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How To Stake a Tent: Easy Guide for Beginners in 2021

“If you know how to stake a tent, then your camping nights are sorted.”

Camping and gathering around a fierce bonfire with your friends or enjoying the goosebumps that appear from the adventures of spending nights in the middle of the wildness all by yourself, in your tent is a dream-come-true experience for any nature-loving person. But not in your wildest imagination would you consider your tent blowing away due to some hitches like the storm or the gusty winds that are the very usual phenomenon of the woodlands. 

Hence, this goes for all the nature lovers out there, who prefer to bask amid serenity in the middle of a beautiful forest or up on the mountain trails. Staking a tent right is a matter of great importance in such a scenario, and this should be done very diligently to enjoy a peaceful stay. 

staking a tent

One of the biggest nightmares one can face while escaping to the greens for enjoying a few days of tranquil and happiness is when their tents fail to stand the wrath of Mother Nature. This is really worrisome as it might render you in the face of brutal dangers if you are spending the night at the campsite. It is imperative that you stake a sturdy tent with all the precautionary measures, which gives you the shield and protection even under some gruesome circumstances. In short, knowing how to stake a tent helps a lot, and that’s what you will learn via this article.

The following are some of the useful steps and tips discussed that will help you stake your tent with ease, and the resulting output will be a well built one.

How to Stake a Tent: Tips for Beginners 2021 Edition

Camping tent stakes (you can buy from here) are actually useful. If you don’t know how to tie a knot for a tent stake, then your camping nights can give you troubles. So it’s better to follow our tips to know how to stake a tent in sand.

1.Deriving at the Right Angle

Understanding the appropriate angles as to which the instant tents should be staked is very important. One of the most effective ways to stake a tent is to place them at such angles so that the measurements match up to an approximate 45-degree inclination. This angling the stake can give you certain assurance of a strong build up for the tent that can withstand the high pressure of the winds. Please do not make the mistake of assuming the height of the stake will solidify its position; in fact, it does the opposite. The higher angles tend to make it even more probable for the stakes for tent to break. 

2.Procure Better Grade Stakes

Many times it is found that stakes are given as complimentary items when you go to purchase your tent. It is highly probable that the quality and standards of these camping tent stakes might not be up to the mark, and it can be the cause of the collapse of your tent! Thus, you should not be pacified with anything other than the very best, and in this aspect, the highly recommended pen-stakes come into consideration. Make sure that the stakes are all weatherproof and can stand up to all uncertainties.

how to stake a tent

3.Ensure the Ropes are Well Compressed

If your end goal is to understand how to stake down a tent, then unyielding tying of ropes and giving a solid hold to the stake of the tents is a matter you should not avoid. Using ropes around the tents can be cumbersome, and many people steer clear of its usage. However, to give the extra security to your tent and to stake it properly installing tent ropes are very much needed. It gives a sturdy foundation to your tent, securing it firmly to the ground, and you can stake it with precision as well.

4.The More the Stakes, the Better the Safety

It is always wise to use more number of stakes as it helps in providing your tent with more security. Opinions are galore in this respect as some prefer sticking to a limited number of stakes while there are many who try to incorporate as many stakes as feasible at every corner and angle of their tent. But your prerogative should lie on the kind of weather that is prevalent during the time of your staking the tent and act accordingly.

Parting Words

The above discussion can come to your assistance while you plan to go out for the next camping venture. You should be very well knowledgeable on the lines where staking the tents are concerned, and this article will be able to give proper guidance on how to stake a tent in sand or other surfaces. 

Using the right kind of tent stakes and their proper placement in the ground should be made with proper accuracy, and if you are a first-timer, it is highly suggested that you take the help of someone who has some prior knowledge about the procedure for stakes in the ground.

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