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Best Backcountry Hunting Tents 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

To enjoy a fun, adventure-filled, safe, and comfortable hunting expedition, a nice backcountry tent is highly required. While that is understood, a lot of confusion arises when one lands in the market to buy the best tents for backcountry hunting.

To cut the chase short, there are A LOT of options that can only get you confused if you have not done your research properly.

However, conducting thorough research on buying the best backcountry hunting tents will take you hundreds of hours which you can spend on other important things of your life.

Thankfully, we have done most of the research for you, and have shortlisted ten best backcountry hunting tents of 2022 that might fill in your list of requirements. 

Who Uses Best Backcountry Hunting Tents?

Though the name makes it confusing, such types of tents can be used by anyone involved in outdoor activities. These including, hiking, trekking, biking, mountaineering, hunting, and other activities.

However, in this list of best backcountry hunting tents, we will mainly be focusing on the hunters need. These top hunting tents 2022 can also be used by scouts on their adventure camp. In other words, such tents/shelters can come in handy when one or two people have to lodge outdoors along with their gear. 

What is Backcountry Hunting Tent?

These are highly equipped hunting tents to provide shelter to the user and protect them against harsh weather.

These tents are made out of sturdy fabrics, supported by aluminum frames or poles, footprints, guy lines and a smart ventilation system to keep the user comfortable.

The basic characteristics of these best tents for backcountry hunting are that they are light and easy to carry unlike other tents in the market that are hefty. 

Backcountry Hunting Tents
Best Backcountry Hunting Tents 2022

Top 10 Best Backcountry Hunting Tents 2022 Reviews

1: River Country Products Trekker Tent 2

Key Highlighted Features

  • Easy to set up and super fast.
  • Ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities that involve a survival bag.
  • One person gear tent, or two-person without gear.
  • The tent does not require trekking poles.
  • 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and 42 inches tall.
  •  2 weighs just 2lbs 12oz.

If you are looking for a big yet lightweight hunting tent, this is the one you should opt for. What else do you need of a tent which is 7 feet long, 62 inches wide, and 42 inches tall?

All this space, plus it is one of the best that you will find in the ultra-light category. However, with this particular model trekking poles are not included.

Though poles are important to erect the tent, even if you forget to pack them there is nothing to worry about. Any stick that is more than 42 inches works fine to put this tent up.

Worried about how much weight you will have to bear? Well, the total weight comes to 2 lbs 12 oz which includes aluminum stakes.

The setting up process is super easy as it does not have tent strings. All you need to do is hoist the corners on the tenting poles and the tent is set. 


✅ Made from a solid well-put-together material.
✅ Front screen and door can be curtained separately using toggles.
✅ Provides a lot of headroom.
✅ Tent ground is durable.


❌ If all the doors are curtained it leads to condensation.
❌ Is not weather-proof.
❌ The walls are not water-proof.

Editor’s Pick

The tent is absolutely lightweight and is quick to set up. There is enough room to fit in two people. The condensation issue aside, it is a good product.

2: ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Setting up the tent is very easy as it belongs to the Zephyr Tent series. That is, this tent structure provides a standing aluminum two-pole design that takes no setting-up time.
  • Polyester tent prevents water or UV damage.
  • Ideal ventilation through mesh doors and walls.
  • Equipped with 8 zipper, storage pockets, gear placement, aluminum stakes and ropes.
  • Base: 3’8 x 7’2, Center Height: 36″.
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 10 oz.

If you are planning to take a solo trip in the lap of nature, do not forget to pack in the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent. This tent provides ample headroom. The vertical walls in combination with the spreader bars make way for a 36” center height! That means you don’t need to hunch in the tent.

Sitting upright and moving about is easy and comfortable. Worried that you might be boxed up in the tent? Well, don’t you worry, the walls of these best backcountry hunting tents are made from mesh which goes a long way to improve the air circulation inside the tent.

This prevents any form of condensation that might collect inside. Getting inside the tent is super easy thanks to the small exit/entry door placed in the front and all your gear can be stored in the vestibule. This factory seal polyester tent is sure to keep you dry and happy on your next trip. 


✅ Ideal for all three season travel.
✅ Setting up the tent is easy.
✅ The dense screen makes way for a light breeze.


❌ Some may find it too heavy for hiking.
❌ In case of rain, water leaks in the ten.
❌ No grommets on the fly to attach cords.

