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Best Smell Proof Backpacks 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide & More

Let’s be realistic, sometimes you just find yourself carrying stinky items around time and again. Could be loud and smelly herbs or your gym clothes with that bad odour from sweating. Well, in such a situation, you will need one of the best smell proof backpacks 2022 to save yourself the embarrassment.

best smell proof backpacks
Best Smell Proof Backpacks Reviews

What is a Smell Proof Backpack?

Well, before telling you about the best smell proof backpacks to buy, we must have a look at what it is.

A smell proof backpack is made of a carbon filter a strong agent that prevents odour from leaking through the compartments of the bag.

This happens through the help of special technologies that install a zipper system that is tight thus no odour can escape from the bag.   

What is a Smell Proof Backpack?

Although it is not a necessity, it is recommended that you own at least one of the best smell proof backpacks to avoid embarrassment and discomfort especially when in crowded places.

Just like other backpacks or instant tents, smell-proof backpack come in different sizes and features.

Top 7 Best Smell Proof Backpacks 2022 Reviews

It is now time to reveal our best smell proof backpacks list for 2022. To come up with this list, which is unbiased, our products researchers were committed to trying and testing hundreds of the best smell proof backpack before deciding on the best for our readers.

As discussed earlier, we considered the size of storage, the material used and the design parameters. We have included the pros and cons as well as each of the products’ verdict. It is our sincere hope that with this list of the 7 best smell proof backpack your needs will be fulfilled.

1: Skunk Backpack Rogue – Smell Proof – Water Proof – Lockable – Hydroponics

This bag consists of interiors that have an anti–smell retainer made from a high-quality carbon filter. Carrying smelly gym clothes is convenient since the smell is contained by the well-constructed lining.

Since it has dual zippers, you are free to carry all your stinky items confidentially, especially when of have tons of loads or are going on a hiking adventure and you may need to carry more than one day change of clothes.

Well as you may be wondering, the system for zipping is waterproof hence protecting your stuff as well as the lining from rain and any spills that could be damaging.

This is an important thing to notice in best smell proof backpacks. The carbon filter lining should not come into contact with water.

Therefore, whenever you carry a pair of sweaty shoes, t-shirts or sweatpants, you should air it in the sun or blow dry it for a few minutes to do away with the unpleasant smell and restore its freshness.

Moreover, this bag has an anti-wear protective net thermal lining, front and side pocket and a laptop pocket that is well-padded for your convenience. With the lockable storage, you are assured of the privacy and the security of your contents.


✅ Carbon filter lining of high quality.
✅ An interior retainer that is anti-smell.
✅ A protective netting that is anti-tear.
✅ A zipping proof that is waterproof.
✅ Has front and side pockets.
✅ Can be used during all-weather seasons.


❌ At times, the second zipper gets a bit stuck and becomes hard to pull closed since the seal is too tight for the zipper.

2: Omerta Backpack – Smell Proof Carbon Filtered Bag with Heavy Duty Lock (Transporter)

To keep the smell from penetrating, this bag is equipped with a carbon lining.

Through the help of the crafting technology, bad odour from gym clothes or any smelly substance do not leak even when you open the bag.

While retrieving items from the bag, you do not have to be so stressed about the smell.

You have to give exclusive attention to the zipper before choosing the best smell proof backpacks or bags. The omerta backpack is characterized by heavy zipper bag for maximum protection.

The zipping system is strong enough to separate and does not bind nor bite thus locks in the smell alongside closing the bag firmly when moving.

Nevertheless, the outer material of this bag which is usually black is not only water-resistant but also wear and tear-resistant. Since it is made from the hempster fabric, whose texture is smooth and soft, it is resistant to fading

Its interiors are softly padded thus allowing you to carry items such as a phone or spectacles which are fragile. This makes it the perfect bag especially for athletes that need to carry lots of gym clothes.

To express your style, personality and mood in the best way possible, you can remove the Velcro badge and swap it with another that suits the moment.


