Freediving Fins vs Scuba Fins: A Detailed Comparison

freediving fins vs scuba fins comparison

Let’s settle this Freediving Fins vs Scuba Fins debate once and for all in this article by comparing both the options in depth. Whether it’s freediving or scuba, the one piece of kit you will need for both activities is “fins”. Hold on! This does not mean that you can use similar fins for both of them. … Read more

How to Use Hammock Straps (A Step by Step Guide)

how to make tree straps for hammock

Lying on the hammock is free from the disturbances of branches, twigs or rocks and other hard objects. Moreover, these swings are adequately ventilated. To enjoy the full flavor of it, it is best to use tree straps for hammock in order to hang them. This is the safest way and is eco-friendly too. In … Read more

Bedroll vs Sleeping Bag: A Full On Comparison

Camping has always remained a favorite among all the adventure seekers the world over. But one of the main concerns that poses a major con while camping is the aspect of having a good night’s sleep. Options are galore when it comes to comfortable items to spend the nights in. Bedroll and Sleeping bag, these two … Read more

How to Connect Two Tents Together in 5 Easy Ways

connect two tents

Solo camping is great, but we mostly do camping with our friends or families in a big group. Isn’t that? In that case one single tent doesn’t provide the sense of togetherness. Because, staying in separate tents might deprive you of the ‘we are together” revelry moments. But if we can somehow learn how to … Read more