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Best Smoker Pellets 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Smoker Pellets 2021: Whether you are a new smoker or an expert, you must be experimenting with various smoke pellets. Some people like mild and sweet flavors, some prefer rich ones when it comes to best smoker pellets 2021. This is why it comes with a wide variety of distinctive flavors to fulfill the different tastes of the smoker.

Best Smoker Pellets 2021
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Comparison Table

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix
CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix
  • Adds a smoky flavor
  • Easily burn for 6 long hours
Bear Mountain BBQ 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets
Pocket Friendly
Bear Mountain BBQ 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets
  • Provides rich smoky flavor
  • Contains only 5% moisture
Green Mountain Grills Premium Cooking Pellets
Editor's Pick
Green Mountain Grills Premium Cooking Pellets
  • Perfect for all types
  • Comes with a resealable bag
Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets
Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets
  • Burns hotter and cleaner
  • 100% natural woods
"Q" Pellets Premium Hardwood BBQ Smoker Pellets
Value Buy
"Q" Pellets Premium Hardwood BBQ Smoker Pellets
  • Made with Hickory, Maple and Cherry woods
  • Produces very little ashes

What are the Best Smoker Pellets?

Wood pellets or smoking pellets are the good alternatives of chips or chunks. Wood pellets are manufactured by the compression of sawdust. During compression, some natural substances come out from the woods. These substances need to be first softened and then harden to make the proper shape and consistency. They come in different shapes, like- small or cylindrical to make an easy use of them. These cylindrical substances are known as wood pellets. These best smoker pellets work efficiently to fulfill your variant tastes.

Top 10 Best Smoker Pellets 2021 Reviews

Wood pellets should have the high-quality of smoke and heat to get a beautiful aromatic flavor from the grilled meat or fish. There are endless options of best smoker pellets of 2021 with artificial flavors available in the market. The flavor of the pellets depends on the wood types. In this article, you will get to know the 10 best wood pellets or smoker pellets for smoking.

One of the top choices of the best smoker pellets, comes from the brand Charcoal Companion Smokehouse that can create long smokes. It can give you the best-flavoured meat or fish of your taste. It can add a Smoky flavour to the grilled meat.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with Hickory, Oak, and Maple flavors
  • Does not need pre-soaking
  •  More economical than the traditional ones
  • Works with pellet smoking box for the grill

This smoke pallet comes with a mixture of Hickory, Maple, and Oak. It can give you a delightful flavour to your dishes. You need not to pre-soak with the use of Charcoal Companion Smoke pallet. You can get this pallet at a cheaper price than the other ones. Charcoal Companion smoke pellets can soak your fish or meat perfectly. It is used with the smoker box.

Our Verdict
If you want to taste smoky grilled meat, Charcoal Companion smoke pellet can be one of the best options.

If you are looking for one of the best smoker pellets 2021 to fulfill your smoky needs, Green Mountain Cooking Pellets would be another best option. This pellet can give the meat a beautiful taste. With the 28 pounds of this pellet, you can grill your desired dishes with plenty of fuels.

Highlighted Features

  • Blend of cherry, beach and pecan
  • Perfect for all types of meat, fish and vegetables
  •  Comes with a resealable bag
  •  Infuse a delicious flavor to your dishes
  • Produces moderate smoke

This Premium Cooking Pellet is used for premium cooking. It is a mixture of Orchard Cherry, American Beach, and Sweet Pecan flavors. You can get a better result for the lower moisturizing feature. It burns efficiently and produces very less ash. It is able to cook different meat, like- beef, pork, chicken along with fish and chicken. You can get a nice aroma with a beautiful and delicious flavor. The natural lignin is present in this wood. No additives are added in it. So, this smoker pellet is suitable for all types of grilling. It comes in a resealable bag that can save your space for camping, picnicking, and tailgating.

Our Verdict
The Green Mountain Smoke pellet is specially made for the meat lovers. This smoke pellet would be the most solid line of best smoker pallets 2021 available in the market.

