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How To Clean A Tent With Mold (9 Best DIY Tips Explained)

If  you are a camper you must be aware of camping gear and tent comes first in the list. Many of you have noticed dark blue, green or black spots in the tent fabric when taking it out after a long time. Those spots, generally known as mold is not a thing that you will want for your tent.  No one wants to stay inside a moldy tent. So, if your tent has mold problems what will you do to get rid of it?? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Here in this article you will learn how to clean a tent with mold.

If  you are not a frequent camper it is quite natural that your tent will get affected by molds and mildews. But there is nothing to feel disheartened! It can be treated easily following some simple yet fruitful remedies. So, here we go!!

how to clean a tent with mold
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    Why Is It Necessary To Clean a Tent with Mold???

    You may think what is the need of cleaning mold?? Or what type of harm can it cause??? Well, you should know that mold is not good for your tent at all. It  can make rots, holes, tears in your tent leading to complete damage of  the tent. Besides that it is harmful for your health also. It can cause skin rashes or allergies if you breathe in floating mold-spores. In further worsening situations, it may bring asthma problems

    So, without wasting time just follow these easy-to-make remedies. I bet you will get total satisfaction, and will be able to learn how to clean a tent with mold with ease.

    How To Clean A Tent Mold (DIY Methods)

    First of all, pitch the tent in an open area because it will be easier to do things in this way. Then brush off the mold affected area using a soft bristled brush or a piece of cloth. Then follow one of these methods of your choice. You can also test all these methods one by one.

    First of all, pitch the tent in an open area because it will be easier to do things in this way. Then brush off the mold affected area using a soft bristled brush or a piece of cloth. Then follow one of these methods of your choice. You can also test all these methods one by one.

    Soap – Water Method:

    This is the easiest method you can ever think of! Take some warm water in a bucket and mix some Non-detergent soap in it. You can also use products like Lysol (But don’t get any fragrant product for it can attract bugs and insects causing damage to your tent). Now gently scrub the affected area. After a while wash it with water and keep it in the sun to dry.

    Salt and Lemon Duo:

    Salt and lemon is sometimes considered as a great combination to deal with the mold. Take a cup of salt and a cup of lemon juice to a gallon of warm water and mix it well. Then Scrub the infested areas. If you are still wandering how to clean a tent with mold, then you can give this a shot.

    Vinegar Method:

    Being always available in the household vinegar is one of the most used products as a mold remover. Its acidic component acts as a mild disinfectant. Take a spray bottle and mix a cup of warm water and a quarter cup of vinegar. Spray throughout the area and let it sit properly before you scrub it. Now wipe the tent down with fresh water and let it air dry thoroughly.

    clean a tent
    How to Clean a Tent with Mold (Best Methods)

    Cleaning a Tent with Mold using Chemical Substances

    If all these home-made remedies go in vain, don’t get upset. We have got some more solutions for you so that you can get to know how to clean a tent with mold

    Try using some chemical substances like Concrobium, Mirazyme, Revivex Pro Cleaner, Hydrogen Peroxide or Tea – Tree Oil. Thinking of how to use these products???? Well. Just keep on reading below!!!

    Tea – Tree Oil:

    Tea – tree Oil, also known as the essential oil being anti- fungal in nature serves as a great product against mold. Though it may be a bit expensive, go for the 100% pure oil to get the desired result. Mix 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups of water and spray the solution directly on the mold. Allow to sit for an hour and scrub it.

    Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser:

    Believe me concrobium works as a magic on mold. Take almost 3 tablespoons and mix it with warm water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the infected areas. You don’t even have to rinse it with water. Just relax and watch how it works.


    Mirazyme works great on mold and its smell. Use ½ ounce for 20 gallons of water. Soak the tent in it and keep it for 15 minutes. Don’t wash it either.

    Revivex Pro Cleaner:

    Fill your bathtub with warm water and add around 60ml of Revivex to it. Dip the tent and keep it for a few minutes. Now wash with water.

    Hydrogen Peroxide:

    You can also try 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution directly on the affected areas. If you see the mold changes its color to white, be sure that the job is done. Now wipe the area and let it dry.

    Cold Fogger:

    You can use a cold fogger. It  will mist a mold preventing solution throughout the interior. It will kill any mold present even if you don’t see it. That’s the guide on how to clean a tent with mold and mildews.

    Verifying the Clean Tent (Most Important)

    You may find other articles recommending bleach to get rid of mold problems but we strictly prohibit you from using bleach for this purpose. It can damage the color or fabric of your tent and we don’t think you want to compromise with that.

    Go Through a Test:

    After trying these methods it may be possible that the waterproof coating of the tent has damaged. Go through a test to check if the waterproofing is working or not. But don’t forget to dry it after that.

    Remove the Smell:

    This nasty mold leaves a musty smell even after cleaning. So work on it. Once you have successfully removed the mold now it is time you remove the odor. Try some odor eliminators like Revivex Odor Eliminator, or Mirazyme. Follow the instructions of whichever solution you use. In either case, you have to soak it in the solution for sometime because the smell will take some time to go. Don’t use too hot water as it can kill the microbes. Once you are done, let it out to dry.

    You have followed all the instructions of cleaning a tent with mold. Now  listen to the final one. Keep the tent out in the sun to dry properly.

    Prevent Mold to Invade Again:

    Now that you have learnt how to clean a tent with mold, you must know how to prevent it from infecting your tent again. Before packing a tent always shake it to remove the extra dust or trash from the tent. Never pack a wet tent. Hang it to dry for sometimes. If you have any emergency, dry it at the first opportunity you get after that. Then finally store it in a cool dry place. Take it out after regular intervals and go through a cleaning if possible. That is how you take care of your tent.

    So, we have provided you the best remedies as promised to tackle the mold problem. There are plenty of solutions. It is up to you whichever you prefer according to your urgency. Be careful while following the instructions of how to clean a tent with mold and you will master it. Keep our suggestions in mind and you don’t have to regret! For more topics like these visit our page regularly.

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