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Best Bowfishing Bows 2021 Reviews, Buying Guide & More

Best Bowfishing Bows 2021: Fishing has been one of the most popular hobbies of Americans. It is both adventurous and rewarding. In this busy and predictable life, fishing is one of the best ways to experience how man used to survive when there was no grocery shop or supermarket. Also, when you go back home in the evening with a big fish that you caught after hours of patience, the satisfaction derived is incomparable.

Maybe it is because of these reasons that fishing is and always be popular among the young and the old just like the thermal scopes. But we are humans and we love to change, and change for the better. Now, the traditional equipment of the fishing pole and bait is replaced with modern tools. Some people even like to fish with bow and arrows. However, catching the fish with the latter can be really challenging. In this page we will be eyeing on some of the best bowfishing bows that are available in the market along with its utilities and more. 

So, Bowfishing is the new thing that is getting highly popular because of its simple working. Also, unlike bows and arrows, it is designed in such a way that you do not lose your arrows. Let us have a look at what exactly is bowfishing and what are the best options available in the market in terms of best bowfishing bows 2021 which can help you kickstart your fishing expedition.

Best Bowfishing Bows of 2020

What is a Bowfishing Bow

First, let us understand what bowfishing means. So, bowfishing is essentially a modern method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and catch fish. The fish are aimed at and shot by an arrow which is attached to a reel mounted on the bow. So, this way you do not even lose an arrow.

Now, coming back to the question, bowfishing bow is the equipment used for bowfishing. The bow has greater strength than a usual arrow and it can travel deeper into the dense water and still kill the target. Generally, the best bowfishing bows are made up of heavyweight fiberglass and some are made of even solid aluminium. Also, to maintain safety measures, most of the bows come with a feature of finger savers so that you do not get hurt by the strings.

Bowfishing is used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. You will be able to hunt many species such as common carp, grass carp, paddlefish, catfish, bighead carp and alligator gar. 

Best Bowfishing Bows 2021 Buying Guides

First of all, if you are just starting with bowfishing, you should ideally go for a very simple and light weight bow. Also, if you are completely new to this type of fishing, always buy a complete package which includes bowfishing bow with all the needed accessories. Additionally, you should also ask for a complete usage guide that will help you to go about bowfishing very well.

As this type of fishing is no less than an adventure sport, so buy a gear in which you are really comfortable. Other factors which are important enough to keep in mind are bow length, brace height and peak draw. These are the factors that will together decide the final costing of the best bowfishing bows.

Although, this might vary from person to person but as a beginner, axle to axle length should be 31 to 32-inch range. The draw length should be adjustable and a wide range of 16 to 30 inches. Of course, you can select the final measurements according to your needs.

Also, bows can be selected from traditional weapons and modern technology. Traditionally, recurve bows and bows with longbow configuration are always the better options to start with.

Modern weapons have to offer compound bows which are engineered in such a way that it works with a system of pulleys to make shooting very easy for us. Due to the complex in built technology, this kind of best bowfishing bows are generally heavy weight. The average weight of these bows is about 120 pounds.

It totally depends on you about which weapon you select for your bowfishing experience as the working of the bows differ for different water animals. But, ideally, you should look for a bow which has about 2.5 pounds to about 3 pounds so that it is both lightweight and easy to use and is also powerful at the same time.

Top 5 Best Bowfishing Bows 2021 Reviews

Now, that you are fundamentally aware of what exactly bowfishing is and also what does it take to make a perfect bowfishing bow, it is time to have a look at the best bowfishing bows 2021 available in the market.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Bowfishing Bows. Have a look:

Product #1: Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Ready to Fish (RTF)

This ready to fish bowfishing weapon from Cajun is undoubtedly the most popular bow in the fishing industry and any expert from this field will recommend you this bow for your fishing expedition. This bow comes with a height of 32.25 inches from axle to axle and a peak draw weight of 50 pounds. The draw length is adjustable from 17 to 32 inches and the bow also comes with a constant draw and draw specific module.

The bowfishing bow also comes with cam grooves that are deep enough to prevent the strings from getting derailed. The package also includes Cajun Winch Pro reel, fishing biscuit arrow rest, 2 white Fiberglass Piranha arrows and blister buster finger pads. This makes it the most complete bowfishing kit which can satisfy any professional bow angler.

Overall, it has got everything that any of the best bowfishing bows asks for. It assures smooth bowfishing experience and can be used by both amateurs and professionals.