Kona Smoker Grilling Pellet is one of the best smoking pellets available for grilling. This pellet is ideal for any type of grill. It can give you a unique taste to the food. With this pellet, you can add a pure flavor to the food you are planning to smoke.

Highlighted Features

  •  Supreme blend of Apple, Pecan and Mesquite
  • Only 1/3 of half cup is needed
  • No additives or artificial flavor is added
  • Provides a variety of flavors
  • No need to pre-soak
  • Easy to use

This pellet is a supreme blend of Apple, Pecan and Mesquite. Kona Smoker Grilling Pellet guarantees you a clean-burning. It produces very small ash in its ashtray. This is one of the best smoker pellets, and it does not require pre-soaking. You have to simply add it to your burning tube and place it on the direct heat for 1-2 hours. Or you can also sprinkle it over the charcoal before starting grilling. Or you can add it to the smoker tube and place it on the indirect side of the grill. Then ignite with a pencil torch for 5 minutes and then blow out. It can produce smoke for 4 long hours. You have to use only 1/3 of the half cup to burn and you can get a very beautiful aromatic flavor.

Our Verdict
Overall, this one is a very good pellet. You can easily try this once as this is harmful. No artificial flavor or additives is added in this smoker pellet.

Pit Boss is another good brand to produce good quality smoking pellets for grilling. You can easily use this wood pellet to have a great taste at a reasonable price. Pit Boss wood pellet comes with different flavors in the market. So, you can pick these multiple bags to have all of these tastes if you are specifically looking for the best smoker pellets.

Highlighted Features

  • Wonderful blend of Maple, Hickory and Cherry
  •  No artificial chemicals or scent is added
  • Suitable to grill all types of meat and vegetables
  • Made from the woods of North America
  • Burns hotter and cleaner

This wood pellet is a combination of Hickory, Maple and Cherry. So, you can have various combinations of taste and flavor by using it. These pellets are available in 40 lb bags. This one is totally harmless. No additional flavor, scent, chemicals are added in it to enhance the taste. These cooking pellets are made from the woods coming from North America. Hickory provides a rich taste. It is great for any type of meat, like- turkey, chicken or any other bird. These pellets are designed to utilise the natural juices of the woods to make them feel natural.

Our Verdict
This smoker pellet can give you a wide combination of tastes. You can have sweet, savory, and also the mild tart flavor from it.

It is one of the other best brands to manufacture best smoker pellets. This wood pellet is also a blend of different woods. This pellet is very high-quality and is much more expensive than the other ones. It is perfect to smoke or grill the meat.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with 4 types of hardwoods: Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple and Apple
  • Only centre of the log is used
  • Adds a smoky flavor
  • Comes with 40 pounds bag
  • Can burn for 6 long hours
  • Perfect for all types of meats and vegetables

The CookinPellets is a perfect mix of 4 blended wood types, like- Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple. So, you can have a great combination of flavor. This pellet does not contain any bark. Only the centre of the wood or log is used to make the pellet. CookinPellets does not use any oil or fillers to make it cheap. You can have more than 6 hours of long smoke with these Hickory pellets. This pellet comes with 40 pounds of bag which is sufficient for several times of cookouts. These top wood pellets are good for pork, brisket, chicken, other meats or vegetables.

Our Verdict
It is one of the best wood mixture pellets available in the market. This is one of the best smoker pellets used for smoking or grilling.

Bear Mountain pellets add a rich and deep flavor to the smoked food. This is a perfect mixture for any type of meat, fish and vegetables. You can easily add a naturally rich flavor in your dishes with the Bear Mountain BBQ 100% Natural Hardwood Pellets.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from hardwoods
  •  Provides rich smoky flavor
  • No additives or chemicals are used
  • Manufacturing bags are eco-friendly
  • Contains only 5% moisture
  • Can be used in outdoor grills, smokers, charcoals, and electric grills

It is made with100% natural premium hardwoods. No additives, fillers or chemicals are added in it. It comes in a 20-pound bag. You can use this pellet in outdoor pellets, gas, charcoal, or electric grills. The apple flavor gives a sweet taste to poultry, seafood, pork and vegetables. These are refined with the pellet making process. This pellet contains 5% moisture. The low-moisture content can create a perfect smoke. It also helps to produce a moderate ash. The bags of these best smoker pellets are eco-friendly and recyclable. All along, it can be said that this pellet is suitable to smoke your dishes perfectly.