Editor’s Pick

The tent can withstand harsh weather conditions and is one of the best products in the given price bracket. Though it seems a bit heavy, it serves the purpose and is hardy.

3: MSR Elixir 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Pole geometry makes way for more headroom and double mats.
  • In-built gear loft and glow in the dark zipper makes entrance visible.
  • Light-weight fast and easy to set up.
  • Colour coded poles, clips and webbings makes way for easy set-up.
  • Mash and solid fabric panels.

MSR has always been an organization for and by the engineers, inventors, and dreamers. It was started by Larry Penberthyin 1969 as a personal challenge to pose against unsafe equipment.

Eventually, the company set up its firm base and presented its target audience with some reliable and high-performance products. One of their marvels is the MSR Elixir 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent. 

This tent is one of the best performing backpacking tents that offers an ideal option for the adventure seekers to enjoy their time in the midst of nature. The tent is easy to assemble and provides great value to the hikers and backpackers.

Unlike the other tents in this genre, the MSR Elixir 2-Person Tent offers a capacity that is true to its size. The tent has two doors along with large vestibules that offer 35% more space.

Combined with breathable mesh fabric and solid canopy fabric, this tent provides comfort, warmth, protection, and ventilation.


✅ Can withstand harsh weather conditions.
✅ Ideal for tucking gears away.
✅ Easy to assemble light-weight tent.


❌ Not for cold conditions as there is no way to reduce ventilation.
❌ Tent completely symmetrical thus there is no way to aim one part of the tent towards the wind.
❌ Too heavy for a long backpack trip.

Editor’s Pick

Setting up the tent is quite easy with the color-coded tools and accessories provided, but since it’s too heavy for an extended trip, one might have to consider breaking the journey.

Though this backcountry hunting tent is hardy enough to withstand harsh weather, it does not have a particular side to turn towards the wind, which can create a bit of confusion.

4: Midori Three Season Backpacking Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight spacious tent.
  • Dome design makes way for a roomy interior and off-set ridge point.
  • Hooded fly vents and mesh body makes way for good ventilation.
  • Can survive in the face of any storm.
  • Easy access and storage of gears.
  • Measurement: 7 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 8 inches (floor) and 3 feet tall.

If the mountains are calling you, do answer it with the Eureka! Midori Backpacking Tent. These best backcountry hunting tents are available in multiple sizes, for solo travelers, two-person travel, or three-person travel.

The unique design of the tent with trapezoidal floor shape minimizes the weight of the tent to a great extent. 

The tent is quite spacious for backpackers. The signature Midori dome design makes way for a roomy interior in which the sleeping bags can be placed and a well-sized front vestibule for gear storage.

Camping in the summers is not going to be stuffy and uncomfortable anymore thanks to the mesh walls and ideal ventilation system provided with this tent.

The tent is equipped with a full-coverage fly to protect the campers against harsh weather conditions, and a shock-corded aluminum frame that makes way for fast set up.


✅ Well spacious and ventilated tent.
✅ Lightweight and easy to carry on motorcycles.
✅ Made from a sturdy fabric.
✅ Ideal for the rainy season.


❌ Not enough room in the stuff sack.
❌ Fits three people but does not have gear room.

Editor’s Pick

The tent is spacious and easy to carry on backpacking trips. Though it’s big enough for three people, it does not have enough space to store the required gears.

If you are specifically looking for lightweight backcountry hunting tent, then this should be in your wishlist.

5: OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Made out of 20D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric.
  • Offers waterproof YKK Zippers, seams.
  • Lightweight, durable and versatile tent.
  • Double backpack tent.
  • Measurement: 10.4ft/ 3.2m in Diameter, 5.2ft/ 1.6m in Height.
  • Ideal for two people .
  • Top opening for stove burner.
  • Easy and quick to set-up.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Ultralight tent: Weighs 2.6Ib.

OneTigris cervical gears are well crafted and tested to survive in the most challenging terrain. Each piece of camping gear offers an array of opportunities, beauty, and possibility. The gears are for the wild and free-hearted who dares to take the road not taken, braving nature. 

The OneTigris ultralight hunting tent drives it straight to the point with its design and structure. The tent offers all that is required to make your camping trip worth remembering.

The tent features top vents, a chimney opening in case you light a hot flue pipe, guy lines, and tent pegs. All,in all, this is the tent that you need if you are inclined to spend a night in the wilderness.