✅ Has an exterior that is water-resistant and durable.
✅ Has an interior that is padded and is smell proof.
✅ Consists of an active carbon lining.
✅ Has a removable Velcro logo.
✅ Is perfect for fragile items carriage.


❌ None.

3: School Backpack, Vaschy Unisex Slim Lightweight Water-resistant Backpack for Men Women College Schoolbag Travel Bookbag Black

Fabrics used to manufacture this bag are of high quality thus durable and waterproof. Both men and women can use the vaschy smell proof backpack due to its style of fashion and neutral appearance.

To ensure your mind is at peace when packing, it has a padded back panel as well as a large space to pack as much stuff as you would wish in different pockets.

Whether you are carrying a laptop, books or any other accessories, they can all be accommodated.

The main compartment consists of a closure with double zippers. It also has an exterior pocket with one zipper and small pockets on both sides that you can use to carry your water bottle.

To hang comfortably, on your shoulders and back, the straps are adjustable and on top of that, it has a laptop sleeve to fit your laptop snugly.

The front pocket of this bag consists of a key hook hence you never forget where you placed your keys lastly. Moreover, it has an earphone port to have you listening to music as you walk around with your best smell proof backpacks in 2022. How cool?


✅ It is slim and sleek thus casual to carry around.
✅ Packing stuff in the bag is easy.
✅ Can carry a large number of items.
✅ It is designed neatly with plenty of room for your stuff.
✅ It is water-resistant.
✅ It is an all-weather bag.
✅ It is affordable.


❌ None to Note.

4: Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock by Herb Guard

This is the best choice among the best smell proof backpacks of 2022 to purchase if you want to pack your accessories and other items together and not worry about breaking something as well as bad odour leaking.

For stoners especially, this smell proof bag manufactured by Herb Guard, is perfect for travelling, using at home and when on vacation.

Despite having a not so fancy lunch box design just like most cases, it is easy and stylish to carry since it has a large durable handle.

It has a width of 9 inches, 6 inches length and a depth of 5 inches in terms of measurement and has a mesh pocket with a zipper on the outside that gives it an elegant look.

With its many compartments, it gives you the privilege of carrying different herbs separately and can carry up to 85 grams of herbs.

Inside this case is the upper part with a mesh pocket where you could probably keep an item such as a pipe and the bottom part which consists of two compartments that you can hide with a discrete cover. Due to its removable barrier, you can create extra space for more items

Alongside the case, you also get to enjoy free protective UV glass jar and two resalable travel bags courtesy of the Herb Guard.

Just like other best smell proof backpacks, this case is waterproof hence your herbs are safe from water damages. For security purposes, it comes with a combination lock on the outside.

Besides, the zipper system is very strong and of high quality, thus, you are assured of the safety of your items.


✅ The design is sturdy and of high quality.
✅ Long-lasting and water-resistant.
✅ It is a reputable brand and you are guaranteed of 100% money refund in case of any fault.
✅ Enough storage space and a removable barrier for extra space.
✅ Free smell-proof glass jar for supplementary herbs storage.
✅ Highly rated on Amazon.


❌ The outer combination lock raises security worries.
❌ The zipper is not durable.
❌ It is a little bit expensive.

5: Gravity Wraps Smell Proof Case Bundle with Combination Lock, Smell Proof Jar and Resalable Travel Bags, No Smell Travel Herb Bag with Removable Dividers

The gravity wraps smell proof case comes packaged to cater for all your storage needs minus the smell leakage plus a smell resistance container, a travel bag that you can reseal and a jar that is smell proof thus very ideal for those items that emanate a strong smell.

Other than preventing the smell from leaking, this smell proof bag is designed in such a way that it ensures your food and herbs are fresh for a longer period hence giving you the confidence to carry your items around whenever need be, whether you are on a trip or just chilling at home.

It is characterized by an external stainless combination lock which adds up as extra security hence you need to worry about who might get access to your items. To comfortably carry the bag around, it comes with a handle that is easy to grip.

