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How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away Best Guide (2022)

Are you a beach lover? Do you like to spend long hours on the beach? Who doesn’t love spending a relaxing day lying under a canopy on the beach? We all love to do that right? Also, spending a day on the beach is incomplete without a canopy tent.

But have you thought about what will happen to the canopy if there is a strong wind? How will you protect it from blowing away? That’s why it’s important to learn how to keep canopy from blowing away.

How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away
Easy Guide on How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away

Yes! This is indeed an important task and it needs to be taken into consideration for spending a relaxing day on the beach. Otherwise, it will spoil all the fun on the beach.

A canopy tent is much needed on the beach to act as a shelter from the scorching sun. Therefore, it protects us from direct sun exposure. 

Effect of Wind on Canopy

However, with proper setup and extra measures, a canopy can withstand a certain amount of wind. It depends on the material and durability of the tent how much it can hold on to the wind. On the other hand, as a human being, you can only take a few measures to keep the canopy from blowing away. Otherwise, nothing can be done if it is hit by a strong wind.

How to Keep Canopy from Blowing Away (Simple Tips)

The Beach canopy is a primary aspect for relaxing under the sun. It will not only protect us from direct sun exposure but also helps us to protect in light showers. Therefore, beach canopies are for multipurpose usage. 

However, to relax in a peaceful mind, you need to take a few tips and measures into consideration to prevent your tent from blowing away.

Now, just take a quick note at the below-mentioned points to learn the art of how to keep canopy from blowing away:

Ensure Proper Setup for the Tent

One of the best-provided solutions for your canopy is to set it correctly. Make sure you spot the right location to set your beach canopy. Most people ignore these basic measures when they head for the beach.

Ensure Proper Setup for the Tent

However, most people feel reluctant and lazy to set the canopy properly. As a result, they set the canopy tent all in hurry ignoring the basic elements.  Meanwhile, they all also ignore the instruction manual leading to improper setup of the canopy.

Therefore, make sure you properly install the canopy reading the entire instruction manual. Don’t be impatient while setting the canopy in your adventure. Be focused and alert at the same time.

Also, poor installation can result in poor structural integrity. This can lead the canopy to sweep away into the air by wind. Therefore, if you secure it properly, there is less chance for anything to happen to the canopy tent.

Tent Weights

If you can’t manage the tent weights on your own, you can anytime avail tent weights from the market. This is a basic hack when you run out of DIY ideas.

Moreover, tent weight helps from instability issues in the ground. With tent weight, you can secure its grip on the ground. Therefore, this will prevent your tent from blowing away.

On the other hand, if you use tent weight, you will no longer require sands or heavy bags to manage the grip of the canopy to the ground. Therefore, the tent weight alone can manage the tent from tearing it apart or sweeping it away into the air. 

The only problem with the tent weight is that you have to carry it all the way unless you are finding a place to set your canopy.

Since they are heavy, it becomes a bit challenging to carry them all the way. Otherwise, setting the tent weight involves an easy and simple process.

Ensure Even Terrain

Make sure you place or set your canopy tent on even terrain. Otherwise, the tent might fall altogether. Uneven terrain is completely unsuitable for setting up your canopy tent on the beach.

Since the beach is sandy, you need to examine the place carefully for setting it in a proper structural way. Therefore, choose a spot with an even surface to prevent any damage to the canopy tent. 

Also, you don’t need to use the canopy on the beach only. If you plan to go elsewhere, you can set the canopy in areas with short grass or semi-firm soil. This will prevent the canopy tent from falling by the wind. Also, avoid places which consist of potholes or cracks on the ground. 

Furthermore, make sure you set the canopy in a dry area away from water or wetland. Also, avoid big trees or long bushes to prevent them from falling apart by a strong wind. Therefore, the overall location and area are highly important to set your canopy tent.


Sandbags are a good way to protect your canopy tent from blowing away. Once you are done with locating the right spot, you can use a heavyweight to make it sufficiently deep into the ground.

However, you can do so by using sandbags from the beach itself. 

Sandbags will provide your tent with secure grips to pull it down to the ground. However, the only one thing you need to carry on your own is a container or a bag that can manage the weight of the sand.

For Proper Grip Sandbags

Therefore, the container or the bag has to be durable and sturdy enough to carry the weight. 

