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Best Survival Axes 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide & More

Axe is one of the oldest tools humans have ever made. Axe is a tool that is simple in design. It originated from stone to the current metal blade. The metal blade or the sand in the ancient times was joined to a wood which was the handle.

Due to the timeless axe utility, it has remained unchanged. Ballistic nylon, stainless steel, and plastic composite have ushered the contemporary era of the shaft. 

Best Survival Axes
Best Survival Axes 2022 Reviews

In the case of the handle, wood has continued to endure as the only choice for a handle. Most professionals like the farmers and firefighters use different types of axes on a daily basis for daily labor.

The tool is suitable for camping and survival as well. Here it can be used to clear trails and harvest wood to light fire in a camp.

Whatever the use one may have for using an axe for, you should take good care of it. Earlier we have talked about camping axes, but here in this page we will mostly focus towards best survival axes.

Top 10 Best Survival Axes 2022 Reviews

We have got you covered with the details that you should be looking before buying the best survival axes for yourself. When you are purchasing an ax you should be aware of the quality.

With that thought we have designed this guide that is going to discuss the best survival axes in the market. 

1: Gerber pack hatchet camping axes

Key Highlighted Features

  • It has a full length of 9.46.”
  • Blade Length is 2.5″
  • It weighs 20.8 oz.
  • It is stainless steel construction and made of the full tang.
  • It has a choke up ergonomics.
  • It has a tall grind for optimal sharpness.
  • Rubber overbold handle.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet is full tang construction, giving one the steadiness at hand and the strength to power through challenging swings. Not all of this type offers this construction.

In the best survival axes world, a full tang hatchet can be desirable. This means that the blade of this type of Axe extends down to the handle as one piece of metal. The extension of the metal to the handle increases durability and prevents the blade from loosening.

The portability and versatile shape of the Axe have the appeal to bring hunters, campers, and survivalists together. For a compact tool, this pack hatchet camping axe delivers an impressive amount of function. The Axe weighs 1.3 lbs; it is the ideal hatchet to take with one anywhere.

Moreover, the featherness of the tool might be less appealing to he who prefers more substantial chop. The Nylon sheath can also be mounted on a pack or belt, making it easy to grab when one needs to act quickly on their feet.

The integrated lanyard hole will secure the hatchet while on the move, so one does not have to worry about losing the hole during busy times. 


✅ It has a full tang construction.
✅ It has a lightweight.
✅ It has a rubber molded handle.
✅ It is stainless steel.
✅ It is durable.


❌ Modern design may turn off traditionalists.

Editor’s Pick

It is one of the best survival axes 2022 since it is made of stainless steel, and the handle is extended with a metal that allows the Axe to remain firm.

2: Off-Grid Tools Survival Axe

Key Highlighted Features

  • The Axe has a hatchet blade.
  • It has a pry bar, nail Claw and hammerhead.
  • It has a replaceable 6 inch saw blade.
  • Hex sockets 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm.
  • It has a hardened steel glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.

This Axe has thirty unique features.  The Axe is designed to handle any type of situation one might run into. Whether one is looking to set up a camp for the night or escape from a burning vehicle and survive a zombie apocalypse, you ought to have this type of Axe.

The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe is the perfect tool for this job. It has a patent Pending fold-out 6″ Saw Blade. It is available with a Black or Green handle.

It has a durable glass-filled nylon handle that contains a 6″ Milwaukee® Sawzall® blade, which is designed to cut through anything. The easy-grip knob flips the blade and locks it into place.

To flip the blade, simply press the knob and twist. This is the only tool one may need to survive. The edge should be kept clean, and maintenance should be made on the module to keep it sharp. This Axe will never stop to be standalone.


✅ The saw blade is replaceable.
✅ It has a lightweight.
✅ It is compact.
✅ It comes with other useful tools.
✅ It is durable.


❌ It has some features are not essential to survival.
❌ Expensive.

Editor’s Pick

This Axe can be used for a wide range of work. It is suitable for camping.

3: SOG Camp Axe

Key Highlighted Features

  • The finished handle is brushed.
  • Its hardness is 51-52.
  • It has included accessories like Sheath.
  • Its color is Silver and Black.
  • Overall Length is 11.5 inch.

This best survival axes is gentle with the constructed stainless steel blade. It is built in a compact size that makes work easy. The Axe cuts firewood with ease to pop up a fire. The Axe is not meant for Throwing, but it does not render one from trying out. This Camp Axe is weighted very nicely. 

This gives a predictable rotation for it to work well. If one can throw an ax, you can absolutely throw this one with accuracy. The Sheath is made from nylon reinforced glass, which the handle is made of.

The Sheath fits well over the blade without falling. It has a rubberized strap that wraps the back of the Axe and secures itself for safeguard. During construction time, the thin handle was thought to transfer vibration to the hands causing some discomforts.

This was not the case since it worked well. For some axes, the grip is thicker. The glass-reinforced nylon handle is sturdy, and one feels great when using the Axe or during chopping. The stainless steel is pretty tuff and cannot break with ease.


✅ Full tang paracord handle.
✅ Comes with in-handle Fire-starter rod.
✅ The ballistic nylon sheath is included.
✅ Comfortable paracord grip.
✅ Stainless-steel blade for strength and durability.


❌ The threads on the loop for attachment are not much durable.
❌ A bit heavy.

Editor’s Pick

It is a great little ax to have with one in the field. The Axe is an excellent addition to one’s camping gear. It is well made, compact, and a strong footprint makes it great to take along with one on camping trips.

