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How to Dispose of Camping Propane Tanks in 3 Easy Steps

You should never throw or dispose of camping propane tanks with regular garbage as the tank consists of flammable gas that can cause a great hazard to the environment. The flammable gas can also have the potential to start a fire at the waste field.

Hence, it could be a hazardous substance when disposed of through regular rubbish collection.

So, it is important to know how to dispose of camping propane tanks to prevent any property damage or even injure someone.

how to dispose of camping propane tanks
How to Dispose of Camping Propane Tanks?

You can always contact a propane provider company who can help you to dispose of camping propane tanks. Once you contact them, they will quickly pick them up and dispose of them safely.

The entire process of how to dispose of camping propane tanks is quick and simple where you don’t need to take a lot of stress to deal with the situation. 

On the other hand, recycling camping propane tanks can be an alternative option. Just make sure to check the manufacturer label before recycling.

Our research on this topic will guide you on propane tank disposal with various methods and techniques. So, stay with us to get a deep insight into it.

How to Tell If Your Camping Propane Tank Is Empty?

As we already know, one of the fuel sources we find during outdoor camping is a propane tank.

But, have you ever wondered how to know if your camping propane tank is empty?

Well, it involves quick and simple methods to tell if a camping propane tank is empty.

The propane tank consists of a tare weight that is engraved on the handle or collar of the tank.

Now, place the propane tank on the measuring scale to match the reading on both the scale and handle or collar engraved weight of the tank.

Other ways to know whether the tank is empty are by using a propane tank gauge, by performing an easy propane test, or lastly, by a hot water method. 

Things to Consider Before Disposing Camping Propane Tanks

Well, there are various things to consider before learning how to dispose of camping propane tanks to prevent any hazard to the environment. So, as a responsible citizen, you must take the extra measures to deal with an empty tank to safeguard the environment.

You can take the precautions mentioned below

  • You can dispose of the unwanted propane tank at the Blue Rhino reseller location if it’s no longer of any use. 
  • Contact your area-based public work department
  • Contact your area-based Ferrellgas office
  • Contact your local hazardous waste field site

There are some factors you should always check before disposing a camping propane tank. Let’s look at the below-mentioned factors to get a better idea of it:

Things to Consider Before Disposing Camping Propane Tanks
Things to Consider Before Disposing Camping Propane Tanks

Can You Throw It?

You can never throw or dispose of camping propane tanks with regular rubbish collection. It is considered illegal as it poses a serious threat to the environment. It can cause a potential explosion even if there is no trace of fuel in them.

So, it can cause significant environmental penalties to the person who will go against the law. 

Is it Legal in your Municipality?

In some cases, a municipality could impose an objection for throwing or disposing of empty propane tanks in the household trash.

Disposed of with Regular Garbage

Unfortunately no! You cannot dispose of your empty camping propane canister with the regular garbage.

They contain flammable gas that has the potential to start a fire at any given moment. They are often considered as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). That’s why they are restricted to being placed in a trash container.

Does the Size and Weight Matters

The size and weight of the camping propane tanks is matter of consideration when you need to transport it to dispose the tank in some place far away from your locality.

In case of recycling and exchange the the exchanging price also varies depending on the weight and size of your propane tank.

As an example if you have your old 5lb propane tank in a good condition and you want to exchange your 5lb propane tank with a 2lb propane take you can get a fair price in return. You just have to pay a minimal exchange amount.

But in some cases, even if you see your camping propane tank is totally empty, it is not safe to put it away in the trash. A 1 pound weight is a lot of metal to dispose of in regular garbage. So, what can be done then? 

You can contact your nearest household hazardous waste facilities to dispose of your empty tank.

There is another option that can be used by taking your empty camping propane tank to a local gas station where they will refill your tank for reuse purposes. 

So, the size or weight of the camping propane tank in such a case doesn’t matter at all. 

Are Empty Propane Tanks Worth Anything?

Well, mostly they are considered as scrap. In such cases, you might get a few cents for the scrap.

On the other hand, if you owe a 20-gallon propane tank for RVs or BBQ pits, it will give you about $35 for a new empty tank. 

Where to Dispose of Propane Tanks Near Me

Sometimes disposing of a propane tank can be a really hectic job. But exchanging and refilling can be easy in many places.

Just try to research your area properly. You can easily find many local propane suppliers, camping propane gas stations, propane shops in your locality which accept old propane tanks.

They always check the conditions and manufacturing date of the tank at the time of exchanging. Some big retailer brands  like Walmart and Lowes also exchange the old propane tanks with new one. You just have to pay the balance amount for exchanging.

