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How to Fold a Pop Up Tent: Best Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

This article will help you learn how to fold a pop up tent with ease. If that’s what you wanna know, then stay on this page. 

IF you intend to make your yearly camping expedition with your mates hassle-free and comfortable, a tent is a piece of equipment that should get the ultimate focus. To be honest, though the framed camping tents happen to be the favorites among the regulars, but these kinds of tents have their own amount of complications and nuisances. With so many types of equipment to be put together, it becomes immensely confusing to know how to fold a pop up tent correctly. 

It will become even worse if you also have to figure out mechanisms to safeguard yourselves from the tent getting blown away and all the other varied outside facets! Hence, backpackers nowadays indulge in using pop up tents as constructing and folding up the tents are simple and easy.

how to fold a pop up tent
How to Fold a Pop Up Beach Tent

To make your experience trouble-free and devoid of hurdles, you can always settle down for the pop up tents that come quite handy and give you much ease and convenience. These kinds of tents do not require the extensive amount of work like their framed counterparts, and all you need to do is install a few pieces together to make it ready! 

They work just fine to keep you out of any adversities of the weather or the environment in general and help you in paying more attention to the lovely outdoors. It is easily folded with the help of folding the poles together, which results in a collapse of the tent into a circle that can be put inside a bag until its next use. 

In this article we will mainly be providing pop up tent folding instructions. So if your need of the moment is to learn how to fold up a pop up tent, then stay tuned. 

How to Fold a Pop up Tent for Beginners in 4 Easy Steps

Our guide on how to fold a pop up tent is made for both the beginners and the professionals. If you don’t know how to take down a pop up tent, then you are not fully prepared for camping yet. So first learn the basics, then go for the adventures. Let’s start!

Step #1:Folding the Poles

At foremost you need to clean the tent and start with dismounting it properly. Tip it over and shake and get rid of any trapped dirt or sand particles. The tent should be neat and clean before it is put up. The ridge poles on the top of the tent on your two sides need to be stretched out and pulled together. 

Following this, the bottom poles that form the outer edges of the tent need to be folded with the bottom ones to be placed on the top poles. Repeat the same process with all the others until all the four poles are held together. It’s the most crucial step for folding a pop up tent, so do it carefully.

folding a pop up tent
how to fold a pop up play tent

Step #2:Pressing the Tent

Now you need to bend over the tent so that it is on its edge and try to push on it. The shape of the tent changes as you flatten it. This is to be done with hands outstretched as you fold the four poles together. Reach out to the uppermost part of the tent, grab the back of the structure and pull it down on your other hand. At this point, you need to invest quite some strength as you need to flatten it to the ground.

Step #3:Put the Two Halves Together

After the previous steps have been successfully implemented, and if the tent had been folded correctly, it would give the resemblance like that of two fabric walls kept aside from each other. This is to be done to get proper access to the packing of the tent after bringing these two rounded shapes on top of the other.

Step #4:Packing and Sealing

Pop up tents usually come with elastic bands, and its design may render it possible to bounce back and again take the shape of the tent. It is very important to keep a strong grip on the poles in order to avoid this springing back of the pop-up. 

In order to remove any residue air that might cause a hindrance for you while flattening it on the ground, you need to press down the tent with your hands and knees with much force. Tuck in any poles left out and inserted the tent into its bag to keep it safe and ready for your next adventure. Yes, that’s how to fold a pop up tent in 4 easy steps.

It is undeniably true that pop up tents are much easier and convenient than the usual tents. But you need to know the basics of each as every tent tends to fold differently than the others. Read the pop up tent folding instructions properly that come with the tents for getting proper guidance. 

If you still have questions regarding how to fold a pop up tent, then you may take the help of various online folding tutorials that are available, or you can just comment here, and we will guide.

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