Our Verdict
This unique blend of hardwood smoker pellets can be used to cook different types of meats and vegetables

“Q” Pellets Premium Hardwood BBQ Best Smoker Pellets would be another best choice. These top-rated wood pellets can offer you a delicious taste at an affordable price. You could use this pellet for general smoking. You will be delighted having a wonderful flavor from your favourite dishes.

Highlighted Features

  • Produces very little ashes
  •  Blended with Southern Pecan and Red Oak
  • Made with Hickory, Maple and Cherry woods
  • No chemicals or fillers are added
  • BTU output is quite high
  •  Ideal for grills and smokers
  • It has a weight of 947 grams

This “Q” Pellets smoker woods are made with three types of woods: Hickory, Maple and Cherry. It is beautifully blended with Red Oak and Southern Pecan. These are the genuine smoking woods. Red Oak helps to burn it hot and release a pungent smell. You can taste different flavors from the different woods. Hickory provides you with a smoky flavor, Maple is able to sweeten your food, whereas, Cherry can decorate the smoky ring with its beautiful red colour. No harmful chemicals, fillers or oil is added in this pellet. It burns clean and produces very little ash.

Our Verdict
If you love the rosy colour over your meat with an authentic taste, you should pick “Q” Pellets Premium Hardwood BBQ Best Smoker Pellets.

To provide you with the best quality wood pellets, Weber Wood Meter Stephen Products stand in one of the top categories. This pellet gives you a consistent flavor. You will have a smoky flavor from your dishes. You can smoke all types of meats and poultry with this pellet.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in chip-sized pieces
  • Ensures a sweet flavor
  • Comes with 2-pound bags
  • Suitable for poultry or game birds
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect substitute for charcoal briquettes

This wood pellet is a good alternative to charcoal briquettes. These wood chunks help to give a smoky flavor. It comes in a chip like shapes.  They are ½ inch wide by 1 inch long, an eighth to a quarter-inch thick. Though the sizes vary. Some are large whereas, some small. Hickory provides you with a sweet flavor to your favorite meat dishes. This comes in 192 cu. in sized bags. It is very easy to use. Trees grown in the USA and Mexico, produce the wood chunks.  But these wood chips are only meant for outdoor uses. So, you can have a rich smoky flavor from your dishes with these best smoker pellets of 2021.

Our Verdict
It is one of the best pellets available in the market. It produces a great smoky touch to your cuts and a sweet flavor to the meats.

You can expect a delightful flavor from these wood pellets. You will experience a unique flavor from these smoking chips. Camerons Smoking Chips is a very good product and is suitable for all types of grilling and smoking. You can easily infuse smoke or grill flavor to the desired food.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with raw timber kiln dried woods
  •  1 container can run 30 smokings
  • You can smoke meat, poultry and vegetables
  • Can be used in gas grills, smoker boxes, charcoal grills and indoor smokers
  •  Can produce smoke quickly
  • One of the best smoker pellets of 2021

This product has smoke cooking technology. It is used by both at homes as well as by the professionals. You can easily add a smoky flavor with a delicious taste with these smoking chips. This product is both for indoor and outdoor services. You can grill in the camping as the outdoor or you can use it by putting it on the stovetop or on a basic campfire as the indoor uses. Kiln Dried smoking chips is able to produce a quick smoke and give you a smoky flavor. This chip is made with 100% natural raw timber wood and kiln-dried woods. The Camerons Smoking Chips is able to give you the right amount of smoke to your grilled meat.

Our Verdict
Camerons smoking chips is worth the money. It is very easy to use and is highly recommended for smoking.