Generally propane tanks can be good for use up to 12 years in the USA. But in some other countries it may vary. The usability also depends upon the method and type of recertification process. 

How to dispose of Camping Propane Tanks ( A Detailed Guide)

There are various methods and techniques through which you can dispose of camping propane tanks to prevent any environmental hazard. These measures are necessary for the well-being of the environment to prevent panic among people.

A Detailed Guide for How to dispose of Camping Propane Tanks:

Here, we will guide you on three major processes of disposing of camping propane.

Now, let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of it:


One of the easiest ways of disposing of camping propane tanks is discard them at your nearest household hazardous facility. If you no longer need the tank, you can also drop it at the Blue Rhino reseller location.

You can also contact your nearest Ferrellgas office. Other than this, you can contact your local hazardous waste disposal site to discard them. Lastly, you can contact your nearest public work department to help you discard the tank.


Camping propane tanks can be recycled as scrap steel. But make sure you use a certified depressurized canister for recycling.

Hence, you can transform a propane tank into a recyclable steel container which adds great value to our environment. So, the scrap steel of one small propane cylinder is of many uses that have the potential to save about 5, 450 BTU.


If you find your tank to be empty, you can simply and easily refill it for your future use. This in a lot of ways makes sense. But with this, you need to follow a few measures for a better outcome.

In a few conditions, your tank cannot be refilled, if it has rust, dents, damage, or is old. In such cases, it is unsafe to refill the tank to prevent any hazardous issue.

On the other hand, if your tank is empty in a good condition, you can take it to your local gas station to refill it and use it for later use.

Also, if you owe a single-use propane canister, it is unsafe to refill them as they are for one-time usage.

Is There any Danger Related to Empty Propane Tank?

Yes, even though the propane tank is empty, it involves high risk and danger to the environment.

In a few cases, it has been seen that an empty propane tank still has the potential to explode or start a fire. Hence, it involves great risk and danger to you and your family. Also, it has the potential to collect air and moisture that can cause rust build-up. 

So, even though they are totally empty, they are highly flammable to catch fire in the tank.

Propane Cylinder Weight Chart

The camping propane tank size and weight chart is important on many occasions. By following this chart you will be able to find out whether your camping propane tank is empty or not.

The propane tank sizes mainly depend on the transport medium you opt for. If you want to go camping by foot near your backyard or with your favourite four wheeler or RV the smaller to standard size propane tank would be handy in those situations.

How to dispose of Camping Propane Tanks?

Generally 1lb to 20lb size small camping propane tanks is for those who want to travel light. But one can easily fit a 25lb to 100lb bigger propane tank in their big RV if camping for longer duration or with a big family.

Here is a weight chart for smaller to standard portable camping propane tanks for having a better idea for it:

Propane Tank Size: Dimension:(in)  (LxWxH) and D Inches Propane it can hold Empty Tank Weight: Full tank weight
1lb8 x 4 x 41lb1.3lb2lb
5lb12 x 8 x 8 4lb6.7lb13lb
20lb18 x 12 x 1217lb13.5lb31lb
30lb24 x 12.5 x 12.529lb19.2lb52lb
40lb27 x 14.5 x 14.538lb27.4lb68lb
100lb48 x14.5 x 14.597lb67lb177lb

Is There Any Special Process in Disposing of Coleman Propane Tanks in Home Depot?

No! The entire process is simple and easy in disposing of Coleman propane tanks in Home Depot. They happily accept your empty tank and straight away exchange them. So, go to your nearest home depot store.

Now, make an exchange with your old propane tank outside the store. Next, to make the final exchange or purchase, pay the cashier. The attendant will take you to the exchange counter to process further. Finally, take your new tank in exchange for the old one.


Get your all questioned answered here:

Does Walmart Take Empty Propane Tanks?

Yes! Walmart takes empty propane tanks by exchanging them with a full one. So, Walmart takes empty tanks regardless of any condition.

Is it Worth it to Refill a Small Green Propane Tank?

Yes! It is worth refilling a small green propane tank for cooking outdoors. It also works as a great alternative to a 1lb tank, and thus it saves a lot of money in your pocket.


So, here you have the complete guide to how to dispose of camping propane tanks by taking proper measures and safety. This will help you to protect the environment in several ways.

On the other hand, if you opt for the refilling or recycling option, you must think of the best solution to avoid any hazardous situation.

Hence, be careful with both empty and full tanks as they contain high flammable gas.

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