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Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whenever we go hunting we always have to make sure that we can hide better. Otherwise, there is a high chance that the animals will find us and attack. So if we don’t use the best scent eliminator for hunting, then it may lead to troubles.

This is a product which is used to hide the human odor and also reduce the sweat formation in our body. Most of the hunters use best scent killer to stay safe.

There are so many types of hunting scent eliminators the market and you have to choose the best one for yourself among the list.

Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting
Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting

Because it is the solution to one of the biggest problems of the hunter, body smell. Generally, animals can smell you from quite a distance and that is why it is very important to pay attention to hide your smell. 

You need to make sure that they cannot smell you when you are aiming to hunt them. So the best scent eliminator for hunting is used for this purpose.

There are so many types of materials in the market like spray, soap, detergent, fan etc. You need to choose any of them as per your convenience. 

What Are Hunting Scent Eliminators?

A hunting scent eliminator is a product which helps to reduce the effect of human odour during hunting most of the time.

These products have some special Technologies which can attack the bacteria as well as preventing the sweat formation in the body.

It is always better to choose an environmentally friendly product (like a scent eliminator spray) for this purpose. 

How to Use Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting?

A smell Eliminator can be used in several ways. It can be of different types and also these products work in different ways.

  • Soap: You can use a soap with scent eliminator quality which will be quite effective for your skin. Whenever we go for hunting, the suite generation becomes an issue for us. In that case you can use an effective soap to wash away those sweat formation and remove all types of human odour from your body.
  • Spray: You can use a smell Eliminator in a spray form or a normal scent blocker spray. These are just like a deodorant which you have to spray on your skin for clothes before going out for hunting. Generally, these products have easy dry technology by which it can get dried easily on your skin your clothes and work even better.
  • Stick: Generally, all of us are quite familiar with deo sticks. So as well-illuminated can also be in this form. These are normal sticks which can glide through your skin quite smoothly and will hide all of your sweat smell from the animals out there.
  • Detergent: The best scent eliminator for hunting can also be some effective detergents which are used to wash our hunting gears. These detergents should not leave any stain in our clothes and should be able to remove all the odors effectively. 
  • Laundry liquid: If you are used to washing your clothes in the washing machine then you can also use laundry liquid as your hunting scent eliminator. These are only made for machine use and id8 efficient in its job.
  • Sheets: Currently, some sheets are available which are used to avoid sweat smell. You have to keep them with you and it will do its work quite effectively to remove the human odor and keep you safe from animal attacks. These can be easily be used as hunting odor eliminator by the professionals.
  • Fan: There are some types of fans in the market which works as a smell eliminator for hunting. They cover the air and remove the smell from your body and clothes to keep you hidden.

Top 9 Best Scent Eliminator for Hunting 2022 Reviews

Here we have given all the necessary details about the best scent eliminator for hunting of 2022. All the products are of different categories and all the pros and cons are discussed below.

We are suggesting you to first check out these best hunting scent eliminator reviews, and after that make your final decision.

1: Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold 24/24 Combo, 48 Oz

Key Highlighted Features

  • Best spray for your hunting clothes.
  • Maximum performance when it gets dried.
  • 99% effectiveness is there to stop human odour.
  • It can prevent the new smell formation.
  • No staining will be there while using it.
  • 24 ounces bottle and 24 ounces refill is available.
  • One of the best scent eliminator for hunting of 2022.

This is one of the best scent blocker spray for your favourite hunting outerwear as well as your boot bottoms. The best part of this product is it can deliver the maximum performance after it gets dried.

If you buy this then you won’t have to worry about the staining at all and it is almost 99% effective to remove the human odour completely. It can prevent the new smell formation as well.

So you can be sure that you are getting the best quality product with hunt dry technology to eliminate your scent while hunting. 


✅ Special hunt dry Technology will remove the smell efficiently.
✅ You won’t need to hunt with wet clothing.
✅ It stays for hours or even weeks.
✅ It works well in breezy days.
✅ It can be used on all types of clothing materials.
✅ Odourless as it is earth-scented.


❌ Sometimes the liquid is leaked inside the packaging.
❌ It is harmful to your skin.

Editor’s Pick

This product is a complete recommendation if you want your scent eliminator to stay with your clothing for a long time. This product is used as one of the best scent eliminator for deer hunting exclusively.

2: Code Blue Unscented Field Spray

Key Highlighted Features

  • It can coat the hunting gears from smells.
  • 99.9% of the odour in the human body is eliminated.
  • It can work as a fine mist to the clothes.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It has no chemicals.

