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How to Blackout a Tent in 8 Easy Ways (2022)

When people go out camping, it’s mostly to relax. And what they want is a peaceful sleep. But if your tents aren’t dark enough, you might end up wide awake as soon as the sun rises. That’s why you must know how to blackout a tent properly, so that you can get enough rest in the morning. 

It’s true that we don’t wish to waste daylight on a camping trip. But sometimes you do need a power nap late into the morning.

how to blackout a tent
How to Blackout a Tent (Easy Methods Only)

One way to avoid being rudely awakened by the glaring sun is to use a blackout tent. However, if you don’t own such a tent, it’s possible to convert your existing tent into a darker one. Here in this article you will learn how to blackout your tent easily without spending money. 

How to Blackout a Tent: 8 Free DIY Methods Explained

There are several effective ways of shutting out the sunlight to enjoy a good sleep. Let us discuss a few methods so that you can learn how to blackout a tent properly without making a hole in your pocket.

1: Blackout Liner

A blackout liner inside the tent is very effective in blocking out the sunlight. You can simply clip a dark-colored fabric along the walls of your tent. You can either spread it out just like a mosquito net or sew it to the tent’s inner side. 

But take care not to block out the vents to allow air to circulate. However, if the material used is not so good, it might not block out the entire light. Also, it might not retain as much heat. So, it’s advisable to choose the material of the fabric wisely to make your tent darker.

2: Drape the Outside

This is similar to the previous technique; only now you have to drape the outside of your tent. You can either drape only the top of the tent or the entire tent. The first process would block most of the sunlight as well as allow ventilation.

The second process will block out the entire sunlight but also trap some of the hot air within. 

So, the best way to go for this method is to keep a distance between the blackout material and the tent’s roof—maybe just hang it from a tree or something for best results for blackout tent camping.

3: Cover the Bed Pod

Instead of draping your whole tent, you can just cover your sleeping area. This will prevent sunlight from entering as well as leave space for ventilation. It will also help keep the inside of the tent cooler than the outside.

Many such blackout fabrics are available which can easily be hung inside a tent. It would prevent overheating while darkening your sleeping area with its blackened hood.

How to Blackout a Tent Easy Methods

4: Use Reflective Blankets

Using reflective blankets is another brilliant way to avoid getting sun into your eyes while camping inside a tent. Reflective blankets are silver, light-diffusing emergency blankets which are made from water-proof heat-reflective shiny material. 

Hence, they reflect most of the heat and light. They are also good with keeping rain, snow and wind at bay.

Plus, they are reusable and made from tear-free materials. It is the cheapest and easiest way to eliminate the sunlight and is ideal for covering your tent’s interior or exterior. If you’re searching for how to blackout a tent, then this can help for sure. 

5: Use a Sleep Mask

If none of the above methods for making your tent darker seem to work out for you, you can simply use a blackout sleep mask. It will help you avoid the glaring sun, and save you from going through the strain of covering your entire tent. 

All you need to do is to cover your eyes simply with a sleep mask and avoid all the complicated setup tricks. But if you are not comfortable sleeping with a mask on your face, you might as well try the other methods.

6: Choose a Shadier Spot

If you want to avoid the hassles of draping your tent and stay away from a sleep mask as well, then this method is perfect for you. While setting up your tent, choose a shadier spot and say goodbye to the sun! 

Just look for a tree with large branches full of leaves or hills that block the sunlight, and set up your tent underneath. And as an added advantage, get a brilliant view of the night sky with twinkling stars as you drift off to sleep.

7: West Facing Tents

It’s not always easy to find a shady spot, so why not try setting up your tent facing the west. The sun rises in the east, and if your tent faces the west in the morning, there will be very less light entering into it.

This way the rising sun won’t be able to disrupt your sleep with its path partially blocked.

8: Use Dark Room Technology

Many tent companies use Dark Room Technology in their tents to help blackout a tent. Although the technology varies from one company to another, all of them are good at blocking out the sunlight.

Some tents have a dark sun-reflecting rain-fly over its top to block the light without messing with the ventilation. Others use insert-able panels inside them to block out the sun rays. 

Dark-colored tents with ample space for air to circulate are also good at blocking the sunlight and providing proper ventilation. Some of the tents even have multiple rooms, with only the bedroom provided with the dark room technology and the others left as it is.

Dark room technology is very effective in blocking much of the sunlight while ensuring good ventilation, without being too hard to implement.

Sunlight can enter through your tents if it is light-coloured or has thin walls. It might mess with your sleep when the sun rises.

So, a darkroom tent which provides a peaceful environment for a healthy sleep is particularly important while camping. You can get all the energy you need for a day of adventure without bothering to wake up early. That’s how to blackout a tent with ease.


While you might not own a blackout tent to use for the purpose, you can always refer to these simple methods to learn how to blackout a tent and perfectly enjoy your snooze time.

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