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Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Hunting pants are one of the most necessary elements if you go hunting or hiking regularly just like thermal scopes. These are very important if you do hunting in chilly weather because it is just like a safeguard from the biting cold.

Along with the necessity, it has to be comfortable so you can concentrate on your hunting properly while wearing it.

It will be great if you have some extra pockets in your best hunting pants for cold weather because when you go hunting there are a lot of things you have to carry all by yourself. So it is necessary to have proper places to keep them.

Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather
Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Listed
Table Of Contents
  1. Top 10 Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Reviews
  2. Advantages of Using Hunting Pants in Cold Weather
  3. Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Buying Guide
  4. FAQs About Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather (Must Read)

Top 10 Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Reviews

Here top 10 list of hunting pants is given which can beat the cold. Along with that the comfort level and design are also taken care of so that it can hide the hunter well in the Woods.

Mostly camouflage patterns are used and also show the stretchable material is preferred to choose the best hunting pants for cold weather.

Some other factors like size and accessories are also important and that is why those are considered here too.

1: King’s Cargo Cotton Six Pocket Hunting Pants

Key Highlighted Features

  • Nice camouflage graphic pattern.
  • Adjustable waistbands.
  • Wide belt loops.
  • 7 round brush twill.
  • Cotton poly blend material is used.

King’s company started its journey in 1995 and served its customers in the hunting gear sector for a long time. After some time they launched their camouflage patterns family with a graphic designing firm which became quite popular in the hunting pants category.

These hunting pants have four separate designs to choose from with 6 cargo pockets. It has an adjustable waistband, and wide belt loops to fit it easily. You will get a very comfortable feeling and a 7 round brush twill is also great in it. They make it from cotton-poly blend material. This material is soft.


✅ Different sizes are available to choose from.
✅ Four designs are there with a delicate pink shade.
✅ Lightweight & Budget Friendly.
✅ Desert shadow is available.


❌ Sometimes the fitting is incorrect.
❌ Size chart can be misleading sometimes.

Editor’s Pick

If you want an excellent product at a reasonable price, then this is one of the best options for you. You will get a variety of designs to choose the best design according to your taste.

2: ScentLok Men’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants (Our Best Pick)

Key Highlighted Features

  • Fitting is comfortable.
  • Special carbon ally technology can absorb the odour well.
  • Hydrophobic coating can repel the water.
  • 8 pockets are there.

ScentLok Company has been serving its customers for 25 years in this category. This is their brand new best hunting pants for cold weather with 7 unique designs and a comfortable fit.

These hunting pants have special carbon ally technology which can absorb your odour and can keep you safe from the animals. It has a special hydrophobic coating which can repel the water and many liquid substances to keep it dry for a long time.

You will get a total 8 pockets in it along with the side waistband elastic and a rear waistband grip to adjust the fitting.


✅ It can repel water, blood and mud.
✅ Can be cleaned very fast.
✅ Micro fleece inner technology is given.
✅ 18-inch legs zippers are available.


❌ Sometimes the size issues take place for small sizes.
❌ Waistband elastics get loose sometimes.

Editor’s Pick

If you want fully protected hunting pants for you with odour control technology and hydrophobic coating, then this one is the best choice for you.

3: Mossy Oak Cotton Mill 2.0 Camo Hunting Pants for Men Camouflage Clothes

Key Highlighted Features

  • Spandex content in the material will make it soft.
  • 2-way stretch technology is used.
  • Drawstring is given in the ankle.
  • Fitting is good.

This company is famous because of its outstanding camouflage clothes collections and their newest launch is the hunting pants. They have around 7 designs and the material is 58% cotton, 39% polyester and 3% spandex. It has an elastic waist so you can adjust the fitting for you.

It has double protection button closure along with zipper fly and drawstring ankle cuffs. The fabric used to make it has two-way stretch Technology which makes it comfortable. It is one of the best hunting pants for cold weather of 2022.


✅ Stitched knees are there for extra protection.
✅ Light in weight.
✅ Made with soft material.
✅ Durable for a long period.


❌ The size chart given with this is not helpful.
❌ Delivery is a bit slow.

Editor’s Pick

If you are searching for good material at a reasonable price from a reputed company then these hunting pants are mind-blowing for you.

4: Trailcrest Men’s Camo Hunting Cargo Pants

Key Highlighted Features

  • Cotton content in the material makes it soft.
  • Belt hooks are sturdy.
  • YKK brass zippers are the best.
  • 6 pockets are there.
  • Drawstring leg hem is quite useful.