You can simply use these best backcountry hunting tents with stove, and have a perfect experience in your camping days.


✅ Well made product.
✅ Zipper does not leak due to the sealer attached to it.
✅ Very easy to assemble and set up.


❌ Pole can rip off the sides.
❌ Unsatisfactory design.
❌ Does not withstand hot flue.

Editor’s Pick

Though the tent is lightweight, easy to set up, and can accommodate a hot stove in it, it could have been made lighter with carbon sticks instead of the aluminum frame.

6: Mountainsmith Morrison EVO 2 Person 3 Season Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Made from breathable Poly F/R.
  • Comes with a detachable ceiling, pocket loft, footprint.
  • Ideal to be used in all three seasons.
  • Two-person interior.
  • Two vestibules, two-door design.
  • Bow pole for enhanced interior headroom.
  • Tent fly window for ventilation.
  • Unmesh wall panel.
  • Bathtub floor.
  • Taped floor seam.
  • Clip pole for lightweight construction.

A trekking experience gets even better if you can sleep better and relax in your tent without cramping now and then. However, that may seem like a dream if you have more than two people sharing a tent. Is it?

Well, not anymore! The Morrison EVO 2 includes a brow pole which makes way for internal volume and more headspace to make the place roomier for the campers. 

This is an ideal two-person hunting tent and has a 36 sq ft usable space. The tent has a two-door and two-vestibule design which is quite easy to set up.

Additionally, the tent offers a waterproof coating on both the floor and the fly! Not only does the footprint provide an additional layering between the floor and the ground, but it can also be used to set up a tent fly for enhanced versatility, and lightweight setup.

It is best used as hunting tents cold weather, but you can use it in normal weather condition as well.


✅ Extremely durable tent.
✅ 100 percent waterproof tent.
✅ Extremely easy to set up.
✅ Fits all pannier case.


❌ The all-mesh interior makes the tent cold at night.
❌ 7 lbs weight is very heavy and difficult to travel with.

Editor’s Pick

Made from breathable fabric, this tent is easy to set up and stands on its own. A good-sized comfortable camp for two people at a very reasonable price.

However, the weight becomes a problem for long trips and the tent interior is not ideal for summer months.

7: GEERTOP Portable Lightweight 1 Person Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Portable and breathable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Weatherproof and durable material.
  • Ultralight single person tent.

This tent is ideal for a single person and weighs nothing more than 4 lb. To that end, if you are taking a trip alone for an adrenaline rush, this is the tent to opt for! 

The double-layer tent offers an inner tent along with a tent fly. Thinking about rain-check? With this tent around, you need not worry about getting wet in the rain. 100 percent waterproof with the outer fly that can last up to PU 5000mm.

If that is not enough, the tent is sealed with waterproof tape. The reflective material ensures safety at night. The tent is good all year long.

The two ventilation windows and doors provide breathable ventilation and greater airflow. No more sultry hot conditions inside the tent anymore! A comfortable camp setting with doors that can be opened from both inside and out.


✅ Tent stakes made from high-quality anodized aluminum.
✅ Can withstand light wind between 10-20mph.
✅ Keeps moisture away.


❌ Stakes bent quickly.
❌ Very flimsy carry bag.
❌ Cannot fit in any gear.

Editor’s Pick

The tent is easy to set up and tear down and is ideal for one-person use. However, the stakes are not that sturdy and thus must be used with care in these best backcountry hunting tents of 2022.

8: Mountainsmith Conifer, 5+ Person 3 Season Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Easy to set up with two trekking poles.
  • Product has a back panel ventilation system.
  • Three season trap.
  • Zipped up single entry point.
  • Ideal for two people.
  • Reflective highlights on take-out points.
  • Measurements: 142″ x 84″ x 53″.

The company was established in 1979 by Patrick Smith, a popular outdoorsman. He felt the need for durable gears that could withstand the harsh outdoor conditions in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Initially, he invented the world’s first fully loaded backcountry ski sled that could be used to haul heavy loads effectively across Colorado during winter months. Eventually, Patrick came up with more such essential items that were required for braving the wilderness.

To this day, the company continues to build gadgets and pieces of equipment that can be used for any outdoor activities related to hiking, camping, biking, and so on. One of their greatest contributions has been the Mountainsmith Conifer, 5+ Person 3 Season Tent, which can be considered as one of the best backcountry hunting tents 2022. 