A-MAZE-N Smoke Choice BBQ Pellets is another good product. These pellets can add a good flavor to your dishes. It is suitable for all types of meat, fish, cheese, veggies, and nuts. It takes very little time to burn. You will have a natural delicious taste to your food.

This smoker pellet is perfect for both hot and cold heating. You can enjoy smoke-flavored food with charcoal, propane, and electric grills at an affordable price. It is very light-weight.

Highlighted Features

  • Can make any type of grill into the BBQ smoker
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to burn
  •  No additives are added
  • Is available at reasonable price
  •  Light-weight
  • Suitable for hot and cold smoking

So, you can handle it easily at home or at the camping. You just need to fill the best smoker pellets 2021 in the smoker tube and the fire starts within less than 10 minutes. This is 100% premium flavored wood. No harmful chemicals or additives are added in it. But there is one disappointing factor. No expedited shipping is allowed for this item. This unique smoker pellet can turn any grill into a delicious BBQ smoker.

Our Verdict
This smoker pellet works like a charm and is highly recommended.

Best Smoker Pellets 2021 Buying Guide

There are a number of various best smoker pellets available in the supermarket in 2021. But you should consider a few factors before buying one. These are-

Package: Packaging of the best smoker pellets plays an important role. You should consider some of the noticeable factors for the packaging bags

  •  If the bag is made thin, it might be ripped. Even every time you use these pellets, you will face a trial. 
  •   Thick bags need much effort to open
  •  Bags with handles would be much preferable. These bags will be beneficial for you if you want to move somewhere else with these.

Ash: The wood pellets you are going to use should produce less ash. Because you need to clean the ashes by yourself after burning. Though some amount of ash produces every type of wood pellets. But some brands produce a large amount of ash after burning. So, you need to avoid those brands. Go for the brands that produce a much lesser amount of ash.

Smoker: Some pf the best smoker pellets work well in a smoker tube while others do not match with these tubes. So, before buying you should consider your own set-up where you are going to use those pellets. You should pick up the pellets that will work with your smoker, grills or tubes.

 Electricity: Top Smoker pellets mainly run on electricity. So, you need to keep your pellet near the power source. But there are some specific models that can also run on extensive cords. If you do not set your pellet on direct power supply, you need to pick the correct model as per your needs.

FAQs About Best Smoker Pellets 2021

Q1: How long do best smoker pellets last?

In a pellet smoker, wood pellets are used as fuels. These wood pellets add a strong and delicious flavor to the grilled meat. After experimenting with different pellets, you will find that different branded pellets have different time spans. Some grills can burn 1-3 lbs. of their own branded pellets in an hour whereas, others can burn at least 1 lb. in an hour. It entirely depends on the function of the grills with your wood pellets. You need to experiment with different branded pellets to know which is the longest one.

Q2: How do pellet smokers work?

Wood pellets are kept in a storage which is named as a hopper. After that, these best smoker pellets are being fed in a cooking chamber by an auger. This procedure runs on electricity. In this time, the pellets start to heat the chamber. Air can be arranged with the help of intake fans. On the other hand, heat and smoke are dispersed. You can control the temperature from 180-degree F to 500-degree F digitally or by dialing. It helps you to cook both at low and high temperatures. Nowadays many girls have meat probe features. They can automatically connect with the inner temperature of the meat.

Q3: Can you use pellets in a regular smoker?

You can use pellets in a regular smoker. Whether it is meat or pizza, you will get the best flavored smoked food with the wood pellets. Using the wood pellet grill with the smoker, you will get the same result. But hardwood pellets are always preferable for some of their advantages. They are easy to use and burn slow. Apart from that, they burn clean. So, they produce a very small amount of ashes after burning.


There are a variety of smoking wood pellets available in the market. But you should first analyze and specify your own taste and preference. Some like smoky flavor whereas, others may live long and steady flavor to their dishes. Therefore, you need to go through this article to educate yourself with each of the individual wood pellets. The 10 best wood pellets are described here with their features, pros and cons. Make a good research and pick any one of the best smoker pellets 2021 from the list above, to enrich your food with a vibrant flavor.

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