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Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100 in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for best ultralight sleeping bag under 100, then this article is exclusive to you only. As we have specifically reviewed only such backpacking sleeping bags that are affordable and durable.

Mountain hiking sees weighty packing as its biggest impediment. While lightweight backpacking remains the focus, you also need to ensure a certain level of relaxation on a trek. If you’ve been shivering all night on the icy heights, your next day’s trail is bound to suffer. A discomforting night’s sleep takes a toll on both the health and spirit of a trekker.

This is when you decide to add a snug and comfy sleeping bag (not to be confused with bedrolls though) to your camping gears on the next trek.

Now that your nightmares of freezing nights on the alpine heights are gone, a question still tickles your mind. “How much extra weight is this newcomer gear going to add to my backpack?” 

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100

If you are a long-distance hiker, you know the importance of carrying an ultralight sleeping bag. With an ultralight backpacking sleeping bag in your rucksack, your shoulders will feel little or no extra weight. Moreover, due to its compact and compressible feature, it hardly occupies a space inside your bag.

Keeping in mind the already encumbering expenses of a mountaineering adventure, we introduce the best affordable backpacking sleeping bags only. If you’re planning some wise investment for a smoother backpacking experience, this below best ultralight sleeping bag under 100 selection is sure to impress you.

Among our selection of top 10 best backpacking sleeping bag under $100, our recommendation for the best pick goes to “MIS MOUNTAIN INN SPORTS Mummy Sleeping Bag”.  It comes with a whole set of utilitarian functionalities to give you a unique camping experience.

The ultralight mummy sleeping bag features a unique 40D 240T polyester diamond rip-stop fabric construction to trap the warmth inside the bag. It is extremely flexible for use in all seasons, compact, super-light and thus, travel-friendly.

Top 10 Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100 (2022 Reviews)

We have tried to make this list of best ultralight sleeping bag under 100 unbiased. We have included sleeping bags that you can use in summers and bags that are best suited for winters as well.

In short these are the best compact sleeping bag under 100 that can be purchased online in 2022 and beyond. Follow our review of the best products to perform a wise shopping:

1: Clostnature Sleeping Bag – Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Under 100

Key Highlighted Features

  • Compact size helps in economy of space – packed size only 11.8”x7.9”x7.9”, open size 6’3″x2’7”.
  • Waterproof & rip-stop shell combines with 100% 250GSM hollow fiber.
  • Zipper closure – independent zipper at the bottom for better ventilation for your feet.
  • Weight of the product is around 2.7 lbs for rectangles and 4.1 lbs for envelopes.
  • Color-blocking design suits to youths, adults, boys, and girls.
  • Machine washable.
  • Single sleeping bag can spread out as a blanket at 20 degrees for kids at home.

Light In Weight, Little In Space:

Among the many advantages of this sleeping bag, its ultralight and compact features give you the utmost convenience. Weighing around 2.7 pounds, this Clostnature sleeping bag won’t make your hiking bag hefty.

It can be compressed to a very tiny size so that it consumes minimal space inside your rucksack.

Premium Quality Product At A Lucrative Price:

Clostnature is a reliable brand offering quality products at reasonable costs. You get a lifetime warranty in material and workmanship defects. They also offer 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

This means you get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. It is one of the best cold weather sleeping bag under $100.

Comforting Fabric With Brilliant Design:

This Clostnature sleeping bag is a perfect combination of warmth, comfort and quality. Its waterproof and rip-stop material construction makes it soft and skin-friendly, keeping you warm and snug in inclement climatic conditions. Featuring a smart color-blocking design, the sleeping bag looks great for boys and girls of any age group.


✅ Extremely lightweight sleeping bag helps to maintain a light packing
✅ Smart dual zipper design enhances breathability – keeps your feet relaxed and body warm
✅ It is easy to roll back into a really small size
✅ There’s ample room to fit in an adult. It keeps you cozy without constricting your limbs.


❌ Might be too thick for summer camping, when the temperature is above 85F.
❌ Rough handling of the zippers might cause a damage.