Now comes the 4th product in our list of best hunting pants for cold weather. Trail crest is a renowned company who are serving in the camouflage hunting pants unit for a long time.

Now they have launched awesome hunting pants for men with three different designs with brilliant finishing. It has 60% cotton and 40% polyester content in the fabric and also it has a front button to make it fit well in your body.

The waistband has belt hooks which are quite relevant if you want to adjust your size. YKK brass zipper fly is there with drawstring leg hem for better comfort. It has a total of 6 pockets to make it convenient to carry some important things while hunting.


✅ It is quite durable.
✅ Very smooth and comforting.
✅ The shipping is very fast.


❌ A bit lose in size.
❌ Smaller sizes are too small.

Editor’s Pick

If you want various designs to choose from then you will get some unique designs in this product. And it is also a very good item if you want durable hunting pants for you.

5: SITKA Gear Men’s Ascent Soft-shell Articulated Hunting Pant

Key Highlighted Features

  • Polygene odour control technology is used.
  • Meshed pockets give proper ventilation.
  • Very light in nature.
  • 4-way stretch fabric is used.

This brand is very famous for making breathable best hunting Pants for cold weather for men. This product has a total of three designs for the customers and also the four-way stretch fabric is used in it.

This type of fabric can be stretched all the way and that is why it becomes comfortable on your body. It has a quick drying facility and is very light in weight.

Brushed nylon fabric is used in these hunting pants along with the meshed pocket for proper ventilation. Polygene Odour control technology is used so that it can absorb your body odour well.


✅ Ultra-breathable material is used to make it.
✅ It will keep you cool from inside in scorching summer.
✅ Knee pad pockets give extra protection.


❌ The seam looks long.
❌ Leg hem opens up.

Editor’s Pick

It is an awesome product if you want something at a reasonable price and also comfortable. This lightweight hunting pant is a great fit for any hunting activity.

6: Natural Gear 6 Pocket Tactical Fatigue Pant for Men, Lightweight Hunting Pants

Key Highlighted Features

  • Cotton makes it comfortable.
  • Natural patterns can hide the person well.
  • Extra wide belt loops are best to adjust it properly.
  • Dual button cargo pockets are secured.

Natural Gear Company launched this product in 1994 to bring a revolution in the hunting pants category for men. Cotton and poly ripstop material are used to make it comfortable for any hunting activity.

It is light in weight and natural patterns are used to design it. Dual button cargo pockets are given for double protection of the things you will keep in your pocket. It also has extra-wide belt loops which are quite helpful to adjust the size.

Undoubtedly it deserves to be added in this list of best hunting pants for cold weather of 2022.


✅ No extra bag is needed to be carried due to efficient pockets.
✅ Cuff ties are given.
✅ Breathable fabric is used.
✅ Quite worth for money.


❌ Size description gets failed sometimes.
❌ The chart is not useful.

Editor’s Pick

If you want good hunting pants which will give you comfort while hunting at a low price then this item is a great choice for you.

7: Elite Tribe Airsoft Hunting Tactical Pants Combat Gen3 Pants with Knee Pad

Key Highlighted Features

  • Teflon coating is water resistant.
  • Knee pads protect the knees well.
  • Double layered seat is there.
  • Different sizes are there for all types of body shapes.

Elite Tribe is known for comfy and best hunting Pants for cold weather for a long time and now they have brought to their customers 15 designs for G3 combat pants. These are made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester Teflon coating which weighs around 0.9-1kg.

5 different sizes are available for all types of body shape. Specially made knee pads are given for extra protection while hunting in the forest. It has a built-in flap which can cover the knee cap and protect them from the dirt outside.

A low profile waist adjust system is given so that it can fit well. There is also a double-layered seat facility in this particular hunting pant.


✅ Large expansion panel is there at the front.
✅ Comfortable in nature.
✅ The soft material is used to make it.


❌ Sometimes delivery gets late.
❌ The packaging is low quality in some cases.

Editor’s Pick

It is an awesome item from the perspective of design, comfort and price. If you are ready to wait for some time to get it to ship to you then you can choose this hunting pants for your next expedition for sure.

8: Under Armour Men’s Stealth Reaper Early Season Pants

Key Highlighted Features

  • 4-way stretch material is used.
  • Washable at home.
  • Storm technology can repel water.
  • Durable product.
  • One of the best hunting pants for cold weather.

