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What Colors Attract Mosquitoes: Get Your Answer Here

We have tried to decode the evergreen question i.e. “what colors attract mosquitoes?” in this article.

Mosquito is one such type of pest that create absolute havoc. If they are present, you simply cannot escape them, even if you are camping in your tent. Mosquito bites are quite itchy and at the same time bothersome too. Some people are easier targets for these blood-thirsty pests than others. 

Multiple repellents keep them at bay, but you cannot know for certain what works best. Mosquitoes are attracted towards certain colors apart from the body smells. If you can avoid those colors you are comparatively safer. Interested in knowing what colors attract mosquitoes the most? Keep on reading. 

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes

The darker colors tend to retain more heat. The mosquitoes are attracted towards the dark colors. Such dark colors include dark blue, brown and of course, black. People who are clothed in these colors tend to be more attractive for the mosquitoes. The red color is also quite attractive to them. There have been several entomological studies to reveal this truth.

Broadly speaking, the overall attractiveness of a person for a mosquito is largely dependent on the color of clothing he/she is using. Just like the captain of the ship determines the distance of the land from the sea, based on expert observations, similarly, mosquito uses the color as such a tool for biting.

what colors attract mosquitoes
What colors attract mosquitoes? Know here

Why Darker Colors Attract Mosquitoes

The lighter colors do not retain heat. They tend to lose heat faster than dark colors. That’s why light colors attract the mosquitoes the lease. However, the dark colors, which stand out more prominently compared to the light colors, are more attractive to mosquitoes. But, the lighter shades of colors are prone to blend in with the surrounding environment. 

The mosquitoes are repellent towards such colors. It becomes more difficult for them to locate you if you are dressed in a light color. White, light blue, yellow, khaki, beige, olive are some of the mosquito-repellent colors.

The mosquitoes tend to visualize a silhouette that gets created by the darker shades of colors against the lighter backdrop. It blocks their path. Thus they can track their source of the blockage. They can also understand if any dark form is moving or still. They act accordingly based on the circumstances.

The mosquitoes tend to get attracted towards darker shades of colors. These dark colors replicate the shadows better than the lighter variety. They are easier to locate for these insects. Therefore, it is better to avoid colors like black, brown, dark blue, red, dark green in mosquito-prone zones.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Black?

Since black is the darkest color, it is typical for the mosquitoes to attack you. Black is best and rapidly detected by them. As these flying creatures hunt for a host to satisfy their hunger needs, black color is their easiest target. Although light-colors do not bother these pesky insects from biting, it becomes comparatively difficult and challenging for them to track it.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light or Dark Clothing?

These insects can keenly sense the body heat. The dark clothing tends to make you warmer. Therefore, you will be easy prey for these insects. So, not only the colors but they can also notice the change in body heat and temperature because of the usage of those colors. These two factors combined work for making the dark colors stand out for the mosquitoes to attract.

Extremely bright colors also attract mosquitoes equally fast as the dark colors. In order to avoid being bitten by these blood-thirsty insects, it is best not to use these colors in your attire. Although this doesn’t completely stop them from biting, the risk is comparatively lesser. 

The mosquitoes tend to detect the body odour really fast. Dark clothing will make you sweat more as it absorbs more heat and retains it for a longer duration. Therefore, we can see that light-colored clothes have their advantages.

From the above discussion regarding what colors attract mosquitoes, it is evident that these flying creatures can only observe short wavelengths. Once we have known this fact, we can always lessen the risk by being bitten by mosquitoes. Some of the mosquito bites can be fatal too. 

Therefore, it is best to avoid them by all means. A simple change of clothing color can lessen the risk of being bitten by these dangerous flying insects. Therefore, we can always opt to resort to light-colored clothing options.

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