That’s why we have added this in our list of some of the best smell proof backpacks that you can buy in 2022.

Its measurements are 9*6*5 inches thus large enough to accommodate up to 85 grams of foods or herbs or whatever item you may want to carry. It also has a removable divider for more organized packing.

The material used to make the gravity wraps smell proof case is strong, durable and sturdy enough to resist wear and tear especially when used daily and at the same time maintain a sleek appearance.


✅ For safety and confidential purposes, it comes with a combination lock.
✅ Has a discreet cover to hold your stuff during travel.
✅ Quite affordable.
✅ Easy to organize your content due to its removable dividers.
✅ It is water-resistant.
✅ It is large and has enough storage.
✅ Comes with a protective UV glass to keep your items fresh.


❌ The zipper could have been stronger.
❌ Appears larger than it actually is and may not always meet your expectations.

6: Cali Crusher 100% Smell Proof Roll Top Backpack – Waterproof – Hydroponics

The Cali Crusher smell-proof roll top backpack is perfect for those who smoke as well as those who are enthusiastic about going to the gym.

To hang comfortably, on your shoulders and back, the straps are adjustable and on top of that, it has an inner zipper compartment that can fit your laptop perfectly. Besides,

it also has body straps to ensure stability through your hips and ensure body stability.

It is characterized by a carbon thermal lining that prevents leakage of all odours thus the smell from your gym clothes, dirty socks or any other odour is discreetly contained, giving you the confidence to move around as much as you want without having to worry about odours with this best smell proof backpacks.

The material used to make this bag is of high quality, durable and waterproof. It is designed in such a way that it has a thick padding which is tear-resistant and carabiner outlets on the roll-top that are exclusively durable and resistant to damage.

When closed, it has 20 inches dimensions and 27 inches when open due to the roll-top alongside a 13 inches height and 9 inches width to create enough space for extra items.

If you want to go hiking, camping or simply backpacking while carrying any equipment, the Cali Crusher smell-proof roll-top backpack is the best choice for you.


✅ Has enough storage space.
✅ Has adjustable straps thus ensuring comfort.
✅ Made from high-quality material.
✅ It is water-resistant.
✅ It is an all-weather bag.
✅ It is affordable.


❌ None to Note.

7: Original Hemp Backpack – Knapsack w/Smell Proof Pouch & Secret Pocket (Forest)

For quite some years, the original hemp backpack has been selling like hot cake, for all the perfect reasons and this is not about to change any time soon even in the case of best smell proof backpacks. 

To start with, this bag is manufactured from a sturdy hempster material which perfectly suits you if you love and are an advocate for saving Mother Naturethrough the utilization of recyclable products and resources that are sustainable.

This is certainly one of the best smell proof backpacks 2022, and this bag is perfect for storing fragile contents such as cycling goggles since it is made from hemp, which naturally has a smooth and soft texture. Regardless of the softness, hemp is fading resistant as well as wear and tear-resistant.

The original Hemp backpack is designed in such a way that it is the coolest backpack in the market. It has a removable Velcro badge which makes it customized and you can replace the badge with any other that suits your mood or your liking.

This bag has shoulder straps that are contoured as well as side straps that you can adjust to hang comfortably, on your shoulders and back.

For a high level of security and privacy, it consists of a heavy-duty zipping system and designed with four large compartments, pockets on both sides and a hidden pocket.

For neatly organized personal items while on the go, you are given a free removable smell resistant and spill-proof pouch in addition to the original hemp backpack.


✅ Made from high-quality hempster material.
✅ Durable.
✅ It is an all-weather bag.
✅ Has large compartments to store all your stuff.
✅ It is designed in a unique style.
✅ Consists of adjustable side straps and contoured shoulder straps.
✅ It is comfortable to carry around.
✅ It is secure.
✅ It comes with a pouch that is smell and spill-proof.
✅ Comes in different colours.


