekking Poles for Men and Women

These trekking poles from Brown Mountain are of premium design and are made of the finest quality ultra-rugged carbon fibre material which gives the hikers stability and a very light mountaineering experience.

The length of these best hiking poles is fully adjustable according to your height. The sticks can be used as all-terrain walking equipment and are comfortable in conditions like sand, snow, gravel, asphalt, mud, etc.

The natural cork grips make the experience further more comfortable as they prevent excessive perspiration. Also, there are wrist straps provided at the top which are of breathable and light material and give a tight hold of the pole. 

This hiking pole kit includes 2 Rubber Tips, 2 Rubber Feet, 2 Mud Baskets, 2 Snow Baskets, and carrying bag to keep your poles and accessories systematized. This set is light and solid.

Put it in the carry bag and place in your backpack, you can also use the strap to hang around your shoulders, place in the trunk of your car, or store in a closet at home for next time.

Here is a list of Pros and Cons of this product:


✅ It weighs about 1.6 pounds which is really light and comfortable especially for a long trek.
✅ Complete set of accessories is provided.
✅ The poles are very light yet sturdy.


❌ Some people found it difficult to contact the customer service for replacement.

Editor’s Pick

Finally, this is a complete package deal and comes with all the features you need and that too in a very affordable price range.

4: Koviti Hiking Poles

The fourth one on the list of best hiking poles comes from Koviti, and the product is made of 7075 aluminium alloy which is very tough and robust. It is better than many carbon fibre poles and can withstand a great deal of pressure.

The hiking poles are collapsible and can be folded when not in use. Also, they are very light, having a weight of about 9 ounces and have an adjustable quick lock.  

The poles come with the ergonomic EVA foam handle and adjustable wrist straps which provide more support, and assure no chaffing. They are sweat-absorbent, more comfortable and sturdier than the usual cork handles.

The poles also have an innovative flip lock and metal stopper which secures locking technology so that you can adjust the length of the pole quickly and easily.

Let us now understand about the advantages and the disadvantages about this product:


✅ Highly cost-efficient.
✅ Perfect for all kinds of terrains and conditions.
✅ You get a complete set of accessories with the package.
✅ 100% Refund assurance is provided from Koviti.


❌ Proper instructions to set up the pole are found to be missing from the package.

Editor’s Pick

All in all, it is a good option if you are looking for one of the best hiking poles which is strong and has a compact design and is not very expensive at the same time.

5: Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The Foxelli Carbon fibre hiking poles are known all around in the mountaineering world for their elegant design and build quality. The classy black colour of the poles gives it an amazing look.

The shaft of the pole is made of 100% carbon fibre which is known for its light weight and shock absorbing capability. The weight is as little as 7.6 ounces which allows you to move with a greater speed and that too by exerting less energy.

The quick lock technology enables the poles to collapse and adjust in no time. The length can be adjusted to wide range and is perfect for a hiker of any age group or gender.

Lastly, the anti-sweat natural cork absorbs the moisture from your hands and keeps them cool and dry throughout to make your hiking experience a very comfortable one. That’s why we added it in this list of best hiking poles for men and women.

Here is a list of the Pros and the Cons of this product by Foxelli:


✅ Very light-weight so ideal for long distance treks.
✅ Suitable for all climatic conditions and mountaineering terrains.
✅ 120-day money back guarantee from the seller.


❌ Carbon Fibre Poles cannot withstand extreme pressure and tend to break.

Editor’s Pick

Although it is a little high price than all the others, it is still a very good purchase considering all the features that it possesses.

6: TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Next up, we have these amazing hiking poles from TrailBuddy which are made of 7075 aluminium which is a stronger option than the carbon fibre poles. So, these are the most favourable options in difficult terrains where a lot of pressure is exerted on the poles.

Also, the aluminium used is light aircraft material which makes the poles weigh only about 4 ounces so it makes them a perfect pair of all- weather and all-conditions hiking poles.

Changing the height of these poles is very easy and simple even when you are wearing your gloves or your hands are sweaty.

The cork handles are very comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures as they are moisture wicking and do not cause chafing.