This special unscented spray is the perfect fit as a hunting smell eliminator. 12 ounces bottle of fine spray is available with the power to coat the smell of hunting gear. It can eliminate the human odour almost 99.9%.

It is available in different sizes ranges from 12 to 24 ounces and you can choose any of the sizes as per your convenience.


✅ It can remove the scent in your body before you go out in the woods.
✅ It can stay on your clothes hours after you spray it.
✅ It has no chemical and the natural elements fit well in the forest.
✅ It has medical-grade Nano silver particles which have strong power to destroy bacteria.


❌ Sometimes the packaging is bad and you may receive an empty bottle.
❌ Leakage happened before.
❌ The sprayer is a bit defective sometimes.

Editor’s Pick

If you are searching for best scent eliminator spray for hunting which will stay for a day in your clothes and also can eliminate the human smell and replace it with the natural smell, then this is the best product for you.

3: Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Spray, Odourless

Key Highlighted Features

  • Activated smell scrubbers are present.
  • 12 ounces spray bottle is available.
  • It can attract and also attack bacteria.
  • It is the best product for hunting purpose.
  • It can remove the toughest smell.
  • It can stay up to two hours long.

Next in our list of best scent eliminator for hunting is a special product indeed. It has activated elements to reduce odours in your body and also works as a scrubber. It can attract bacteria and attack them to kill. You will get 12 ounces spray bottle which is one of the best items for hunting purpose.

It can stay in your body for at least one or two hours and also remove the toughest smells from your clothes. It features the best scent control for deer hunting. You won’t regret it after using for a while.


✅ It can control the smell much quicker and stronger than any other material.
✅ It has a warranty of limited lifetime.
✅ It helps to freshen up the washable items.


❌ A bit pricey.
❌ The substance is watery.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to freshen up your clothes along with the removal of smell then this product is a great choice for your daily use. If you’re pro-actively searching for the best scent eliminator for hunting, then you may consider this product.

4: Duke Cannon Big’Ol Brick of Hunting Soap-Scent Eliminator

Key Highlighted Features

  • The unique formula is present to capture odours.
  • The product is unscented.
  • It is cruelty-free.
  • It prevents the release of smell from the body.
  • It’s one of the best-in-class scent remover for hunting.

This special type of soap is specially designed for the true hunters which have a unique formula to capture all types of unwanted smells. It can prevent the release of smells as well from your body. This product is completely cruelty-free and also won’t get dried on your skin.

If we talk about the safety of that then this is a completely unscented product and that is why natural. This product can easily be used as hunting odor eliminator, and many ace hunters are doing that as well in real world.


✅ It can neutralize the smell.
✅ It is never treated on animal.
✅ No perfume additives are there.
✅ It can be used in the everyday shower.


❌ The size is a bit bigger for daily use.
❌ It can cause a choking hazard.

Editor’s Pick

If you are a person who likes to use the products which are cruelty-free and specially designed for hunting work then this product can be a great choice for you. It can be used as the best cover scent for deer hunting as well.

5: Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way 07912-1 Bio-Strike Laundry Detergent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Completely scent-free.
  • Atomic molecules can stop the bacteria and fungi.
  • The easy pour spout is simple to use.
  • A measuring cup is given for free.
  • Compatible with all types of washers.
  • One of the best scent killer spray in its class.

This laundry detergent is specially designed as the best scent eliminator for hunting 2022. It has atomized molecules in it which can stop the bacteria and other types of fungal odours.

It has an easy pour spout in the bottle and also you will get an extra measuring cup to use the detergent in the proper amount. It is around 2X concentrated and also compatible with all types of HE washers. 


✅ No stains will be there on the clothes.
✅ The perfect material for professional hunters.
✅ No chemical is used.
✅ No UV brighteners are used in the product.


❌ You have to be careful during washing because it does not support hot water washing.
❌ Sometimes deers can smell the scent of it.

Editor’s Pick

If you want an effective detergent for laundry purpose without any chemical substance in it then this product should be considered once.

6: Wildlife Research Super Charged Scent Killer Autumn Formula Liquid Clothing Wash (18-Ounce)

Key Highlighted Features

  • High-efficiency formula is best for top loading and front loading.
  • Best for the Hunters.
  • 18 ounces fluid is given.
  • No UV brighteners are used.
  • No side effects.
  • One of the best scent eliminator for hunting under $20.

If you want an efficient scent killer to wash your hunting clothes then this product is a very good material for the real Hunters. It has H-E formula to use the product during top loading and also during front loading in the washing machines.

