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How to Use Hammock Straps (A Step by Step Guide)

Lying on the hammock is free from the disturbances of branches, twigs or rocks and other hard objects. Moreover, these swings are adequately ventilated.

To enjoy the full flavor of it, it is best to use tree straps for hammock in order to hang them. This is the safest way and is eco-friendly too.

In this page we will learn how to use hammock straps in depth.

It is good that hanging up hammocks is not too complicated. Only careful observation and planning is needed to execute and achieve the desired results.

In fact if you know how to hang a hammock properly then your camping experience will surely be enhanced by many folds.

how to use hammock straps
How to use Hammock Straps (Best Guide Ever)

Nowadays the craze for adjustable hammock straps or diy hammock strap is rising among the youths. It’s quite obvious that you will be interested in knowing how to tie up hammock straps, as that’s the reason you are here. Right? 

But before that you must know about different types of hammocks as well. It will be difficult for you to follow this hammock tree straps instructions to the core, if you are not aware about all the types first. 

Types of Hammock Straps

The hammock straps can broadly be divided into four types—the short straps with 2 loops; the long straps with 2 loops; the eco-friendly straps; the adjustable hammock straps. You must know about all of them if you wanna learn the process of how to use hammock straps. 

1. Short Straps with 2 Loops

These straps are too small. They require proper anchor points for set-up. Some more equipment(s) is/are required to install them.

2. Long Straps with 2 Loops

2 feet or longer straps are considered to be termed as long straps. These are independent enough to be suspended alone, with the help of secured anchor points.

3. Eco-friendly Hammock Straps

These types of straps consist of metal rings. They are at least 2” thick with 2 “S”-shaped hooks. These straps are comparatively heavier than all the other types of straps commonly used for the purpose. It is one of the determining factors for this sort of straps.

4. Adjustable Hammock Straps

Consisting of multiple loops, these are quite user-friendly, especially for the newbies.

How to use Hammock Straps (Step by Step Guide)

Here we will discuss the proper method about how to use hammock straps perfectly. In this page we will be learning about the best straps for hanging a hammock. With this guide we will mainly be focusing on how to use tree straps for hammock. Let’s start!   

Total Time Needed:

30 minutes.

Required Tools:

  • Straps.
  • D-shaped Ring.
  • A Tape Measure.

Things Needed?

  • Trees.
  • A Hammock.
  • A Little bit of Effort.

Follow these easy Steps and Learn how to use hammock tree straps With Ease!

How to use Hammock Straps (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1

Firstly, carefully select the type of strap suitable for your hammock. Some hammocks include straps. If there isn’t one, you have to buy one separately.

Step 2

Select the anchor points. This is where you want to set up the hammock. These anchor points will decide the height of the swing. The length of the straps determines the anchor points.

If it is set up amidst the jungle, then trees are the best suit as perfect and secured anchor points. Two trees with a distance of 12ft. to 14 ft. are best suitable as the two anchor points.

Step 3

The next step is to monitor the length of the strap to suspend the hammock. This factor is jointly determined by the length of the hammock and the exact distance between the two anchor points.

This length has to be determined correctly. Otherwise, the hammock will not stretch properly and will remain sagging and uncomfortable.

Step 4

Next comes the step of tying the straps properly. This is the most tricky part of the entire process. First, you need to create 2 loops on either side of the strap. You have to secure it tightly with a knot.

Then, insert the D-shaped ring inside the loop. It should be wide enough to secure the width of the strap. Then wrap the strap around the width of the tree in a clockwise manner.

Then insert the other end of the strap amidst the loop. Pull it to its maximum length. This will securely and entirely lock the loop. Then wrap the strap securely to the tree by moving to the opposite direction.

As the entire length of the strap exhausts, you pass the end through the primary loop and secure the hammock firmly. The same procedure is repeated with the second one too.

Step 5

As the straps are tied, next comes the step to suspend the hammock. You must carefully monitor and make sure that the height of the hammock is comfortable. Going in and out of it should be perfectly hassle-free.

The height of the hammock determines this factor. If there happens any compromise with this factor, then the true spirit of enjoyment will be lost. The entire point of setting up and installing the hammock will go in vain.


Any technique can seem tricky when done for the first time. But as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. The same theory applies in case of using best straps for hanging a hammock. The quality of the strap should be of premium grade to make the job of webbing for hammock easier.

Once you have mastered the art of how to use hammock straps, setting it up securely will not seem to be any big deal. It will become smooth and easy. It will make your camping trips far more soothing, relaxing and refreshing.

I am assuming that now you know how to make hammock straps. If my assumption is right, then this article has managed to serve its purpose to the core.

My aim was to educate you so that you can learn how to tie hammock straps without any trouble. If you like this article, then kindly share it so that it can reach to more people. 

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