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How to Keep Feet Warm With Poor Circulation in 6 Easy Ways

Suffering from cold feet seems to be common nowadays. It happens to people due to changes in temperature, lifestyle, and health. That’s why it becomes quite handy if you know how to keep feet warm with poor circulation.

It’s a known fact that the reason for cold feet is due to poor circulation in our bodies. However, if any person faces a problem along with some other symptoms like spasm in feet and fingers then it is best to take advice from doctors. One should not ignore the cold feet and toes.

Some of the home remedies are also very effective in this case. Getting up and moving is one of the easiest ways to warm the feet. One can also try for socks and skippers. This will help to keep the feet warm for a long time.

how to keep feet warm with poor circulation
Best Tricks on How to Keep Feet Warm with Poor Circulation

Cold feet are one of the common problems in outdoor adventures. For instance, if you have visited any hilly places, having cold feet will take away all your enjoyment. Doing exercise and walking can reduce cold feet and toes.

In this article, we are going to give all the valuable information about cold feet and poor circulation. Follow it along to learn how to keep feet warm with poor circulation.

What Is Poor Circulation?

The meaning of poor circulation is the restriction of blood flow to a certain level of your body. If blood circulation is not regular in your body then one will feel cold feet and hands.

Generally when we visit in cold places, the outside temperature remains very low. To cope up with the outer temperature our body focus on keeping a proper blood flow to the major organs.

As a result blood vessels of our feet and hands don’t get enough blood flow and thus poor circulation occurs. The blood vessels of our feet contracted in order to restrict the heat loss from our core.

What is the actual cause of poor circulation? The experts say that lifestyle, habits, and chronic diseases are responsible for poor circulation.

However, it is noticed that even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle, people are suffering from cold feet. Then there might be some problem in the immune system. If someone suffers from some sort of disease then it is not easy to get rid of poor circulation. 

Doing some exercise and walking is enough to cure the poor circulation in our body. Poor circulation restricts the blood vessels from functioning properly.

What Else Can Cause Cold Feet?

There are many reasons for the causes of cold feet. Our body has a baseline. The body has a natural response. The main reasons for cold feet are the poor circulation of blood. However, here are some of the possibilities discussed below.


Anemia is a kind of disease that is the cause of iron deficiency in our body. The red blood cells are unable to produce enough hemoglobin to transport oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body.

It is one of the important reasons for having cold feet as well as cold hands. If you are suffering from anemia then try to eat iron content foods like pomegranates, apples, etc.

Peripheral Arterial Diseases:

If the arteries are narrow then it reduces the blood flow in our entire body especially in the hands and feet. The pulmonary arterial disease damages the arterial walls. It mainly happens to those people who are suffering from diabetes.

The symptoms of PAD are a pain in the legs while doing exercises, sores in the legs. Another symptom is numbness or pins in the feet. If anyone is suffering from these problems, it is best to consult your doctor.


50% of people above the age of forty suffer from diabetes. Poor blood circulation is an indication of diabetes, especially in your extremities. This can make your hands and feet cold.

So, those who are suffering from diabetes should control it by consulting a doctor or eating sugarless foods. Those who have abnormalities in their diabetes, generally tend to have cold feet.


 Hypothyroidism is one of the main causes of cold feet and cold hands. It is more common in women than men. The thyroid gland is unable to function properly. The thyroid gland is responsible for keeping the metabolic function of the body.

 The common symptoms are fatigue, depression, hair fall, dry skin, etc. The blood circulation becomes poor in the case of hypothyroidism. Intake of regular medicines and a proper diet can help in reducing the thyroid.

Raynaud’s syndrome:

Raynaud’s syndrome is very common nowadays. It is a condition where the fingers and other parts of the body feel numb and pain. It mainly hinders the normal flow of blood in different parts of the body.

 The medical experts were unable to figure out the cause of this disease. However, cold temperature and stress might be the reason for this disease.

Other Factors:

There are several factors responsible for the poor circulation of blood in our bodies. The factors are stated below.

Stress and Anxiety:

Stress and anxiety often lead to depression. It is important to do meditation and to take proper diet. If these things are not corrected then it will create issues. For stress, people often suffered from cold feet and cold hands.


Regular smoking causes injury to the blood vessels. The lungs get severely damaged. The oxygen didn’t reach the body parts. It is responsible for cold fingers and toes. On the other hand smoking damages the blood vessels in our hearts.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency:

Vitamin B-12 deficiency includes the feeling of cold hands and feet, numbness, or tingling. It also increases the number of red blood cells. Vitamin B-12 is rich in fruits like banana and nuts, meat, dairy products, and eggs. One should take these foods regularly if he suffers from cold feet.


Being overweight is the reason for many underlying diseases. Due to being overweight, the blood did not flow properly. As a result, one suffers from cold feet and hands. 

Blood clots:

 If RBC is more in your body then blood clots. And if blood starts to clot then you will feel numbness in your fingers and toes. The skin will also turn whitish.

How to Keep Fett Warm with Poor Circulation? (All the Top Secrets Revealed)

Due to poor circulation of blood in our body, the feet turn up to cold. If the feet get painfully cold then you should adopt some of the measures. Follow the measures to know how to keep feet warm with poor circulation.

Socks and Slippers:

To comfort your cold feet, you should use socks and slippers. The warm and well-insulated socks can serve your purpose. If you are staying indoors, then you may wear well-insulated slippers.

Those who don’t have a heated floor or carpet will be highly satisfied by wearing slippers. It is better to wear woolen socks. It will keep your toes and feet warmer. Try to use the three-layered socks. These are beneficial for your cold feet.

Heat Your Feet:

The heating pad and hot water bottles are highly beneficial for the cold feet person. You can keep these things in your bed. Place your feet and you will feel comfortable.