The company has not used any UV brighteners during the making and that is a great characteristic of this material. You will get an 18 ounces fluid in the deal. Please go through this scent blocker review first, before taking any final call.


✅ It can attack human odours and quite effective in cleaning clothes.
✅ It leaves a light scent of leaves and dust.
✅ The special autumn formula is used.
✅ Quite durable.
✅ Delivery is fast.


❌ Some leakages can be there.
❌ Can be allergic to the skin.

Editor’s Pick

If you want a liquid laundry detergent for washing machine purpose with natural fragrances then this product is one of the best choices in the market.

7: Dead Down Wind Dryer Odorless Hunting Sheets

Key Highlighted Features

  • Dead down wind scent prevent technology is there to create enzymes to remove smells.
  • No biocides are used.
  • Sheets are completely odourless.
  • 15 sheets will be there in the package.
  • Anti-static built-in Technology will protect your skin.
  • The best product for professional Hunters.

These are effective sheets which are used for smell elimination. They have dead down wind scent prevent technology which has some special enzymes to prevent smells to come out. The company has not used any biocides and the sheets are completely odourless. 

This product also has anti-static built-in Technology and that is why it is quite safe for the sensitive skin. You will get a total of 15 sheets in the package which are biodegradable.


✅ It is quite gentle on human beings as well as the environment.
✅ It is effective for Carbon, natural, technical and synthetic garments.
✅ It can attack bad bacteria and can kill them.
✅ It can also save good bacteria in our body.


❌ It cannot remove the smell from our clothes.
❌ Cannot be used with detergent.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to use simple sheet material to avoid smells during your hunting then you can go for this product. It is one of the best scent eliminator for hunting 2022 for sure.

8: Code Blue – D/Code Antiperspirant Stick

Key Highlighted Features

  • The product is a White stick type material.
  • It can glide smoothly on our skin.
  • Nano silver particles are helpful to destroy the odour.
  • It can stay dry all-day.
  • No staining hazards.
  • Does not leave any residual on the base layer.

This is an antiperspirant stick which can glide quite smoothly on your skin to remove all types of smells. It has supercharged Nano silver particles which are of medical-grade to keep you odorless all day.

This hunting scent killer can stay dry on your skin and quite perfect for you if you are prone to trek into the Woods. It is a white colored stick which will not leave any stain or residuals on your clothes as well.

If you’re wondering how important is scent control for deer hunting, then trust me you can’t ignore it much. If your end goal is to get success in this field, the you should have opted for this best scent eliminator for hunting as early as possible.


✅ It has some additional fragrances.
✅ It can destroy three different types of bacteria.
✅ It can fight with sweat and stop the sweat formulation under the arms as well.
✅ It can keep you fresh the entire day.


❌ Sometimes the stick crumbles.
❌ Not completely organic material.
❌ Sometimes a bit chalky.

Editor’s Pick

It is a very good replacement of normal deo stick with the added benefit of killing harmful bacteria and also reduces smell. So if you are into hunting a lot then you can use this product.

9: Wildgame Innovations Zero Trace Plasma Ion Unit

Key Highlighted Features

  • It has pure ion technology to neutralize human odour.
  • The battery can last up to 6 hours long.
  • It can fit anywhere.
  • It gives continuous air cover.

The last but not the least of our list of best scent eliminator for hunting 2022 is an awesome product which can neutralize the scent in your body quite safely with the pure iron Technology.

It is an ultra-quiet fan which comes with 2 rechargeable battery, pure ion field generator, adjustable mount and a USB port charger. The best part of this product is it can fit anywhere you want.


✅ Zero trace technology is used to make it.
✅ It does not do any damage to health.
✅ Small ions flow to remove the smell.


❌ It cannot kill the bacteria for the smell completely.
❌ A bit pricey.

Editor’s Pick

If you don’t want any product to apply on your skin or your clothes then you can use this fan to remove odour from your body.

Best Hunting Scent Eliminator Buying Guide 2022

Whenever we buy some product we always pay attention to some specific details before choosing the best product for ourselves. This is also same for a hunting scent eliminator as well.

Here are some factors which you need to check before buying the best scent eliminator for hunting in 2022. You should have noted down these bow hunting scent control tips, so that you can follow them properly.

1. Organic Substances

You should always choose the organic product. Because if it is not organic then the purity is somehow compromised and in that case, different types of harmful effects can take place. The products which are not organic can affect your skin as well.

So it is always better to choose an organic product whenever buying a smell eliminator for hunting. There are several products in the market which have completely organic ingredients in it. You should always read the levels carefully to choose those products rather than any other artificial substances.