Under Armour is a very famous brand for men’s clothing. Now they have started their camouflage hunting pants for cold weather category to serve their customers. Total 2 designs are available with an awesome fabric of 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

This product is quite durable and can be washed simply in the machine. They have used their storm technology which can repel water and make the product quite breathable. 4-way stretch material gives awesome mobility which will be quite necessary for your movement while hunting.


✅ Fabric is woven well.
✅ Material is durable.
✅ Comfortable in nature.
✅ Hand pockets are very convenient.


❌ Sometimes they deliver the wrong product so you should check them properly.
❌ Size chart is unhelpful.

Editor’s Pick

This is a quite famous brand for men’s clothing and that is why the quality will be quite superior. The price may be a bit expensive but the item is worth it.

9: Wildfowler Outfitter Camo Hunting Waterproof Insulated Bibs

Key Highlighted Features

  • Knee shields can protect the knees properly.
  • 2-way zippers are given.
  • Polar fleece lining is used.
  • Reinforced seat is given.

This company has awesome waterproof hunting pants with 3 designs. These hunting pants are quite warm and perfect for cold weather. A separate reinforced seat is given in the hunting pants so that you can sit anywhere while you get tired.

Knees shields are given to keep your knees protected. These best hunting pants for cold weather have a polar fleece lining and outer shell material which makes the item quite robust. It has a two-way front zipper which makes it quite easy to fit.


✅ The fabric is breathable.
✅ Weather protection facilities are given.
✅ Adjustable straps are really helpful.


❌ The item is a bit expensive.
❌ The quality is not worth the money in some cases.

Editor’s Pick

This is a quite famous brand for men’s clothing and that is why the quality will be quite superior. The price may be a bit expensive but the item is worth it.

10: Kryptek Valhalla Camo Hunting Pant

Key Highlighted Features

  • Snap waist belt loops are convenient.
  • Quick drying technology is there.
  • Fabric is soft and comfortable.

Kryptek has recently launched its Valhalla collection which has become a sensation right now in the hunting pants category. They have launched 7 designs and all are quite awesome.

This product has a snap waist with belt loops and also weighs around 0.99 lbs. Special quick-drying technology is used so that it can get dried fast even if it is drenched in water.

It can be worn in all types of weather because of special fabric material which can wick the moisture. So it is quite a favourite product among the people who are fond of best hunting pants for cold weather.


✅ Light in weight and that is why packable in luggage.
✅ Design is minimalistic.
✅ The flexible material is used.


❌ Durability is a bit low.
❌ Sizes can differ.

Editor’s Pick

If you want a hunting pants which is value for money then this is one of the best products with special quick-drying Technology.

Advantages of Using Hunting Pants in Cold Weather

  • Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather are an excellent product if you buy them with camouflage print. It eventually helps people to hide inside the forest and no animal can see them easily in between tree.
  • Hunting pants with odour adsorption techniques is very useful because we all know that animals can smell your odour and if they detect your location you can be in trouble. So go for a good hunting pants which will have odour adsorption Technology.
  • You should buy best hunting pants 2022 with proper buckles and zippers, and also the material should be sturdy when and where you will go for hunting, walk and run in between a lot of trees around you. You will need hunting pants which can adjust with your motion and which stand the impact from the tree stems.
  • It is quite helpful in the cold weather because generally, the hunting pants have multiple layers to stop the cold. So these pants should be chosen in such a way that the cold cannot be felt.

Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather 2022 Buying Guide

Whenever we buy something we always try to get the best in the market. It is the same with hunting pants also. Hunting pants are used while hunting or hiking in the forest. That is why generally camouflage patterns are used by most of the people.

But there are some other factors than the pattern to check before buying the best hunting pants for cold weather for yourself. These factors are quite important to consider because they are the actual parameters to buy the item.

Here we have given some factors you need to consider before buying the best pair of hunting pants.


Temperature is one of the most important factors to check while buying hunting pants. You should choose the product which can be used in all the seasons throughout the year. Hunting pants should keep you warm during cold weather and also give you proper coolness during summer.

Generally, if you buy hunting pants from renowned brands, they always try to incorporate a technology which can serve both the purpose.

Those hunting pants are quite useful in the temperature factor. So you should check this thing for sure while buying hunting pants for yourself.


Different patterns are available for hunting pants and the camouflage pattern is the most popular in this category. These are designed in such a way that if you wear them inside a forest you will be camouflaged and no one will be able to see you.

But you should choose the pattern according to your target places of hunting. If you are more into hunting in the mountains then you should try out patterns of oak tree forest. If you belong to some desert area then you can try out desert shadow style best hunting pants for cold weather.


