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Can You Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing? (Our Comprehensive Study)

Have you ever wondered if you can go bowfishing using whisker biscuits?

One of the best advantages of using a specialized whisker biscuit for bow fishing is that it is quite accurate when the concern is about offering the best shot when you spot a fish in your view.  

But, can you use a whisker biscuit for bowfishing? Has there been a debate in the world of bowhunting?

As mentioned above, you can use a whisker biscuit for bowfishing, but it is important to use the right one because going with the one having soft bristles will ensure that your arrow cannot impact the target. 

Can You Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing
Can You Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing?

Can You Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing? The Actual Answer

As mentioned above, you cannot use a normal whisker biscuit for bow fishing.

Using a normal whisker biscuit can drop your accuracy if you don’t have a good form. Sometimes most fishermen are not in the right mood or are tired; hence having an inconsistent grip will ensure that you compose with accuracy.

If you already have a whisker biscuit, your heart would tempt you to drop it in the water to check the results. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy one which suits the fishing requirements.

Normal whisker biscuits have soft bristles; the arrow will fall through the bristles hence adversely impacting your accuracy.

One of the prominent reasons why normal whisker biscuits will not do well for bow fishing arrows is the arrows of bowfishing have more weight than conventional arrows to ensure that they can penetrate through the water. 

Additionally, the bowfishing arrows don’t have fletching like the traditional arrows. At the same time, you will not have the same problem when you use a specialized whisker biscuit for bow fishing.

Specialized Whisker Biscuit vs Regular Whisker Biscuit:

By now, you must be clever enough to find out that you need to use a whisker biscuit that suits the bow fishing needs.

One of the major differences between the specialized whisker biscuit and regular whisker biscuit is the bristles on the specialized one are 300x stronger when compared to the regular one.

Stronger bristles can damage the arrow’s fletching, but as mentioned, adobe bowfishing arrows don’t have fletching, which makes no difference.

Moreover, the bow fishing whisker biscuit is also quite lightweight when compared to a regular whisker biscuit. It also has a broad head compared to the regular whisker biscuit to ensure that it can support the heavyweight arrows.

Specialized whisker biscuits also have stiff bristles that are waterproof, which can be game-changing when the arrow penetrates the water.

To add a cherry on the top specialized whisker biscuit will provide a better grip when you get tired, which is quite common during bow fishing.

How to Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing?

Undoubtedly, you would be quite excited to use a whisker biscuit for bowfishing. But, it is quite important to know the right procedure before you can start.

How to Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bow fishing
How to Use a Whisker Biscuit for Bow fishing

From setting up the arrows to taking the shot, we mentioned a three-step process here for all the fishermen who want to learn how to use a whisker biscuit for bow fishing.

Selecting the arrow size:

The first and foremost step in the process is to select the best arrow size which matches the whisker biscuit you select.

Once you have selected the appropriate arrow size, you have to shop for noise cancellation pads to ensure that you hunt in a silent but lethal way. Although you don’t need noise cancellation pads yet, you can shop for them for a better experience.

When you are done with this, you will have to mount the whisker biscuit on the raised part of the arrow. You must have a quarter of an inch left for mounting purposes.

After successfully mounting the whisker biscuit on the arrow, you have to check if it has attached firmly onto the arrow to ensure that you don’t have to hurt yourself or anyone else while shooting the arrow.

Loading the Whisker Biscuit on the Arrow:

In the second step, you have to load the arrow on the whisker biscuit. You can either load it from the back of the biscuit or insert it from the opening on the biscuit. Most manufacturers design the whisker biscuit in such a way that loading becomes quite easier.

Take a shot: 

Ultimately, you have to take the shot to check the stability and adjust the sensitivity according to your needs. It’s that easy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Whisker Biscuit for Bowfishing:

By now, it is clear that you have made up your mind to go bow fishing with whisker biscuits. But before you start your trip, take a look into the advantages and disadvantages of the whisker biscuit.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Whisker Biscuit for Bow fishing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Whisker Biscuit for Bow fishing


  • Whisker biscuits are quite easy to use and also eliminate the chance of an arrow falling before the target.
  • Moreover, there are no moving parts in the whisker biscuit which ensures you don’t have to face a mechanical failure.
  • They are also quiet and are also versatile hence making them perfect for bow fishing.


  • To be honest, whisker biscuits are quite popular for reducing the speed and accuracy of your arrow. If you are a veteran at bowfishing, you would not feel the difference, but you would feel the difference if you were a novice.
  • Whisker biscuits also add a lot of stress on the arrows; hence you might have to fletch the arrows if you use the whisker biscuit other than bow fishing.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can use a specialized whisker biscuit for fishing if you get tired and don’t want your accuracy to get affected.

On the other hand, you have to also ensure that you don’t use a whisker biscuit on a modern bow as it can be difficult to install when compared to a compound bow. 

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