These are available in various colors such as black, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, and aqua colors, these best hiking poles also come with a carry bag, 2 pairs rubber tips, 1 pair of connectors, mud baskets, and snow baskets too.

Let us have a look at the Pros and the Cons of this product:


✅ Very light but high-quality material used.
✅ The cost is not very high.
✅ Perfect for all type of trekking terrains and weather conditions
✅ One size fits all.


❌ Some customers complained about the cork falling down from the handle

Editor’s Pick

It is a nice product overall and keeping in mind, all the features it is giving and the colors you can choose from, this should be a steal at this price.

7: Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminium Adjustable Trekking Poles

If you are looking for a pole that is of premium quality, strong material and exuberant design and looks, you should surely go for the Cascade Mountain Hiking poles.

These type of best hiking poles are made from the very high-quality aircraft grade aluminium which ensures durability and robustness during a very challenging trekking experience.

The weight of the poles is as low as 10.4 ounces which allows the trekkers to hike with a faster movement and that too with a very less little loss of energy.

The quick lock feature of the poles will support you during all your adventures; it is super easy to use and also very reliable for holding the pole at the desired height ranging from 26”- 54” depending on your comfort.

The cork grips provide exceptional comfort, lower the vibration as you step, and wicks away your sweat. These Cascade poles also include tungsten carbide tips and the adjustable wrist straps.

Let us now have a look at the Pros and the Cons that these poles have to offer:


✅ Light-weight, high quality and very strong material used.
✅ The most cost-efficient option on this list.
✅ Designed in a way that it fits the needs of men, women and children.
✅ Reliable Customer Service.


❌ Sometimes, tightening the lock can be a little challenging.

Editor’s Pick

This is the cheapest option out there if you are looking for an all-season, high-quality hiking pole kit.

8: BAFX Hiking Poles

The Bafx anti-shock and adjustable hiking poles are a perfect fit for all kinds of hikers. The light-weight aluminium ensures rigidity and durability and the ergonomic grips ensure comfort.

The extra wide padded wrist straps and an anti-shock feature in each of the poles make them the most comfortable poles you will use.

The length can be adjusted according to your will and ease and the poles can be expanded from 26.4 inches to 53.25 inches in no time.

Each pole weighs about 12.4 ounces so weight is not a worry for any hiker using these best hiking poles 2022.

The carbide tips help to travel and trek across difficult conditions such as sand, snow, gravel, mud, and so on. The built-in anti-shock feature helps to prevent jerks and shocks in irregular paths that may cause injuries and makes the hiking experience a pleasant one.

Lastly, let us have a look at the Pros and the Cons of the BAFX hiking poles:


✅ The shock-absorption feature prevents many potential injuries.
✅ Perfect for the most irregular sort of terrains which are tough to trek on.
✅ The poles collapse very smoothly and in a breeze.


❌ Not recommended for very long journeys

Editor’s Pick

If you have plans of trekking significant miles or need to depend on your poles over difficult terrain, we highly recommend opting for one of the models mentioned earlier in the article. These poles are just not built well enough to trust on anything more than easy trails.

9: TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

The penultimate product on this list of best hiking poles is none but the TheFitLife Nordic Hiking poles. They are made from the high quality 7 series aviation aluminium material which has the shock-absorbing effect that can strongly reduce damage from the impact force.

The extra-long EVA foam handles exert almost no pressure on the hands give a nice grip on the poles. They are very soft and also absorb moisture from the sweaty hands. Comfortable and wide straps come along with them at the top.

The Nordic poles feature the Quick Lock so that you can collapse or extend your poles from 26″ (65 cm) all the way to 53″ (135 cm) in no time. When not in any use, these are super easy to collapse, small and light enough to be stored within your backpack within the carry bag that comes along with it.


✅ High Quality series 7 Aluminium used to promote long-lastingness.
✅ Comes with a complete set of accessories which are required for a good trek.
✅ Value for money at this price range.
✅ Available in elegant designs and colors.


❌ Some customers faced problems with the locks not tightening.

Editor’s Pick

If you like to have a well designed hiking pole that doesn’t make a big hole to your pocket, then this one may be the ideal one for you.