2. Non-Detectable

Smell Eliminator should be no detectable because whenever you go for hunting, you need to check whether the scent killer used by you is detectable by the animals or not. It should be made in such a way that the product cannot be detected by wild animals because if they detect that, there is a high chance that you will get caught by them.

It is one of the biggest factors while choosing the best scent eliminator for hunting because we always want a hideout. Generally, you should choose the best hunting smell killer 2022 which has no added fragrances.

If any extra fragrances are there then it may lead to a dangerous incident because the animals will be able to smell it easily.

3. No Stain

There are some products in the market which causes staining in clothes. But that is not desirable. You should check beforehand whether the product leaves any stains or not. Because it looks dirty if your smell Eliminator is leaving some sort of color are mark on your clothes.

This is mostly true for the detergents and sticks. Because these types of scent blockers are quite prone to leave some marks on your clothes. So you should always try to get your hands on some materials which do not leave any staining marks.

4. Easy Dry

You should always choose the products which have easy dry technology in it. It will keep your clothes dry all the time and you won’t have to do hunting with wet clothes on you. So it is very important that the product gets dry on your clothes and also work fine.

There are some of the best scent eliminator for hunting of 2022 in the market which have easy dry technology and get dried quickly on your clothes. If it gets dried and also works well as a smell Eliminator then you have made a good choice of product for sure.

5. Harmless to Skin

Some officers have really sensitive skin and if you are having that then you must be very careful while choosing a smell Eliminator on your skin. You should make sure that those are allergen-free and is not harmful to your body.

You can check the composition of the product and you will get to know the necessary details regarding the formation of it.

We always want to save our skin from getting damaged as well as our health. So at first, you need to understand what are the allergens which affect your body and then only choose a good smell Eliminator which is not harmful to you.

6. Cost

Cost is a very important factor for all types of products we buy every day. So decide your budget wisely and invest in a good quality smell eliminator for hunting. Because when you are going for hunting you have to be very careful that you are hidden.

And sometimes low-cost smell eliminators are not useful to hide you completely. Sometimes we go for low-cost materials but in this case, it may be dangerous for us to choose a low-cost material which is not useful to hide you properly.

7. Long-Lasting

You should always choose a product which will have a long-lasting effect. We cannot specify the time when we are going hunting. And that is why we should always go for the best scent eliminator for hunting which can last long and will remain on your clothes your body for a longer period.

It is always better to have a product with you which can work for days because we don’t know when our hunting job will get finished.

8. Environment Friendly

We have to pay attention to our environment as well as our needs. That is the main reason why you should always choose a hunting smell blocker which is biodegradable and environment friendly.

Because this type of materials generally has chemicals which are not good for the environment. So you should be extra careful while choosing a product. If the product is organic then most of the time it is quite an environment friendly.

The environment is one of the biggest concern right now for everyone and that is why it is completely our responsibility to save it in all the way possible.

9. Chemical-Free

Chemicals are always bad for our health and it is always best to avoid extra chemicals while buying a hunting scent killer. Because we generally use this product while going for hunting and it is a time-consuming job.

So it will not be a very good idea if you have a smell Eliminator on you with harmful chemicals in it. It is always better to check the ingredients before buying it and prefer the non-chemical ones.

10. Durable Product

Whenever we buy something we always want that it becomes durable. It should not be like we have to buy the product again and again in a short period.

So always choose the best quality product which will be durable and won’t get expired quickly. Durability is one of the most important factors while choosing any of the best scent eliminator for hunting in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting Scent Killers 2022

1. Does scent killer work for Hunting?

Yes, scent killers are helpful while hunting because it will hide all the unnecessary human odour. Because it is quite important to hide from the animals who can smell you very quickly.

2. Does scent control matter?

Scent control matters because during hunting there is a high chance that animals can find you by your body smell. So a scent control material can be useful for you.

3. How long does scent killer last?

It varies according to the product and its composition. But most of the scent killers last for at least a day.


So these were all about hunting scent eliminators available in the market. You have to go through all the steps carefully to choose the best product for yourself. It is not always possible for you to choose the best for yourself if you don’t know the major factors while choosing it.

So you should go through all the steps carefully. There are some products which are spray type and you need to use them as a deodorant. 

You can also choose the detergent or laundry liquid to wash your clothes after hunting. In the above discussion, a fan is also recommended to use if you don’t want to use any product on your body or clothes.

You need to be careful while choosing any of the best scent eliminator for hunting 2022 and you should buy only after analyzing your need carefully. 

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