The product has been largely marketed as a bowfishing weapon which enables you to fish you to the ‘extremist levels’. This means that this is the perfect bow for catching big fish like the carps or the alligator gars.

Let us have a look at the Pros and the Cons of this product.

Product #2: Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow

Next up in the list of the best bowfishing bows, we have another product from Cajun. That itself defines how trusted a bowfishing brand Cajun is. Now, coming back to the product, the bow comes with a very sleek design and it is about 56 inches long and has a peak draw capacity of 45 pounds.

It has a high-grade aluminium riser and composite limbs that will help the bows survive and perform better for a longer period of time. It is perfect if you are planning to travel with your bow as it can be totally disassembled into pieces.

The package includes Drum Reel with Line, Roller Rest, Arrow with Piranha Point, and Blister Buster Finger Pads. So, it is a really complete set which however is not ready to use because you have to because you have to assemble it with the help of the manual which comes along with it. Don’t worry about that as it is not a very complicated process and does not take too long too.

The product has a no-slip rubber grip and Blister bluster finger pads which facilitates smooth archery experience and a consistent shoot every time.

This bow can be a perfect weapon for bowfishing both for experienced bow anglers and beginners. Its heavy draw weight is good enough to catch both small and large fishes.

Here is a list of some Pros and Cons of this product.

Product #3: AMS Bowfishing Water Moc Recurve Bowfishing Kit

So, the third position in this list of the best bowfishing bows 2021 is bagged by this amazing bowfishing kit from AMS and the bow is as light as 3 pounds. So, if you are just starting with bowfishing and still want a very strong bow that provides you with accurate shooting experience which is smooth at the same time.

If you are someone who wants quality products along with extra-ordinary looks, this bow is surely for you as it comes with a curvy and elegant green-coloured design that gives a very rough and tough look to the bow. The strings that are attached to it are also of the same colour.

The arrow that comes along with it is made up of white fiberglass and has a Chaos FX Point.

It is based on the traditional bowfishing techniques as it is a recurve. So, basically, it means that the more power you put in pulling back the bow, the more distance the arrow will cover. It also decides the poundage of the bow. It is known as a high performing bowfishing weapon and nothing can beat it when paired with an AMS retriever.

So, one thing is for sure that this Water Moc recurve bow will not fail to give you a full one retro bowfishing experience as you have to be stronger and shoot instinctively. Also, this weapon is tougher than a compound. As of now, there is no left-handed option available for this product.

Like every product, this one also has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look.

Product #4: Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery Bowfishing Bow Pack

The penultimate item on our list of best bowfishing bows in the Precision Bowfishing kit. Talking about the specifications of the bow, the axle to axle height is a little more than 31 inches and it weighs about 2.7 pounds. The peak draw weight is 40 pounds.

It is a compound bow and comes with a very compact design. The package includes all time best AMS bow fishing reel with line which makes the bowfishing experience smoother for you.  Other than that, it also comes with snapshot rest.

The package includes 2 bowfishing arrows which are engineered with safety slide technology and also feature bowfishing points.

The design is such that you will fall in love with it. The bow comes with a cool blue patterned look which makes it stand out and all the more attractive.

Many existing customers have appreciated its performance and are enjoying the archery-fishing experience. Also, as light-weight as it is, this Precision bow has proved to be a great option for kids or relatively young people who are new to fishing and trying their hands on it for the first time. 

Also, it is really inexpensive and along with the accessories that come along with it, this bow becomes a perfect package for any bow angler.

Now, it is time to have a look at the Pros and the Cons of this product:

Product #5: Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit

So, the final product in this list is the Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing kit. The axle to axle length of the bow is about 35 and a half inches and it is engineered in such a way that it enhances your precision and stability.

The draw weight varies and can be adjusted from 25 to 40 pounds. This allows the archer to customise his shooting experience according to the prey he is hunting. Also, finger savers are enabled for brilliant snap-shooting experience.

The draw cycle is ultra-smooth because of the progressive let-off technology.

The package includes an arrow made from fiberglass with safety slide, heavier grade Zebco 808 bow Fisher reel pre-spooled with 200-lb line and also an arrow rest. This is basically everything you can ask for a perfect bowfishing kit.

It is an amazing option both for immature and experienced professionals because of the wide range of options it provides to play with. That’s why we couldn’t avoid this product in this unbiased list of 5 best bowfishing bows of 2021.

The product is a part of Genesis Bows so it also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

So, now, let us have a look at the Pros and the Cons of the final bowfishing bow in this list:

So, these were the reviews of the Top 5 best bowfishing bows available in the market right now. We have done a lot of research about this topic and all of it has been used in this article. So, be assured and select a perfect bow from the options stated above. But for some reason, if you are still not able to make a choice, here is some more information that will help you in doing so.