Once you are completely ready with your sandbags, you can now securely tie them tightly onto the edges of your canopy. This will help to reduce the movement of the canopy tent if there is any possibility of strong wind in the air. 

In addition to this, you can add up more bags to make them more secure according to your needs and preferences. One more important thing to take into consideration is that you don’t dig the sand too close to the canopy to prevent large holes around it.

Hence, it involves an easy and simple process to carry out the entire task in a hassle-free way. With this, you enjoy a relaxing and peaceful day on the beach without worrying.

Using of Anchor

Using an anchor is an incredible technique to hold onto the ground strongly. Yes! An anchor can keep your canopy from blowing away.

However, anchors work similarly to sandbags on the beach. It is also a kind of weight that is created to help the tent having a stronghold onto the ground. 

Thus, the anchor uses the load of the rock or sand to hold a strong grip on the ground. Therefore, using an anchor helps the canopy from becoming a kite. Furthermore, it is the best way to secure the canopy by providing extra protection to it. 

Using of Tent Pegs

Tent pegs work as a great measure from preventing the tent from falling by a strong wind. They are absolutely useful when spending a day on the beach.

However, make sure you buy tent pegs that are suitable to use on the sand. Otherwise, it will fail to build a strong grip on the sand. It is because some canopy comes without poles or legs.

In such cases, you need to add tent pegs to provide additional support to the ground to prevent it from falling. Also, make sure the tent pegs are stable enough to stand strongly on the sand.

Therefore, don’t go for generic pegs that are meant for the earth. Hence, look for tent pegs that are compatible to place on the rough sand. Additionally, you can also add weights to the tent pegs to make it stronger than before.

tent pegs
Using of Tent Pegs to keep canopy from blowing away

You can avail of tent pegs in various forms, shapes, and sizes according to your need and preferences. This will completely depend on the type of canopy tent you have with you. Also, strong tent pegs will be enough without an additional weight to keep the tent from blowing away.

Ensure Removing Sidewalls

The sidewalls of the canopy are quite risky during strong winds. Therefore, when you see the wind is strongly picking up its speed in the air, make sure you carefully remove the sidewalls of the canopy.

It is because the sidewalls of the canopy are weak to handle the speed of the wind. As a result, the tent will get easily swept away in the air.

Therefore, it’s a primary measure that needs to be followed if you see a strong wind coming towards you.

Use Bags of Rocks

If you don’t have a tent peg or anchor, you can effectively use bags of rocks to keep the canopy from blowing away. However, the bags of rocks have to be tie-down on the edges or legs of the canopy to build a strong grip on the ground.

Also, it involves an easy process where you fill the bags with chunks of rock particles to give abundant weight to them. Well, all you require is a bag that is strong enough to hold the abundant rocks in it. Make sure it does not tear apart due to the weight.

Next, fill the bag with rocks of different sizes and ensure you leave some space on the top to tie the bags effectively.  Now, place the bags of rock on the edges or legs of the canopy to prevent it from blowing away.


Get your all questioned answered here:

How do you secure a Canopy in Heavy Winds?

Various measures can be taken into consideration to secure a canopy in heavy winds. These measures involve using sandbags, using tent pegs, proper installation, removing sidewalls, using anchors, using tent weights, and setting the canopy on even terrain.
Therefore, by implementing these given measures you can secure your canopy effectively against heavy winds.

How much Weight do you need to hold down a 10×10 Canopy?

Well, it involves an easy process to determine the weight you need to hold down a 10×10 canopy. However, the recommended manufacturer weight for 10×10 canopies is about 40 lbs.
Therefore, make sure when using a 10×10 canopy, you use a weight of 40 lbs to maintain its balance in the correct form.

How much wind can a Canopy Withstand?

A canopy tent has the potential to withstand a wind speed of not more than 20 mph. However, most of the tents available in the market are designed in this way. 
On the other hand, if you set the canopy with stakes in the ground, it has the potential to withstand a wind speed of about 40 mph or less. Therefore, in both cases, the wind speed differs considerably.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the article gives you a brief idea of how to keep canopy from blowing away when you encounter heavy wind on the beach. What are the primary measures you should be following during your day out on the beach?

 Hence, if you follow these measures correctly, you can spend a relaxing day under the canopy on the beach without worrying.

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