The Mountain shelter in the discussion is lightweight and made out of 40d sil-nylon. The tent weighs less than 2lbs, is easy to set up, and is an ideal choice for all three seasons for camping.

The two trekking poles(sold separately) can be used to set up the tent in a hassle-free manner and is also ideal for traveling light.

The reflective guy lines that accompany the tent are very effective and enables taut. They also enable a secured trap shelter on trees or anchored parchment points for standard trekking pole setup.

The tent is coated with Sil-nylon on the exterior and the underside PU2000mm coating ensures weather-proofed security. When paired with its Mountainsmith Haze 50L Mountain light backpack the entire setup weighs 4lbs, which is quite light and ideal for a trekking adventure. 


✅ Weatherproof tent.
✅ Offers great footprint.
✅ Enough space for two people along with gears.
✅ The tent covers all corner reinforcements.


❌ Printing issue on the tent.
❌ Complicated to set up initially.
❌ The shape of the tent is confusing.

Editor’s Pick

The zippers, tent, and fly are not doubled. One of the tent doors has a window and thus the door is solid without any ventilation. However, the tent offers good footprints and enough space for two-person camping.

9: Camppal Professional 1 Person Extreme Space Saving Single Bracket Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • The tent can be used in all four seasons.
  • Single person usage.
  • An ultralight hunting tent that is easy to carry ad setup.
  • The tent can be set up using only one ridge pole.
  • Waterproof coating of 3500mm on the outer fly is quite high and keeps water from entering the tent.
  • Big storage bag to carry the tent easily.

Camppal tents can be your best outdoor camp choices that offer the best value of money for their product. The company was established by a group of people who take a special interest in camping and other activities.

Established in 2004, the company has been focused on creating camping instant tents and outdoor gears for people who enjoy outdoor activities. Camppal field tests on every product that it launches and tries to come up with customized products for its clientele.

The Camppal Professional 1 Person Extreme Space shelter is no different in this case. Earlier it was exclusively used as elk hunting tents, but now it’s being used for other purposes as well.

The Extreme Space shelter comes with a wider taping for full coverage on the seams to make way for waterproofing the shelter. The zipper comes with a double puller that allows the user to pull it from both sides for convenience.

Velcro has been placed inside the outer fly and it can be used to fix the inner tent. The entire double-side velcro setup makes the tent more comfortable and secure. Though the tent is quite stable in itself, the pole can be put in the pole sleeve to enhance security and hold the stability of the structure.


✅ Comes with extra Camo net.
✅ Made from sturdy material.
✅ Easy to set up.
✅ Great size, big enough for a large person to be comfortable.
✅ Light enough to hike with.


❌ Only a small Velcro in the top center which keeps on shifting making it difficult to put the seam on tape.
❌ Lacks rear and mid-wall tie-out.
❌ Has only one left-end mesh pocket.

Editor’s Pick

The tent lacks ventilation, and thus it is advised to keep a slight portion of the door open. But, doing so compromises privacy. However, the fabric quality of these best backcountry hunting tents are excellent and it is quite easy to assemble.

10: Kelty Late Start 1 Person – 3 Season Backpacking Tent

Key Highlighted Features

  • Measurement  85” x 40” x 30”.
  • Interior space is 20. 6 square feet.
  • The peak height at 36. 5 inches.
  • Pre-bent aluminum pole for extra space.
  • A single door entry point.
  • Waterproof 68 denier.

If you are a lone hiker looking for a well-balanced tent with excellent ventilation at a good price, then the Kelly Late Start is the shelter for you to buy. The tent is super easy to set up and is quite durable. Everything about the tent is easy.

Be it the set-up process using the quick-corner technology or the lighting fast set up that can be available in any weather. The poles are per-bent so that the tent provides a bigger space.

The tent has a single door entry point. The walls are made out of mesh and the tent flooring is tough, made out of 68 denier fabric, and water-resistant up to 1800 mm. The internal storage of the tent includes a ceiling pocket.

The tent is waterproof and the seam seals keep all the water out. The freestanding design of the tent enables the user to pitch it and move around the tent as and when required. Aluminum poles are pre-bent to provide extra room to the user.

There are pockets placed on each corner of all of these best backcountry hunting tents so that pole is secured while the user goes on to handle the other side. Such a setup prevents the common problem of tent poles jumping out of the grommets as one walks away.