Editor’s Pick

Featuring a contemporary design to suit your trekking needs, this Clostnature ultralight sleeping bag is good value for money.

2: TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking

Key Highlighted Features

  • Includes a zipper draft tube for trapping the air inside.
  •  Drawstring mummy hood optimum warmth and comfort.
  • Microfiber insulation offers more loft and compressibility.
  • Durable compression sack to stuff it in without the hassle of rolling it up.
  • Innovative footbox designed to provide enhanced relaxation to your feet.
  • Water resistant.
  • Resistant to rip and tear, even if it is punctured.
  • Anti-snag zippers allow a smooth closing from inside and outside.

An Ultralight Sleeping Bag With A Host Of Advanced Features:

This best ultralight sleeping bag under 100 from the house of TETON Sports makes a valuable camping gear for hiking trips. The advanced technology of its zipper draft tube traps the air inside from escaping out. This way, it keeps you warm for long hours through the night. Moreover, the innovative footbox secures extra room for your feet to relax.

Special Stuff Sack: No More Trudging To Roll It Up!

The TETON Sports sleeping bag comes with a modern compression sack for stuffing it in. This compression sack spares you the trouble of rolling the bag up in the morning. You can just start at the bottom to pack the bag in quickly and easily.

Durable And Affordable:

Being resistant to water and tear, this sleeping bag is good for a long lasting use. The price is sure to impress you. The product also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering against defects in materials or workmanship.


✅ Easy to use and handle with the snag-free zippers.
✅ Packing convenience with the compression sack.
✅ Water-resistant and long lasting.
✅ Innovative footbox for enhanced comfort.


❌ People’s susceptibility to weather conditions might vary; accordingly you can consider donning an extra layer of thermals in freezing times.
❌ Wrapping more jackets might reduce your moving space inside the bag.

Editor’s Pick

If you fancy buying a good quality sleeping bag within $100, this TETON Sports product is your ideal pick. With its minimal weight and compact design, it is easy to carry along on a hiking expedition. The super advanced features add to your convenience.

3: REVALCAMP Sleeping,Ultralight and Compact Bags for Hiking, Backpacking & Camping

Key Highlighted Features

  • Super lightweight.
  • High quality construction for a lasting use.
  •  Smooth and sturdy zippers.
  •  Two bags can be zipped together to form one snug double sleeping bag for couples.
  •  Extremely reasonable price.
  •  Hassle-free money back policy in case of any dispute in quality.

Spacious And Comfy With A Plush Filling:

There’s ample space inside this sleeping bag to hold you snugly. You can also find room for taking a turn to lie in your coziest position. It is easy to get in and out of the bag. The plush filling gives you all the more comfort and warmth. Many users have termed it as the best lightweight sleeping bag under 100.

Compact Sleeping Bag As Light As Feather!

The most notable feature of this RevalCamp product is its lightweight. It is one of the lightest sleeping bags available anywhere. Its super light feature and compact design make it easily adjustable in your backpack. You’ll feel no extra weight on your shoulders.


✅ Premium quality material ensures a sustained use.
✅ Crafted with care for meeting your needs of comfort, size and weight during a trek.
✅ The superior quality fabric makes it fit for repeated washing.
✅ A reliable 100% satisfied or money back policy.
✅ Available in a wide variety of vibrant color combinations.


❌ Though it is washable, too hot water can damage the filling of the sleeping bag.
❌ We recommend that kids are instructed not to ruffle the zippers lest they’re broken.

Editor’s Pick

An excellent combination of quality, comfort and affordability, this Revalcamp product is a smart pick for camping champs.

4: Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Key Highlighted Features

  • ThermaPro Insulation with EN Lower Limit Rating: 22° F / -6° C.
  • Comfort-Tuck Zipper System with room for foot ventilation.
  • Exclusive storage pocket for storing your essential electronics, like mobile phone.
  • Offset quilt construction adding to the durability of the product.
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Includes a stuff sack for convenient packing.

A Synthetic Backpacking Sleeping Bag With Smart Comfort Features:

The high-performance ThermaPro insulation technology effectively retains warmth inside the bag. Synthetic fiber blend makes it easily compressed to a compact size. The state-of-the-art design of the Kelty Tuck 20 incorporates an in-built media-integrated storage pocket.

