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How To Make A Fire With Rocks in 2021

If you know how to make a fire with rocks, then it will surely help you out in your adventurous expeditions. I am here to help you learn that with ease.

how to make a fire with rocks

Our ancestors first discovered the technique to create fire with the help of rocks. But now we have managed to discover many other techniques to do that. But still we can’t overlook the importance of knowing the technique of how to make a fire with rocks

Barely few people of our generation know the actual procedure. So here we are making this article to let them know about it. 

Whether you admit or not, nut your life will be more challenging and thrilling when you go camping or trekking where the minimum facilities of the 21st century aren’t available

For those days it’s necessary for you to learn the technique of fire making just like primitive people. And this will be your big savior for those  days. 

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    Why is it Important to Learn?

    If you ask us if it is important to learn how to make a fire with rocks, then we will say “YES” and the answer of why it is important is as follows. Though the world reaches the zenith of its prosperity, still there are many places which remain as a remote area.

    If you are an adventure lover and like to explore those remote places then it’s necessary for you to learn this technique. Because the people who live there don’t know much about the development and they are still living the ancient lifestyle.

    If you know how to live in a tent or hut, use woods for making food, then you are good to go to explore the unexplored places. These knowledges will act as your survival kit. Many have a passion for the expedition of the mountain. For them, it’s necessary to learn so that they adapt to the places that are situated mainly in remote regions.

    And sometimes a minimum requirements for human survival isn’t available. For example, in a dense forest like amazon, you will find nothing but some natural stuff and you need to survive with them.

    So if you already know how to make a fire with woods/rocks, then it will help you to protect from wild animals as well as cooking food.

    make fire with rocks

    How to Make a Fire with Rocks in 4 Easy Steps

    Making fire with rocks is a little laborious and tricky. But once you learn the drill then it will not be tough for you at all. There are some special kinds of rocks that have the ability in making fire.  

    Rocks that have lots of silica as their binding materials are useful in making fire. Pyrite, flint, quartz are these types of rocks.  Several steps need to be followed to get the job done well.

    Step.1: Build A Tinder Nest

    Tinder is basically dry wood which may also include moss, a small stream, tree barks, small sticks. Tinder catches fire easily and that’s why it is needed in making fire with rocks. 

    You need to collect tinder from the forest or you can also get it from your garden as well. Then gather up all the tinder and give it a shape just like a bird’s nest-like.  You can do this easily. If you get wet sticks or barks, you can easily dry these things out in the sun. Once it is dry completely you can use it.

    Step. 2. Shape The Tinder As Tepee

    The most famous shape of a campfire is tepee. The tinder nest is going to be in the center of the teepee campfire. For this, you need small-sized sticks and barks. Now you need to place the sticks one after another in a vertical position to make a conical shape. 

    The larger species of wood should remain in the outer part of the conical. You can also have other kinds of shapes which are also in a campfire. Now you place the char cloths on the top of the tinder nest.

    Step. 3: Find Out Rocks For Fire

    You can easily get this type of rock beside rivers and streams. You need to check the hardness of the rock. Now you need to create a sharp edge by breaking it. As we said earlier this rock needs to be filled with enough silica.

    Step. 4: Make Fire With Stones

    For this step, you need two things, one is silicon-rich rock and the second thing is high carbon-rich steel. Then you need to strike the sharp edge of the stone against the knife until any spark occurs. When you see it is sparking, hold it near the tinder again and try to create a spark. 

    It will be great if the spark falls on the char cloth as it is more prone to catch fire. After seeing the char cloth caught fire, you can blow air so that the fire catches the entire tinder nest and you can enjoy a campfire. If you create the tinder nest in a furnace style, then you can also cook food there.

    That’s how to make a fire with rocks. Isn’t it cool? If you still have doubts you can watch the video below for better understanding.

    Some Important Tips

    Here we have enlisted some more important tips that you should take a note of whenever you try these steps of how to make a fire with rocks.

    • Flint is a sedimentary rock, which is hugely used in making fire by sparkling. You can easily try this method with this stone.
    • Whenever you go trekking, hiking, or camping always try to carry a carbon-rich steel knife and char cloth. If your sparkling stone is not that heavy then you can also carry it. It will save your time from finding the new one.
    • The steel that you are going to use is supposed to be highly enriched with carbon and must be non-alloyed and hardened.
    • You can make char cloth at your home. For this, you need to take your old cotton clothes and cut these into small square pieces. Then take an airtight tin container and put those clothes into them.
    • Now place the tin container into the fire and let it burn until no smoke is coming out. After that wait for a few moments and open the container. Your char clothes are ready to use.
    • Try to hold the steel knife and the stone at a 30-degree angle to each other.


    Learning fire making is a good thing for travelers and survivalists. When you are traveling in a forest or mountain range, you don’t know when the odd situation has come. 

    So it’s better to prepare yourself for such a situation. We have written this article to let you know about the importance of learning the fire making process and also the detailed step by step guide on how to make a fire with rocks. This process is really thrilling and you will definitely enjoy this on your camping days.  

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