✅ Cant hold off the wind at a speed of 20-25 mph.
✅ The circular shape on top to keep the guy lines from slipping away.
✅ Super easy to set up.
✅ Roomy one person-tent.


❌ Rainfly does not have a vent.
❌ Bulky and heavy for backpacking trips.
❌ Lacks ventilation.

Editor’s Pick

The tent is easy to set up and takedown does not leak and does provide enough room for a person to sleep in comfortably. The only downside to the tent is the lack of ventilation.

Best Backcountry Hunting Tents 2022 Buying Guide

Even though you now have a workable list of tents to choose from, having a fair idea about the various features to look into while buying a tent is important. Here are a few features that must never be ignored while buying the best backcountry hunting tents of 2022:


Though the weight of the different tents might vary by a few ounces, it’s important to keep the weight of the hunting tents light for enjoying a nice backpacking or camping trip.

It’s important to keep the tents light while hiking as one has to carry it up and down rough terrains. However, in addition to its weight, comfort, convenience, and quality must also be considered.


If you accidentally choose a tent that does not provide protection against the elements, then it’s more than just a sad buy, it’s dangerous! In that light, it’s important to stay away from extreme budget tents as they will fail to provide any protection.


A minor design flaw can kill the purpose of an otherwise good tent. Thus most great tents keep the design simple which includes multiple doors, roomy interiors, adequate vestibules, and air vents to reduce condensation.


All the best backcountry hunting tents manage the space by limiting the interior space. One person, tents are ideal for solo hikers who plan on traveling light and fast.

However, two-person tents are much more preferred since they strike a good balance between the weight and the interior space.

These tents allow two people to fit in comfortably along with a few of their gears stored in the vestibule. If one wants more space in the tent, then they will have to bump up the size.

For instance, buy a three-person tent and use it for two people. However, it must be borne in mind that interior space comes at the cost of comfort and weight.

Doors and vestibules

If two people are going to be using the tent then its a good idea to have two doors and two vestibules. A separate entrance will ensure no one in the tent is being stamped. Two sets of gears too play to the benefit of the tent users and thus these sorts of tents are quite popular.

Setting up

Freestanding tents are generally quite preferred since they are easier to pitch. These generally come with a fixed pole system that can be used to set it up anytime anywhere, even on rocks.

On the other hand, no freestanding tents use guy lines, stakes, and trekking pole for set-up. They save on the weight by cutting out the tent poles but require more time to set up


Most lightweight hunting tents are made out of thinner material that makes it less durable compared to heavy-duty tents. However, ultralight tents last for a long time if treated properly.

As known, a sharp stick or a piece of rock can tear any sort of tent fabric. In that light, it’s important to consider the place in which the tent will be set to decide on whether to opt for a lightweight fabric or a heavyweight one.


The primary purpose of a footprint is to add durability to the tent floor. The footprint protects the tent floor from any sort of abrasion and ensures that it lasts longer and requires few repairs.

However, footprints do increase tent weight. This is a decision that the user has to make. If you are comfortable with a footprint that extends the life of your tent with a little increase in the weight then it can be opted for.

FAQs About Backcountry Hunting Tent

Q1: How heavy is too heavy for hunting a tent?

Lighter tents are generally made out of delicate material, whereas heavier tents are more durable. Ideally, a tent should weigh 2.5 pounds per person. However, if its a backpacking trip with a few people the weight can be split by dividing the tent. 

Q2: How to stay comfortable in best backcountry hunting tents?

The rules to follow for comfort in the tent is pretty basic. Clear out limbs, sharp rocks, and other debris. These necessary measures not only ensure comfort but also keeps the tent fabric from being pierced. Additionally, look out for bigger risks like dead trees, windy conditions, and such other things. 

Q3: What is the minimum trail weight for a tent?

Trail weight, often referred to as the weight of the tent body, poles, and rain fly. Commonly it is called the minimum weight. The difference between packed weight and trail weight varies between 5 to 8 ounces.


With all the top products covered and common queries addressed, buying the best backcountry hunting tents of 2022 should be easy now. However, further research is always advisable if you happen to have specific needs.

At the end of your outdoor trip, you will want to crash inside a nice cozy and safe tent. In that light, while buying the tent do consider the space, material, and pole construction. Most popular tents in the market are breathable and easy to set up. To that end, buy one that fits all your needs. 

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