Layering is also very important for a camouflaged hunting pant because it gives you proper warmth or coolness. It will also help you to give you proper protection while you sit somewhere.

Currently, special types of paddings are given in some sensitive areas like knees. Layering has become a big factor in buying hunting pants.

It is quite necessary to have proper protection inside the forest because you don’t know where you have to sit immediately or have a great run.

So you should always check whether the hunting pant has proper layering in it or not.


Sometimes the sellers sell normal pants with camouflage patterns as hunting pants. But those do not help in hunting or hiking activity. So you should always check about the quality of the pants to know whether it is applicable for your use or not.

The material should be comfortable as well as light in weight so that you won’t have to worry much while running or walking in the Woods.

It is very tough to check the quality of hunting pants by just checking them out online but you can always take help from the reviews.

Full Gearing

You should always make sure that when you are buying best hunting pants for cold weather you have to see whether it is serving the purpose compactly or not. The full gearing facility should be there to get ready for hunting.

Then only you should choose that particular hunting Pants for you. You should check things like the number of pockets, padding material, layers etc. Then only you can rely on a single hunting pant to start your activity.

Belt Loop

It may sound very unnecessary but belt looks are quite important for hunting pants. It is not always possible to get the exact size of a particular product and that is why there should be some aspects in which it can be adjusted in a better way.

Most of the products given here have the belt loop and that is why if you buy any of them you can tie a belt and keep it comfortable in your body. Different types of belt loops are available and the wide ones are the best to allow any size of belt to fit in.

So whenever you will buy hunting pants you should keep in mind that belt loops are quite a necessary element in it.


Whenever we go to any important activity we always want to be as comfortable as possible. In the case of hunting Pants, the material should be comfortable enough that you can have a run or walk whatever you want.

The material should be soft and it should give you the utmost comfort. Only if some comfortable materials are used to make the hunting pants and also some extra padding for reinforced seat layers is given.

Almost all the products mentioned above have these facilities and that is why you may choose any of them to enjoy your hunting.


The weight of the hunting pants is a very important factor because when you will wear it you need to feel light to do your activities properly. Most of the hunting pants which are of good company are generally light in weight and that is why you can be sure of those companies.

Another reason for the reduced weight of hunting pants is the packability. Hunting is done far away from our home and we need to have a hunting pant which can be packed very easily in a small backpack. Because only a small backpack is feasible to carry into the woods.


Generally, best hunting pants for cold weather are made with several layers. That is why sometimes breathability is not achieved by them. In some cases, the mesh is used to make the pockets so that proper ventilation is there.

So the breathability of hunting pants is a very important factor while you are working for a long day.


During Hunting, there are a lot of instances where you will get water and other types of liquids like mud, blood etc. in your way. At that time your hunting pants should save you.

It should be water-resistant and if it can repel water then it is even better. You should always make sure that the water-resistant technology is there in your hunting pants.

Odour Control

Some hunting pants have odour control technology in which it will observe your sweat odour and the animals will not be able to smell you. It is a very important aspect if you generally go to the deep forest to do your hunting.

Wild animals are quite good at smelling things and attacking. This type of hunting pants can save you from that danger.

FAQs About Best Hunting Pants for Cold Weather (Must Read)

Q1: What are the different hunting camo/terrain patterns?

Whenever we go hunting we choose the places according to our proximity. There are different types of camouflage patterns according to the type of forest or terrain we are going.
There are some famous camouflage patterns like mossy oak pattern, leaves pattern etc. Here almost all the companies are offering at least three designs to choose the pattern according to your requirement.

Q2: Why do you need to wear more than one layer underneath in cold weather?

Woods become much colder than any other places on the earth. So there should be some multiple layers in your best hunting pants for cold weather to fight with this. Proper padding and breathable mesh layering will save you from that type of cold.

Q3: Why is a camouflage belt also important?

Generally, a belt is needed for this type of hunting Pants for a proper fitting. And if you are using a simple belt then it can create visibility for the animals rather than hiding yourself. So a camouflage belt is also very important with hunting pants with the same pattern.


So this was a detailed review of the best hunting pants for cold weather. These are quite good in quality and also it will keep you warm during winter.

Most of the items given here are from renowned companies and the quality assurance is there for those products.

Some products are quite expensive but if you are searching for a lot of technologies in your hunting pants like water-resistance, odour control etc.

Then those products are worth the money. In case of size issues, you need to be clear about your size and order the exact size for you or take the help of the description of the size chart.

If you want really good quality hunting pants then you must consider these products.

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