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Best Hunting Tree Saddle 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Hunting Tree Saddle: Does the idea of tree saddle hunting have you captivated? In case you’re a gear addict, odds are that it does. In the hunting network saddle hunting has been becoming progressively mainstream and for valid reasons. The following 10 best hunting tree saddle in 2021 are your way to achieve comfort and reliability to practice your interests.

Hunting from a tree is basically more exciting and thrilling than hunting from the ground and also there are numerous advantages to it. These advantages really can’t be exaggerated for the individuals who organize more elevated levels of versatility and secrecy while hunting. Particularly in case you’re a bow hunter, there’s a decent possibility you’ll be keen on what is one of the best hunting tree saddle that are available for purchase in 2021.

best hunting tree saddle
Best Tree Saddle For Hunting

What's the Need for Best Hunting Tree Saddle?

If anybody wants to do hunting from a resting position rather than using a tree stand then a saddle is a best alternative for them. The item itself appears as though an altered stone climbing harness that contains nylon leashes and a “seat” that folds over your midsection and upper legs. With the help of the best hunting tree saddle instead of sitting on a tree stand you can simply clip it into a secure rope on the tree and then sit or lean back in the harness. Imagine how a climber looks when clipped into a secure anchor on a rock wall, leaning back in their harness with their feet against the wall, amazing isn’t it?

The tree saddle has changed the hunting game for hunters and it basically serves two main purposes to the hunters which is one that with the help of this tool they can simply have some weight lifted off the saddle and also give their feet a place to rest and number two is that the hunter can easily get access to 350 degree shooting range by moving around the tree easily.

Top 10 Best Hunting Tree Saddles 2021 Reviews

The following review is a compilation of some of the best hunting tree saddles which might help you with the essential information about them in order to know which tree saddle to buy that meets your needs. The tree saddles include:

The Tree Spider Venom harness is made of one of the finest materials that offer you great safety and reliability. It’s really very flexible that can add comfort to your hunting experience and you can easily move around at a 360-degree diameter to hunt with ease. It can easily fit

waist size 32-60″ and height 5’2-6’5. The material of this product is soft and allows you to easily adjust the rear straps, legs and the shoulders due to which you can have its size fit you perfectly. It also comes with vertical climbing loops and fast connecting leg buckles. The whole package of this best hunting tree saddle includes a tree strap, a suspension relief strap, 1 carabineer and manual that provide you information with how to assemble it and use it. The maximum capacity of this tree saddle is 300lbs and it can support up to this much weight capacity.

Highlighted Features

  •  Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 4.44 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds
  •  The product is eye catching and looks very attractive
  • This is durable and easy to use and can be used for a longer period of time
  • This has the Fine and unique finishing that supports the idea of hunting

This is a great product which is made out of nylon.This tree saddle for hunting is intended to upgrade your versatility while you’re on the hunt, this thing is excessively straightforward thanks to its absence of pointlessly awkward additional lashes and clasps.  The fact that it weighs just 3.2 pounds is a great advantage for you. So in addition to the fact that you will have the option to move yourself around more effectively, you will be more successful in your hunting activity regardless of the climate.Made from breathable dry nylon webbing and mechanical quality high-pulling string, this saddle is shockingly solid and secure. The casing of the best hunting tree saddle is very customary with unmistakable tackle and clasp frameworks, so you can rely upon it to disperse your weight uniformly when you’re on the chase.

Highlighted Features

  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 10.8 x 15 inches ; 1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • This is available In the color Brown and Red
  •  This is one of the light weight Hunting Saddle
  • This is suitable to use without having any fear
  •  It works perfectly fine even with the new Hunter

Although these best hunting saddles of 2021 are costly, however, that is not without valid justification. Your whole body weight is upheld by the thing, so it must be solid, and to be tough, it must be produced using acceptable quality materials. This tree saddle is a bit unique from the above mentioned ones. It is a fixed position saddle that has angled Dee rings at both sides that offers you a two bar design and you can easily have easy access and hunt with comfort. It also has an extra 6” wide waist back which is lined and filled with soft oil Tanned top grain steer hide leather. The leg loops and midsection belt additionally merit an extraordinary appreciation. The doubly thickened ties guarantee that you’re kept safe and secure when you are trying to climb from the ground, they are intended to suit both male and female bodies.

Highlighted Features

  •  Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
  •  This is one most solid and strong hunting Saddle
  •   It comes with the fixed position saddles that have angles that makes the hunting comfortable
  •  Comfortable and Strong Structure

This is a successful and one of the best hunting tree saddle which can also be used in the off season. It is made of one of toughest materials which are basically designed for the purpose of giving you the ease of hanging and by which you can easily tame the tree. Its durable fabric allows continuing on doing your work for hours. It also has some rigid utility pockets that help you to hold stuff and it can help in saving a lot of your time as you can avoid several trips again and again. This saddle is basically not designed for hunting but work so you can do all the bulky work, get drenched in sweat, spray, cut whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about the scent control. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight and it also comes with additional accessories such as a Pro-grade rope-style climbing belt with two carabiners.