There are also electric heating pads available in the market. These pads help in smoothing the muscles. You can also use the heating pad after a long walk. Massage slightly for a few minutes and you will get a warm foot.

Foot Bath: Clean the bathtub and after that fill it with water. Soak your feet for a while. The medical experts say that 10 to 15 minutes is enough. If you wish you can also add some oil or moisturizer. It will not only help you to glow your skin and relieve the stress but also will comfort you to get rid of the annoying cold feet.

However, the diabetic patient should avoid the hot water bath. It is because they can hardly sense the hot temperature of water. If accidentally their feet fall into the warm water then it might burn their skin.

Keep Feet Warm By Leading Healthy Lifestyle

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle:

 Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the important factors to get rid of cold feet. One should quit smoking and drinking. However, drinking beverages like coffee and tea is also harmful to our health. We should avoid it for cold feet.

Drinking lots of water and juices can keep our bodies warm. Moreover, we should also eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits daily. Try to cut down the fats from your diet. This will help to get rid of all the underlying diseases from our bodies.

Moreover, you should keep yourself away from stress and anxiety. These stresses and tensions often lead to severe diseases. You can also do yoga and meditation every morning.

 Even 30 minutes walking regularly can help your body to remain healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can keep your feet warm.

Keep Warmers in Reach:

Those who suffer from extremely cold feet should keep warmers within their reach. For instance, you should wear insulated socks every time of the day. It will keep your feet warm for a long time.

Sock liners are one of a best kind when it comes to keep your feet warm. These are mainly made with some high tech polyester which helps in absorbing the moisture from feet and provide a warm coverage on socks.

You should keep in mind not to use it on direct contact with the skin. Always use it with a warm thin layered socks. These are also pocket friendly.

Another kind of warmer is toe warmer. This product generally comes with a easy to use small pouch packet. You can easily slip in some in your backpack while going for any hilly mountain trip as this don’t take much space on your bags.

Toe warmers are generally air activated. It means the ingredients which are resent in the warmer activated in the presence of oxygen. This warmers can provide you 6 to 8 hours of warmth. After opening the packet keep it in the air for at least 15 to 20 minutes for heating up the materials.

Do not shake it. Adhesive are there in this warmers to attach it on the bottom of your socks.

Now a days the manufacturer also provide it with a specially designed socks so that these warmers remain fixed in their proper places. You can easily use it in any kind of sturdy winter boots, ski boots.

Keep in mind that one should always keep it in enclosed places. If you leave it in open air it can heat up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want more comfort you can opt for foot warmers. These are also inexpensive. Materials like iron powder, slowly burning charcoal powder and some other chemical products are present in there to help you survive for long hours.

Some foot warmer are battery charged but electrical foot warmers are also present in there.

Exercise Daily and Move Often:

One of the best ways to keep your feet warm is doing exercise and walking. You can even visit the gym as well. Doing physical activity will warm your feet and body. Those who are beginners can try freehand exercises. This helps in proper blood circulation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If your health doesn’t permit you to do jogging or exercise, then you can walk simply. Physical movement is very important in the case of cold feet. After exercise, try to drink warm water, it will warm your body.

Quick Massages:

Oil massage is outstanding for those who are suffering from cold feet. To keep your blood circulation good, take some quantity of oil or moisturizer cream and Massage it to your feet and toe  two to three times a day. You can also get relief from numbness and pinching in your feet.

The Perfect Fit Boot:

Boots are generally warmer than shoes. So, people who are suffering from cold feet should use boots. It will cover your feet properly. In the case of shoes, it didn’t cover the ankles.

Moreover, the shoes are poorly insulated. Switch to a boot with more leather and less mesh. Moreover, use the tips to block the airflow in your current pair. 

Precautions to be Taken to Keep Feet Warm:

  • As the patient with arterial diseases can’t sense if the temperature is too hot or not. So while using heater, heating pad, hot water bottles keep away this items form them if these items are too hot too handle.
  • Always keep an eye on your feet in this process if you have got any blisters, fresh cut or wounds present in the feet. Don’t forget to contact your healthcare provider if things get intense.
  • Some medical expert says that caffeine actually can increase a moderate percent of your blood flow. But normally a cup of coffee per day is enough. Too much coffee can block the regular blood flow to your vessels. As a result the blood flow to your whole body decreases
  • Try Elevate your feet for better result and keep your feet clean and dry by properly covering it up. Call for doctor in any case of emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My guide on How to Keep Feet Warm With Poor Circulation? is completed, but still there are a few questions that may pop on your kind. Here I am trying to answer a few of them for your convenience.

When to see a doctor?

Cold feet are not a serious problem. However, you should not neglect it. One should always consult a doctor immediately if his/her feet remain extremely cold along with other symptoms like abnormal weight change, color changes, fatigue, joint pain, fever. It is a symptom of poor blood circulation in the body. Proper medication can help you to get relief.

Which Sleeping Position is Best for Poor Foot Circulation?

Elevating the legs while sleeping can help in circulation. It also prevents swelling. It is best to elevate your legs above the level of your heart. You can also take pillows or folded blankets to elevate your legs in bed to assist in proper circulation.

Why do my feet feel so cold but warm to the touch?

Sometimes, due to nervousness or tensions, many people get cold feet and toes. There is nothing to worry about as there is no indication of underlying diseases. It happens to many people. The blood didn’t reach the entire body at that time. So, rub your hands and feet for a while. It will serve the purpose.


People often neglect cold feet and toes. We have discussed all the relevant and important points of cold feet and how to keep feet warm with poor circulation.

If you are suffering from cold feet symptoms then maybe you are having some underlying diseases. You should not neglect it. It is always better to take proper precautions before it is too late.

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