❌ It is a little bit expensive.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks 2022 Buying Guide

When purchasing best smell proof backpacks, there are a few factors you need to consider. These factors are being listed below. You can always refer to this smell proof backpack buying guide before buying one:

The Material Used

For bags, the material used is a big determinant as to whether it is smell proof or not. The secret behind best smell proof backpacks is the carbon filter alongside other advanced technology.

Materials such as aluminum can serve in place of carbon since it is oil-based meaning it can prevent leakage of smell way better than any plastic bag. Before purchasing a smell proof bag, you can wrap your smelly staff with an aluminum foil for temporary solutions.

The Size of Storage

You should consider how much you need to put in your bag before purchasing. The amount of content you intend to carry dictates the size of the bag you need. Your personality will also be a huge influence to the size of bag you require.

That is, if you are the kind of person who only needs a change of clothes, then a small bag is ideal for you. However, if you need to pack a towel for every part of your body you definitely will have to go for a bigger size.

Luckily, there are options for whatever use you have but don’t forget to look into the compartments before making a choice in the case of best smell proof backpacks.

Style and Quality

You need something stylish and of high quality, right? It is very crucial to consider a product that can be of consistency without fail. 100% smell proof feature is not enough! You need to go for a bag that is unique, comfortable and that fits your sense of fashion.


Who would want to purchase a bag that will not be in use for a long period? No one. If it cannot be of use up to a minimum of one year, then it is not worth it. Therefore, the resilience and above all the smell proof feature must be put into account before purchasing any best smell proof backpacks.

Regardless of whether the exterior side of a smell proof bag is as good as new and as long as the carbon filter is worn out, that bag is good as any other regular rucksack.


Basically, all bags whether regular or smell proof has a zipping system. Being keen on the way a zipper closes when searching for a smell proof backpack is very important. Failure to complete closure means that smell will penetrate through the opening and your precious bag will be of no use.


This is the key factor before making any decision. Coming up with a budget and defining the amount of money you are willing to spend is necessary.

This will help you narrow down your options and pay more attention to the best smell proof backpacks that are within your budget thus saving you the hustle of having to check every single smell proof bag being sold in the market.

So do you have plans to visit the gym or carry any smelly stuff but don’t have an idea how to hide that smell when around people?

Or are afraid of a drug-sniffing dog popping you? You don’t have to worry at all.  Reading this article to the very end will give you all the necessary information you will need about best smell proof backpacks of 2022.


Investing in the best smell proof backpacks is a personal decision. On the contrary, not a single soul would be proud walking around with stinky contents such as sweaty gym wear.

There are so many types of best smell proof bags out there in the market. Nevertheless, most of them are clumsily crafted, are uncomfortable and are not 100% smell proof.

Giving the bags we have mentioned above a priority is a big favour to yourself. This will not only get you the best bag but also spare you the time and effort of having to carry out your research. 

To make the best choice of a smell proof bag, you need to consider your goals and needs. For instance, if you love hiking or visiting the gym regularly, a large and spacious bag will be ideal for you. The skunk backpack rogue, in this case, will be a perfect choice.

No feeling beats that of finding a bag that matches your needs. Top that up with getting one that goes hand in hand with your sense of style and you just feel out of this world. Despite all best smell proof backpacks having unique designs, there are those brands that will always be outstanding.

Take a look at the original Hemp Backpack for example, this bag is ideal for anyone with a great love for nature.

Moreover, depending on the areas you access frequently, you may need a bag with a stronger zipping system like the Omerta Backpack. That is, in case of a security threat to ensure that all your items are safe and secure for as long as you are responsible while walking around with the bag.

Our smell proof backpack reviews take different styles, sizes and features into consideration but above all, the assurance that your items are 100% smell proof.

Therefore, you are guaranteed of only the highest quality and best smell proof backpacks. We will be updating the list from time to time as new models are introduced to the market so you might have to bookmark this page.

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