Highlighted Features

  • Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
  • Color: black

  • This is durable and easy to carry
  • It can be used In any season
  • It has the rigid utility pockets that helps in holding other stuff
  • It’s supportable for more than 300 pounds of weight.

This saddle is ideal for season hunting and it features attachment systems which are inspired by MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) which uses ladder-style webbing allowing you the complete accessory customization. We seek comfort, mobility and affordability in a saddle and this saddle figures out how to be fulfill all of that, yet reasonably simultaneously. Offering total full-body support, it has a conventional harness and clasp construction that viably circulates the pressure on the harness and adjusts your weight, so you feel progressively steady.

And this thing (aka the best hunting tree saddle) provides comfort, as well. It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and 28″ to 35″ Waist Size. The shoulder and back ties, alongside the leg loops, are fixed with delicate and breathable seats. So not exclusively will you be in total comfort, yet it’ll additionally be simpler to control your body temperature.

Highlighted Features

  • Shipping Information: 7 ponds
  •  It comes in a brown color only
  • This is perfect fit for everyone
  • Has an amazing design to use.
  •  It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight
  •  It’s easy to use with a fixed delicate and breathable seat.
  • Comfortable

This best hunting tree saddle has some really unique features that not most of the saddles have. This saddle is made of a durable material which is basically water resistant consisting of high-strength polyester webbing so you can even work with it even when it’s raining outside. You can also save your wetsuit from abrasion by the help of the detachable canyon seat that also provides protection to it. It also includes a Dynamo-reinforced attachment point which is aimed to provide a high level of comfort during rappels. It also has double buckles on all the areas including leg loops, waistline which provides you extra security during your drills.Tough, waterproof materials guarantee lightweight life span for all your aquatic adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 5 inches ; 1.54 pounds
  •  Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
  •  The material is great and makes it durable and easy to use.
  •  Its water resistant
  • High strength
  • Its lightweight and perfect for everyone

It is a 4 Dee style saddle with a back made of thick 3-inch cotton webbing. It supports an accessory snap which is located on the right side. A 1 3/4″ steel ring on the left and a 1 3/4″ grommet leg straps. Basically, the best hunting tree saddle or climbing outfit ought to naturally have an ergonomic design. This saddle is far away from the traditional saddles and the producers have made sure that you get your cash’s worth. This saddle succeeds extraordinarily in moving and dispersing your weight; your base will be all around rested consistently. Accessible in various helpful size alternatives, this is made to offer extensive hunting experience. Fit and solace are unmistakably prioritized in how flexible they’ve made this thing. The wide and thick belt at the waist ensures that you are fit in there securely and you can continue the hunting without any hassle.

Highlighted Features

  •  Item Weight: 5 pounds
  •  Shipping Weight: 5.7 pounds
  •  Its flexible and easy to use
  • It’s the most secured saddle to use

Another entry in the list of the best hunting tree saddles is this amazing product from the well-known manufacturer called Black Diamond. This piece of equipment is the embodiment of one of the best time saving designs for all round climbers. The Black Diamond Momentum Harness features a pre-threaded speed-adjust waist buckle that reduces the chances of any error when tying it in and is also time saving. This hunting tree saddle features a dual core construction technology. This innovative design consists of two bands of webbing that split around the waist belt, allowing for maximum support and comfort without pressure points. This fantastic piece of equipment weighs only around 350 g.  It has 4 gear loops in it and the best part is that the gear loops are adjustable along with the fact that this product comes in 6 different sizes for a multitude of people.

Highlighted Features

  •  Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 4 inches ; 12.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • It comes with a pre-threaded speed adjust waist buckle that saves time while reducing the error of tying it.
  • It has 4 gear loops in it
  • Gear loops are adjustable
  •  It also comes in multiple colors.

The next equipment best hunting tree saddle is CORAX harness by the manufacturer called PETZL. The CORAX harness is a very durable harness that can be used in rough environments during any season of the year. It consists of a waist belt equipped with two Double Back buckles that easily adjust and center the harness, keeping the equipment loops in optimal position. The harness features adjustable leg loops to cater to the circumference of your legs safely gripping them in position. Apart from that, the harness is well-equipped facilitating the carrying of equipment and their organization. There are separate high quality equipment loops just for carrying your equipment while you do the climbing. The harness works to divide the user’s weight using tested frame technology that distributes the weight equally along the waist belt loop and the leg loop.

best hunting tree saddle

Highlighted Features

  •  Product Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 5 inches ; 1.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • This is one of the comfortable to use and easy to Carry harness
  • It can be used even in tough weather and environment during the whole year season
  • Well equipped and easy to carry

This best hunting tree saddle is from the manufacturer called Hunter Safety System and it is a camo colored harness built for efficient climbing. The harness weighs only 2.5 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight which allows for all-day comfort and easy mobility. This harness can be easily worn over lightweight clothes or underneath heavy clothes for colder weather hence it can be used throughout the year through all seasons. BOWHUNTER harness eliminates dangerous dangling straps and confusing weave-through buckles by giving the harness a simplistic humanoid shape which is extremely easy to put on as it doesn’t include having to put up with putting together complicated buckles. The harness package comes complete with a Primary tree strap, a suspension relief Strap, Safe-Use Instructions, and a DVD with live instructions and details about the equipment.

