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How to Wash North Face Backpack: Best Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

If you spend an immeasurable quantity of your time outdoors or in nature, then you surely know the value of a great north face backpack. Hikers, campers, travelers, and climbers depend on their rucksacks to carry and stock their belongings.

But it is equally important to keep your backpack clean and tidy. Mostly, people chose the North Face backpack due to its reliability for quality commodities and popularity. Because of the everyday mess, food, moisture, plus general damage and cuts, rucksacks get pretty filthy and smelly, which is absolutely unhygienic, and north face backpack cleaning is of utmost necessity. Although these bags are produced to endure the torment of your activities, it is suggested to keep these bags fresh and clean for hygienic grounds. In this page we will be learning how to wash north face backpack with ease. 

Washing North Face Backpacks: Is it Even Necessary?

We realize that this seems strange, comprehending whereby we are roughly to arrive within the washing method of a north face backpack. However, it is something that must be considered beforehand. Commonly expressing, washing a rucksack is not extremely advisable. Quality rucksacks are built to endure challenging situations, and they ordinarily appear with DWR covering that is expected to withstand water, thus preventing the objects stored within it dry.

how to wash north face backpack
easy guide on how to wash north face backpack

Apart from this, there is a chance that it may get destroyed during the laundry process, particularly if a laundry machine or severe detergent is applied. So we need to take some precautions before even starting the actual process of washing a north face backpack. 

Therefore, spot sanitation is the usual fitting method, also suggested by The North Face within their Product Care Q&A. They never prescribe that you thoroughly wash or immerse their rucksacks in water. So can you wash a north face backpack?

The answer is yes. In face we should wash it time to time, because, spot washing only isn’t sufficient to get relieved of total grime and dirt that your bag has acquired in its ventures with you. Only then, you must contemplate giving this backpack a fitting wash. The most reliable way to wash these backpacks is to clean them with a moist cloth, later let those bags to be air dry.

How to Wash North Face Backpack (Don't Miss it)

It’s not an easy process to clean a north face backpack if you don’t know the process beforehand. If you just follow our north face backpack washing instructions then it will become a cake walk for you. That’s guaranteed. But before jumping right into the guide of how to wash north face backpacks, we need to arrange some essential things. Here they are: 

Before washing a North Face Backpack, you will require:

  • Filthy backpack.
  • Basin, sink, or bathtub big sufficiently to match the backpack.
  • Moderate non-bleach cleanser.
  • Paper towels.
  • Hanger
  • A toothbrush or soft brush.

Techniques that can be used:

Before Washing: The first thing that you need to check before washing is to be assured that there is nothing within it. Inspect all pockets and draw everything out. Check all pockets and draw everything out. Then turn it upside downward, with total zippers opened and proffer it a big shake, which will draw the hard to grasp debris that can be left inside.

The action of wiping or brushing off the filth from the surface and interior of the bag is also essential. We suggest applying the paper toweling for the more open areas while the toothbrush concerning smaller cracks that demand a bit added effort. Perform this gently to refrain from damaging and scratching the covering of your bag.

Wipe Down Method: The wipe down method remains the most dependable technique to go approximately wiping any bag, including the North Face Backpack. It employs very limited water and zero detergents, which indicates less chance of harming the DWR layer or the bag itself.

The Soaking Technique: If your bag is nevertheless visibly soiled even preceding the cleaning rendered by rubbing it with a damp cloth, next soaking might be the following step.

To merge the bag, you must employ tepid water plus fill up the bathtub or basin. No detergents are required. Now immerse the rucksack into the water, including all slots and openings opened, which allows the backpack to become clean completely.

Using Detergent: We suggest against utilizing detergents as there is no assurance that the cleanser, even really moderate ones, will refrain from reacting terribly with the rucksack and DWR covering. Utilizing a gentle, bleach-free cleanser is the most dependable way to perform washing of the bag.

The water must be warm for this purpose, too. The detergent must be combined to the water primarily, never splash it straight on the backpack. Apply as limited as you may and blend it thoroughly so that the detergent is completely dissolved within the water. Now fully immerse the pack under the water, securing that the soiled area persists underwater.

Leave it to absorb for some hours. We would suggest you review it following the initial 25-35 minutes plus notice if the spot is lifting or brushes off. The less the moment that the pack remains under the water, the more useful it is. After washing, it is necessary to clean it well. Rinse some added further by sinking the rucksack in freshwater till there are zero residues left of the cleanser.

Drying: To drain your pack, you will require a holder and fasten it in the area where it may dry gradually. While it may dry quicker if dangled outside, this can induce it to contract and you must avoid that. Never apply a dryer or distinct another fast-drying process as they may destroy the material resulting it shrinking or melt.

Utilize a Laundry Machine: If your laundry machine holds manual wash details, then with the lowest warmth setting including the minimal quantity of spins, optionally also utilizing a wash pack for the rucksack, you can get off sans destroying the backpack. However, we profoundly recommend against it. It really does not deserve the risk. So if you are wondering whether north face backpacks are machine washable or not, then the answer is probably no. 

Now, that you have encountered this practical guide on how to wash north face backpack, we are pretty sure that your rucksack is now clean and fresh as new. Do let us know if you have any further suggestions by commenting below!

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