This internal storage pocket makes sure your mobile, headphones and valuable electronics are kept handy and safe.

Roomy Foot Box For Balancing Body Temperature

This Kelty sleeping bag features an innovative foot vent for added flexibility and relaxation. You can put your feet out on warmer nights by unzipping the comfort tuck. The vented foot box allows better regulation of your body temperature as per your needs.

EN Lower limit temperature rating of 22° F / -6° C ensures you are toasty in the chill. So it is one of the best 0 degree sleeping bag under $100 of 2022.


✅ Thermapro insulation facilitates an amazingly lightweight and compressible filling.
✅ The fiber blend technology is engineered to keep you warm down to 22°F.
✅ You can safely tuck your phone into the in-built stash pocket.


❌ Zippers need careful handling.
❌ The sleeping bag cannot sustain rough washing. Gentle washing is recommended.

Editor’s Pick

The Kelty Tuck 20 is packed with incredible features to provide optimum comfort and flexibility. It will undoubtedly make an excellent addition to your mountaineering paraphernalia.

5: AEGISMAX Outdoor: Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under 100

Key Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality fabric is skin-friendly.
  • High-density goose down filling makes the sleeping bag comfortable.
  • Apt for use as a 3 season camping bag: Summer, Spring, Autumn.
  • Remarkably light in weight; suitable for a light backpacking.
  • Compressed size is 12cm*21cm.
  •  Easy to pack and carry.
  •  Easy to wash.

Ideal 3-Season Camping Gear For A Comfortable Trip:

This ultralight sleeping bag brought to you by AEGISMAX fulfils your go-to camping necessity. It is ideal for camping in summer, spring and autumn. The down filling makes it extremely light in weight and compressible in nature.

Thus, you can easily carry the sleeping bag without adding much weight to your rucksack. Being compact and compressible, it also occupies minimal packing space.

Skin-Friendly Material For A Soft And Warm Feel:

The premium quality material is skin-friendly, providing you with the utmost comfort and breathability. It is soft on the skin and keeps you consistently warm throughout the night. So, no more uncontrollable shivering in the chilling backcountry! You can call it as the best ultralight summer sleeping bag of 2022.


✅ The skin-friendly fabric of the sleeping bag keeps you warm and snug in cold outdoor nights.
✅ The downy filling makes it soft and comfy.
✅ Space-saving item as well as easily portable.


❌ The given temperature scale is for reference and hence may vary according to the using environment and user’s physical condition.
❌ Hard scrubbing during wash may cause potential damage to the material.

Editor’s Pick

For those who are looking for a super comfortable ultralight sleeping bag under 100 that is also light in weight, you can go for this AEGISMAX product.

6: WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

Key Highlighted Features

  • 350T Polyester rip-stop cover providing optimum resistance to water.
  • 350T polyester lining makes you feel comfortable lying inside.
  • Box-shaped foot for adequate room to move.
  • Features advanced SBS zipper and drawstring enabling snag-free opening and closing.
  • The drawstring-adjustable hood envelops your head with a warm feeling.
  • Comes with stuff sack for quick and easy packing.
  • Suitable for machine wash.

Large Draft Collars And Draft Tubes:

This sleeping bag has draft collars and zipper draft tubes designed for a high-performance insulation. It prevents the loss of warmth and acts as a deterrent to incoming cold air.

Hollow Fiber Fill Provides Extra Comfort:

It comes with 200G/㎡(35F bag) or 400G/㎡(25F bag) Hollow Fiber fill which enhances and retains warmth. The high-quality 350T Polyester liner construction keeps it soft on the skin.

Double Zipper Featuring Anti-Snag Design

The double zipper design allows you the flexibility to enjoy a comfortable temperature. You can easily adjust the bottom zipper or top zipper as per your needs. The anti-snag design facilitates a smooth operation without getting the zippers stuck in the cloth. It’s very easy to roll up as well.