Highlighted Features

  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.8 x 2.5 inches ; 3.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Its light in weight and easy to carry for a good period of time
  • It’s comfortable to use and fine with the angles.
  • This can be used throughout the season.

Best Tree Saddles for Hunting 2021 Buying Guide

Saddle hunting apparatus can be costly. In this way, before you go through such cash, it’s entirely expected to consider what makes a decent and the best hunting tree saddle. In this way, here are a couple of things to pay special attention to before deciding to buy any kind of saddle.


A frame of a saddle determines its quality. It consists of leg loops, harness, a buckle and a waist belt. The correspondence of all of them together will determine how good this saddle is to hold your body in a balanced way and how secure it is. A frame is a main structure of any saddle and the better material the parts of its frame would have the more evenly it will be able to distribute the pressure of the harness and support your weight.


The typical material of most of the best hunting tree saddle is nylon webbing. This is a very good material which allows flexibility in a saddle. If a saddle won’t be of a good material it wouldn’t be able to hold your weight up securely and comfortably. And generally the best and high quality saddles tend to be more on the expensive side so if you don’t want to spend bulks of money on it you need to at least make sure that material of your desired saddle is made of good breathable nylon because it will keep your body temperature regulated while doing heavy duty operations.

Weight and size capacity

A most important factor for any saddle is its capacity to hold the weight of a person easily as it has to hold you up for a much longer period of time by balancing your weight. There are many saddles in market that promise flexibility and sturdiness and a fit to all feature and it is true to some extent but if you are a bit heavy then you might have to do a thorough research on the weight capacity of saddles although most of them promise to support 330lbs but it differs from and to brand and that’s why you need to be sure of your product.


With the best hunting tree saddle, you have the comfort of carrying around a heavy weight object that you need and instead of a tree stand you can easily utilize a tree saddle which balances your weight and lets you move around easily and you can either do hunting or any kind of other task. For a good tree saddles it needs to be flexible enough to let the user move around rather than being stuck at a certain place and face difficulty while utilizing the extra product you carry.

Fixed leg loops

The leg loops are, as the name recommends, the two pieces of the saddle that underpins your legs. They can be either flexible or fixed.The primary advantage of fixed loops is that they are fundamentally less complicated. Since there are no belts but instead a versatile band, you will, in any case, have the option to appreciate a degree of adaptability, yet not need to stress over the clasp slackening. Likewise, fixed-loop saddles will, in general, be progressively lightweight. Then again, customizable loops offer higher personalization. Thus, they are a well-known decision for those on the bulkier side. In any case, the burden with customizable loops is heavier, and there's an opportunity the alteration may extricate.

Haul and Gear loops

Haul loops are the extra provided attachment points which not all best hunting tree saddle have because haul loops are generally used for heavy duty operations. These are completely options but just in case you aim to be hunting on a very tall tree then these haul loops might work for you. Gear loops are used for the purpose of tracking your gear while you are saddled on a tree. Their material is either rigid or soft. Mostly a traditional saddle carries 2 or 4 of these loops but it depends on the right fit for you which decides how many of them you might need.

FAQs About Best Hunting Tree Saddle (Must Read)

Q1: How does tree saddle hunting work?

The name says it all, this is a unique kind of hunting via tree saddle which depends totally on the use of body straps connected to a tree and you can hunt while being suspended to a tree.

Q2: What benefits does saddle hunting carry?

Saddle hunting offers you a great versatile way of carrying your operation. It offers mobility and is a great tool for stealth especially for bow hunters. Also as you might know how noisy tree stands are, as the saddles are made of a fabric they are quiet in comparison.

Q3: Is saddle tree hunting comfortable?

If you want to look for comfort then you should for sure go for the best hunting tree saddle that have sturdy seats because it takes some time for you to get used to it as you have to be in an upright position for a longer period of time.

Q3: Which saddle is suitable for beginners?

For beginners the tree saddles which have a waist belt, a leg loop and shoulder straps is best because it will fully pack their body and they can easily hang from the tree while doing their tasks.


Taking into account all the models that have been discussed above you might have an idea now which type of saddles suits you best. In this article few of the best hunting tree saddle of 2021 have been analyzed which gave an in depth knowledge about the pros and cons and the feature of if you are looking for a tree saddle for hunting that gives you comfort, mobility, durability and a fun experience then you now have plenty of options to choose from. These top hunting tree saddles would keep you secure and aren’t much of a weight on your pocket so don’t wait and just invest in some of the best saddles for hunting available in the market.

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