10: NGOZI Trekking Poles

The final contender on this list of best hiking poles is the all-season trekking poles from Ngozi. These are the nicest looking hiking poles available in the market right now with a touch so classy that it is impeccable.

Now, talking about the build quality, it is made up of 7075 rating aluminium alloy, with a maximum diameter of 14mm.

Hiking Pole Reviews

It is stronger than carbon fibre and can easily withstand shocks and bear better pressure and impact than a carbon-based shaft. It is vital when going downhill.

The grip used is made of EVA foam which is really soft and has many advantages as you many know by now. The wrist-strap comes with a Velcro design and provides a comfortable and an anti-slip hold.

The pole is totally adjustable and is very easy to operate and takes only a few seconds to get locked in place.


✅ Strong build quality and performance assured.
✅ Foldable, so can be used by people with a wide variety of heights.
✅ The product is not very expensive.
✅ Suitable for beginners, experts, children, teens, adults and seniors.


❌ As of now, no negative reviews found about the product.

Editor’s Pick

This is a highly recommended product from our side and is hard to find at the price range it is currently offered at.

Best Hiking Poles 2022 Buying Guide

Well, now that you know what exactly are hiking poles and what are the advantages they offer, you must also know about what should you look in a hiking pole before buying it.

It is always better to research well and know everything you need to before making any investment.

Here is a list of things you must take into consideration before shopping for best hiking poles.

Shaft Material

When buying a hiking pole, make sure the material used to make the shaft is strong and durable. Ideally, go for aluminium as it is both an economical and a long-lasting option.

If you are looking for something more premium, you can go for composite shafts which are either fully or sometimes partially made of carbon.

They are a little expensive compared to the aluminium ones but they are a much lighter option. Also, they are good at reducing vibrations and assure a smooth hiking experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that the composite shafts tend to break under high stress so they are not recommended in very rugged and rough terrains.

Grip Material

It is very important part in a pole as it is responsible for how the pole feels in your hand.  

The grip material of most of the poles is made of foam, cork or rubber. All of them gives a good hold of the poles to the hikers and they absorb the sweat coming from the hand.

However, some hikers do not prefer grip material made of rubber as it chafes your sweaty hands and even causes blisters.


There are certain basic features that a hiking pole should possess. Make sure your hiking pole is adjustable and you can increase or decrease its length according to the terrain and your comfort.

Some other features to check out for in a trekking pole is foldability, locking mechanism, weight and shock-absorption.

These are some of the things that are very important to look for in a hiking pole. Remember, the best hiking pole is not one that has all the features, the best one is the one that you find the most comfortable.

Why Use a Hiking Pole?

Best Hiking Poles have been used by serious mountaineers for years now so definitely they must have some good uses. But what are they? Let us have look at some of them.

  • Hiking Poles are required when you have too much weight on you in the form of luggage, gear and so on.
  • If your trek includes crossing streams or mud, hiking poles is a must. The combination of two poles while crossing those slippery rocks can really make your life easy.
  • It is of popular opinion that hiking poles take all the pressures themselves so save you from the potential knee injuries.
  • Hiking poles are always good to have when trekking in a place that can have wild animals. You would rather have something in your hand when an animal attacks you than not.
  • In extreme downhill or uphill treks, hiking poles can be a life saver.

FAQs About Best Hiking Poles (Must Read)

Q1: Can You use one Trekking pole?

Yes, you can if you are comfortable. But most of the professionals out there recommend using two of them for better support, grip and comfort.

Q2: What size hiking pole should I choose?

Usually, you should choose a pole that is adjustable so that you can increase or decrease the length.

Q3: Do kids need best hiking poles?

Kids should definitely use hiking poles as it enhances the experience and make them safe against all the potential injuries that could have happened.


This is all that we had to say about best hiking poles 2022 and that you had to know about hiking poles. One thing is for sure that if you are into hiking even by a little, trekking poles are the first investment that you should make as they ensure both safety and a better experience.

If you still somehow are confused about the pole which you want to buy, go through the list again and check out the buying guide at the beginning and I am sure you will find your perfect one.   

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