✅ Advanced design of the foot-box helps your feet relax.
✅ You can enjoy extra ventilation on warmer nights by unzipping the bottom.
✅ The 350T Polyester with a coating shell provides optimum resistance to water.
✅ The superior quality polyester also makes it ultra-soft and rip-stop.
✅ Easy to wash and dry.


❌ Rash handling might cause the zippers to snag
❌ For warmer nights, this sleeping bag might not be very suitable, considering its superior insulation.

Editor’s Pick

WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag offers a wonderful blend of quality and comfort at an attractive price. This is one of the best ultralight sleeping bag under 100, and it will be an excellent pick for a great camping experience.


Key Highlighted Features

  • 40D 240T polyester diamond ripstop fabric construction.
  • Comfy head hood.
  • Thermal flap to trap the warm air inside.
  • Can be packed quickly and easily in the compression sack that comes with straps.
  •  Available at an attractive price.
  • Reliable refund policy in case there is any dispute in product.

Travel-Friendly Features Ensure A Great Camping Experience

Weighing about 1.43 pounds, this mummy sleeping bag boasts of an incredibly light weight! It comes packed with up-to-date features and an innovative design. The unique Velcro design and effective thermal flap retain the warm air inside and prevent outside air.

Alongside the two-way smooth zipper for convenient ventilation, the head hood is an add-on. It keeps your head cushioned and comfy while you lie down. Inside the compression sack with straps, the bag can be packed into a size 30% smaller. So it saves you a lot of space in your backpack.

Suitable For Outdoor Camping In All The 4 Seasons

You can rely on the premium quality construction of this sleeping bag for utmost protection from cold and dampness. The polyester diamond ripstop fabric and waterproof coating ensure optimum warmth and relaxation in extreme climatic conditions. The water repellent and windproof qualities of the fabric protect you from dampness and wetness.

This mummy sleeping bag is exclusively crafted to meet your camping requirements all year round. With this camping companion, you can relax and unwind at the end of a tiring day full of outdoor activities.

Affordable Price With Money Back Policy:

The price of the product is perfectly reasonable considering its high-performance features. In case you experience any problem or discrepancy, you can raise your concern to get a refund.


✅ Weighs about 1.43 pounds.
✅ The soft, skin-friendly fabric ensures a relaxed sleep at night after a strenuous trail.
✅ Premium polyester construction enhances its resistance to inclement climatic conditions, rip and damage.
✅ Water repellent and windproof features make it suitable for use in outdoor tents in all four seasons of the year.
✅ The internal storage pocket is designed to keep your mobile phone, wallet or other belongings handy.


❌ The given temperature rating might vary accordingly with the regional climate and user’s physical conditions.
❌ It is a mummy shaped sleeping bag and hence cannot be zipped together with another bag, unlike the envelope shaped ones.

Editor’s Pick

This ultralight sleeping bag packed with utilitarian features will make you fall in love with outdoor camping all over again. Within the range below $100, this product definitely makes a worthwhile purchase.

8: Hyke & Byke Katahdin 15 & 0 Degree F 625 Fill Power Hydrophobic Sleeping Bag

Key Highlighted Features

  • 0 degree superlite mummy sleeping bag.
  • 625 Fill Power Down bag with extra warming capability compared to 600 Fill Power Goose Down.
  • Water repellent and moisture resistant.
  • Spacious and roomy to allow flexibility of body movements.
  • Compact and space saving.
  •  Internal gear pocket.

Synthetic Insulation Provides A Relatively Greater Warmth

The state-of-the-art 625 Fill Power Advanced Synthetic has tested warmer than 600 Fill Power Goose Down. Its exclusive insulation technology with ClusterLoft fill makes it ultra-lightweight, breathable and compressible to a small size. The quality construction effectively increases its longevity.

Designed To Make Your Camping Experience Better And Unique

Besides the ultralight water repellent 400T 20 D rip-stop nylon fabric, this sleeping bag has a host of advanced features. These include double large YKK zippers with anti-snag slider, wide shoulders and large footbox.

That’s not the end of the list. This ultralight sleeping bag also incorporate snag-free Velcro, drawstring, and compression stuff sack case for quick and easy storage.