Why to Use Best Bowfishing Bows?

  • Bowfishing is getting really popular not just because you can use it to hunt down fishes. It also helps to develop archery skills and builds the patience in you which is required in fishing as the water animals are not waiting for you to come and kill them. Sometimes there might not be a single prey hunted down by you whereas sometimes you will catch half a dozen of them. You just have to be prepared for the best and worst. This is what sport teaches you.

  • Also, archery-fishing keeps you closest to nature. It teaches you the survival instinct that is needed in life.
  • Life being as busy as it is, it is very important to take a holiday to forget all the stress you have had during the week in your office. Also, holidays are best spent when spent in the arms of mother nature. So, next time you are planning to go out somewhere on a weekend, might as well catch some fresh water fish for yourself and your loved ones with help of best bowfishing bows 2021.

  • Also, it is all the more adventurous and a different ball game altogether if compared with normal pole and bait fishing.

Who Should Use Bowfishing Bows

Well, anyone who loves either fishing or archery. Speaking of the prior, best bowfishing bows make archery much more exciting and skill based. The folks who love hunting fish can use bowfishing as a medium to improve their archery skills too.

Bowfishing is also enjoyed by the people who are into archery as a hobby or even as a profession. Like archery, bowfishing too requires target selection, instinctive shooting and aim setting. So, the archers can enjoy their sport in a different way and this one is surely more rewarding.

Why Bowfishing is a "Cool" Thing To Do

Plenty of Options: As we know, the earth is mostly covered by water and most of it is open to the public to use and benefit from. There are oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks and all of them have two things in common- water and water animals. I know not all of them are accessible to the common man. But most of them are!

No off-season: Most of the adventurous sports are season based but bowfishing certainly is not one of them. While, some might argue that there are better times to see and catch the fish. Yeah, it is true to some extent but that does not make it a seasonal sport. If you are up for an adventure, you can catch those water animals at any time of the year with any of the top 5 best bowfishing bows that you have chosen from this list while chilling in the best instant tents.

Quick Results: This one of the greatest advantages if bowfishing that is really fast-paced unlike most types of hunting which require patience and are relatively slow. Also, it is not like traditional fishing where you will wait for the fish to come and fall into your trap. Bowfishing is totally dependent on your shots and timing.

Also, as it is a swift sport, it is best for the youngsters who have just started with it and do not have the required patience level. The reason for the same being that the immediate results and rewards for their shots will keep them interested in bowfishing.

So, these were three reasons why you should consider bowfishing as a sport. There are many of them. So, start your journey too!

FAQs About Bowfishing Bows

Q1: How many pounds should a bowfishing bow be?

Ideally, a bow should be around 3 to 5 pounds because anything heavier than that can be difficult to handle for some people who have just started playing this sport.

Talking about the draw weight, go for a bow which has above 40 pounds of drawing capacity. It is enough to catch a big prey from the waters.

Q2: What line to use for Best Bowfishing Bows?

The 808 is marketed for great bowfishing and comes with a 70-pound braided line. When the same reel is employed for fishing a 20-pound monofilament line is suggested.


Q3: Is Bowfishing legal?

Well, it depends on the location. Each state has its own law for fishing and hunting. Some where it is banned and, in some places, certain fishes are allowed to hunt and while the others are not. So, for better and detailed information, go through the state laws.

For instance, in California, the Fish and Wildlife Regulations allow you to hunt carp only.

Q4: Does Bowfishing kill the fish?​

Yes, most of the small sized fishes are killed by a single shot of the bow while some bigger fish like the Alligator gar take more than one arrow to be dead.

Q5: How should you aim when Bowfishing?

Ideally, you should aim for the thickest part of the fish but you cannot do that directly as the image seen by you of the fish is refracted through the water. So, what you should do is, aim a little lower than what you actually want to aim.


Bowfishing has been practised for years as both a food gathering and a recreational method. With the changes in technology, it has only gotten easier for you to get into this sport. Also, with the additional accessories such as finger savers and arm rests, this sport is totally safe and can be enjoyed by kids too.

So, I am sure that by now you must have decided about the bowfishing bow which is perfect for you. This article about best bowfishing bows 2021 had all that you need to know about bowfishing. Make sure you go through all the products once again and if you are still confused, compare the prices, read the reviews and I am sure, you will find a bow which suits you the best.

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