Evidently, this high-performance mummy sleeping bag becomes a utilitarian companion on your hiking trips.


✅ Synthetic insulation for enhanced warmth and comfort.
✅ The 400T 20 D rip-stop nylon fabric for greater durability.
✅ Ample space for body movements: wide shoulders and roomy toe box.
✅ Superlight in weight.


❌ Not suitable for machine wash. Damage due to machine washing is to be not covered under warranty.
❌ The bags are not designed to be zipped together.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to stay super warm and toasty on chilling outdoor nights, this best ultralight sleeping bag under 100 is your gear. Go for it and feel the difference in your next backpacking experience.

9: CampLand 23°F Down Backpacking Sleeping Bag (Waterproof)

Key Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality duck down filling
  • Warms you up quickly.
  • Ergonomic design for an effortless backpacking experience.
  • Head hood works as a comforting cushion for your head.
  • Eco-friendly rip-stop nylon fabric construction.
  • Water repellent material.

Environment-Friendly Nylon Fabric Construction:

The waterproof rip-stop nylon fabric used in the making of this CampLand sleeping bag is environment-friendly. Ultralight, premium quality duck down filling works to warm you up quickly. The perks include a cozy head hood and a feather-like soft feel when you’re lying in it.

Ideal Sleeping Bag For 3 Season Outdoor Activities:

The ergonomic design, ultralight and water repellent features make this sleeping bag suitable for camping in all seasons. Due to its quality construction and transportability, it becomes a vital gear for a host of outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, fishing and more.


✅ Feather-like light and soft.
✅ Eco-friendly material.
✅ Roomy interior can accommodate one adult or two kids.
✅ Great sleeping kit in a tent for 3 seasons.
✅ Can be easily folded and transported from one place to another.
✅ You get a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


❌ You need to handle the zippers with care.
❌ The insulation performance might vary with climatic conditions.

Editor’s Pick

The fact that it is good for all seasonal environments makes this sleeping bag a utilitarian purchase. In addition, it’s superlight duck down filling keeps you extra cozy and toasty throughout the night.

10: ECOOPRO Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

Key Highlighted Features

  • Weighs about 2lbs.
  • Premium quality duck filling.
  • Ergonomic design engineered to give you a warm sleep.
  • 600FP white duck down filling ensures optimum comfort.
  •  Packaging includes a compression sack.
  •  The folding size is: 12 x 7 x 6.69 inch.

Travel Stress-Free With ECOPRO Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

Weighing about 2lbs, this ultralight sleeping bag comforts you on your outdoor adventures. It is easy to carry without adding any extra stress on your shoulders. The compression sack helps to seamlessly stuff the bag inside and reduce its volume. The 600FP white duck down filling inside is capable of providing you with superior comfort.

Ergonomic Design For Better Warmth:

Thanks to the unique mummy design for making your nights in the tent warm, cozy and relaxed. The rectangle sewing thread effectively stabilizes the down. The premium quality Polyester fabric on the surface helps in heat retention and prevents heat loss.


✅ Down filling with 400T waterproof coating keeps you dry in wet environment.
✅ The sleeping bag can be used by both adults and children.
✅ Reliable and responsive customer support service available.


❌ There is no draft flap down the zip.
❌ You might need to use a sleeping pad under this bag.

Editor’s Pick

The ECOOPRO sleeping bag with compression sack is a great companion on your hiking trips. Each product undergoes multiple quality checks before reaching the customer. If you face any quality issue, you can voice your concern to their customer service within 24 hours.

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100 Buying Guide

You must count on a few factors for your sleeping bag to serve your purposes on a trek. Here we draw your eyes to those factors which will guide you in picking the right one. Take a look at the things to consider before buying the best ultralight sleeping bag under $100:

1. Shape

Ideally, you want it as small and compact as possible. Most of the lightest sleeping bags available in the market are mummy shaped. Compared to the rectangular shaped ones, the ones in mummy shape cuts down on packing volume.

This happens because the mummy shaped construction needs a lesser amount of fabric without compromising on the comfort quotient.

2. Insulating Material

Here we come to the most debatable point on lightweight sleeping bags – down fill versus synthetic. Insulation material plays a critical role in making your outdoor adventures stress-free. Synthetic insulation is effectively moisture resistant and protects you from dampness or wetness.

Down, on the other hand, is much lighter than synthetic insulation. Down filling also helps to pack down into a smaller size, saving you space. So, if you want a really lightweight sleeping bag under 100, go for down fill to keep your shoulders light and stress-free.

3. Temperature Rating

Temperature ratings available on shopping sites are just a standard guideline. Different factors like seasonal weather, region of a country act to determine the temperature resistance of a sleeping bag.

While buying, you need to look for sleeping bags marked EN13537 according to EN Standards. This means the product has undergone a “thermal manikin” test and therefore was not just independently tested by the manufacturer.

4. Cost

You need to be clear about your using intentions while making a buying decision. That is to say, if you are just a beginner backpacker, you might not need to spend a lump sum on camping gear.

However, if you aren’t willing to compromise on quality and ultralight weight, paying that extra sum will buy you a delightful backpacking experience. So, it’s wise to set your priorities, and take the right call.

5. Spacious Interior

After a tough trekking day, you will definitely not like to rest in the grasp of a boa constrictor. Some sleeping bags cut down weight by becoming narrow. An ideal sleeping bag will minimize the air space around you, keeping your body snug and warm. Want to ensure enough room for movement of your limbs inside a sleeping bag? Consider the following points to comfortably turn to your favourite sleeping position:
* Length
* Foot vent or foot box
* Shoulder girth
* Hip measurement

6. Additional Features

As we have walked you through the major parameters of selecting the best ultralight sleeping bag under 100, here are few additional guidelines. You can look for these features to enhance your convenience while sleeping outdoors:
* Anti-snag zippers
* Head hood
* Pad loops and sleeves
* Draft collar

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Let us discuss some of the best advantages and a few probable disadvantages of best ultralight sleeping bags under 100:


  • Ultralight sleeping bags are travel-friendly. Being light as feathers, they are easy to carry and help you keep a light packing. So, you always feel brisk and free while trekking.
  • Sleeping bags keep you warm and protected amid the adverse lap of nature
  • These are compact and space-saving items. These can be easily compressed to a small size so that they occupy very little space in your backpack.
  • A good quality sleeping bag ensures a good sleep at night. Backpackers will understand the importance of a comfortable sleep on hectic hiking trips.


  • Down filled sleeping bags stop retaining warmth if they get wet
  • Some sleeping bags might be tight on you. Your movements might be constricted inside and that leads to a great discomfort. You can’t skip checking the dimensions and analysing the flexibility according to your own body structure before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under 100

Having mentioned the significant advantages and disadvantages, here we come across some FAQs about best backpacking sleeping bags under 100:

What is the lightest sleeping bag?

We all are looking for the lightest sleeping bag available in the market. After all, you’ll have to carry the thing in your packing on the trail. Also, we want it as compact and space saving as possible. Look for one with a down insulation rather than synthetic.
Though synthetic insulation is good, down makes your bag lighter and packs down into a smaller size. Most of the lightest sleeping bags boast of a fine quality down filling.

Is it warmer on a sleeping bag with fewer clothes on?

Sleeping bags are equipped with advanced insulation technology to retain warmth. However, if you are spending a night in inclement sub-zero surroundings, you might consider wrapping yourself in a layer of jackets before getting into your sleeping bag. This will maximize your comfort inside the sleeping bag.

How to increase the warmth of a sleeping bag?

A good sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag works to increase its warmth. If the bag is roomy, putting an emergency blanket under the sleeping pad is also a wise idea.


Waking up to a refreshing feel can be the best start-off for an adventurous day. We have discussed how a lightweight and comfy sleeping bag helps to keep you snug at night and light on trek.

This article takes you through the best ultralight sleeping bag under 100 ($). Using our product information and buying tips, you can easily pick the one that fits in your budget plans and camping ideas. Happy trekking!!!

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