4: Schrade SCAXE10 11.1

Key Highlighted Features

  • 11.1 inches (28.1 cm) overall Length, blade length of 3.6 inches) and a weight of 1 lb DURABLE a Blade is made of reliable 3Cr13 S.S. with a black, rubber wrapped handle.
  •  Quick and easy to access with a convenient black thermoplastic belt sheath
  • Have confidence the blade will not slip with the security of the ergonomic black rubber grip.
  • Axe features a hammer pommel that has a full tang design.

The performance of this tactical survival Axe is of quality and is perfect for budget-strapped campers. The Axe has a small hatchet for processing wood.

The SCAXE10 is a rugged one-piece packable hatchet made of a slab of 3Cr13 stainless steel, which has a large polished brushed-finish angle and a powder-coated handle and head for an added protection from the elements.

3Cr13 is a terrific stainless steel alloy in an ax head because it’s relatively easy to sharpen and hold an edge exceptionally well.

Moreover, stainless steel is only corrosion and rust-resistant. Even with a protective coating, it’s still susceptible to corrosion and rust without proper care and maintenance. When the hatchet is wet, simply dry it off and lightly coat it with a little oil before putting it in a store. If one takes care of it, it just might last one a lifetime.

The grip is aggressively tapered from one end to the other. It is by four fingers grooves and a flared end, which improves the non-slip grip. The end nearest the ax head is very narrow, so choking up on the hatchet feels a little uncomfortable and awkward without gloves.

The Axe is right for younger campers, though. For the Axe, it is preferred a bit of girth along with the entire grip, which would have further improved for the comfort and control over the ax head.

The Axe is easy to access and convenient black thermoplastic belt sheath. Thus we were unable to avoid it in this list of 10 best survival axes or hatchets of 2022.


✅ Dependable.
✅ Secure.
✅ Ready to Work.
✅ Great design.
✅ Good dimension.


❌ A bit heavy.
❌ Not for beginners.


Editor’s Pick

The module can be used as a knife for some minor works. The Axe is suitable for people going camping.

5: Wakeman Outdoors Camping Hand Axe

Key Highlighted Features

  • The Axe has an ergonomic handle, which makes the Axe have a lightweight.
  • It is convenient to carry the Axe since it has a belt that one uses to give it.
  • The Axe comes with other tools like the magnesium fire starter.

This hand ax comes with a serrated wood saw which is nested within the handle and a magnesium fire starter, which clips to the included blade sheath. This makes a great tool to bring on hunting, camping, or hiking trips.

The blade of the Axe and saw are made of steel, which stands up to repeated outdoor use. It has a composite plastic handle which is molded to fit around the axe head for stability and strength while chopping.

The Sheath has a belt clip and hand loop, which makes it one of the best survival axes, and more convenient to carry no matter what the situation is. Whether one is backpacking in the woods or clearing your backyard, this type of Axe will always be suitable to use.

The composite plastic handle is ergonomically and textured designed to comfortably fit one’s hand. This makes the Axe and it to have a lightweight enough for ease to use repeatedly and for an extended period.


✅ It’s a multi-use.
✅ It is durable & strong.
✅ It is of excellent quality.


❌ It is heavy.
❌ Only a Professional can use this.

Editor’s Pick

The Axe is one of the best when it comes to camping. It has other tools which are used during camping.

6: Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14

Key Highlighted Features

  • The Axe has a Steel, arched trellis with bird figurines inside it.
  • It has a black, powder-coated finish protects this item from the elements.
  • It has a high height great for use in pots.
  • It has a Steel bird shapes rest on rods evoking twigs to enhance the natural look.
  • It has two legs insert into the soil in.

Estwing is a world-famous Sportsman ax that has the choice of outdoor men everywhere. The handle and head of the Axe are forged in 1-piece. The hand is polished to a beautiful finish. This classic Axe offers unsurpassed temper and balance. 

Its genuine leather handle is lacquered and sanded for a durable and comfortable feel. The Sportsman ax includes a rugged ballistic nylon sheath, which has a belt loop so it can have your tool close at hand.

It has a tempered 3-1/4 in. Cutting edge for cutting. It is a must for all outdoorsmen, and campers Estwing Axes are proudly forged in the USA using the most beautiful American steel. Always wear eye protection while using this tool. This will reduce the chances of small particles not to get to the eyes.


✅ It has greater longevity.
✅ It does not have fatigue.
✅ It has an outstanding design.
✅ It is a heavy-duty hatchet.
✅ It offers safety with additional protection.


❌ To keep the blade safe from rusting, you have to oil the blade regularly in a routine.
❌ A bit heavy.

Editor’s Pick

The type of Axe is right or suitable for those who are going for camping. The Axe has a right blade, which helps one to chop with ease. The Axe is also used in sporting. One can through the Axe and measure a particular point with accuracy.

It has a handle that is constructed to absorb shock or cause unnecessary feeling when cutting. The Axe is more preferred to be used in most camping. It is pocket friendly.

7: CRKT Freyr Axe: Good Pick for Best Survival Axes

Key Highlighted Features

  • Its blade is 1055 carbon steel.
  • Its handle is Tennessee Hickoryits.
  • Its Sheath is Leather (sold separately).
  • It has overall Length of 19.1 inches.
  • It has a weight of 947 grams.

The Axe is used in chopping wood instead of enemies. Ax for Throwing is nothing quite as satisfying as the thick thud of steel as it sinks in the forest. The best Axe for target practice is the CRKT ax.

CRKT worked with Ryan Johnson for RMJ Tactical to design the hickory handle which had 1055 carbon steel axes.

The head of the is forged to take on all chopping features and tasks. A butt ideal is for hammering tent stakes and nails. Both of which make it a handy tool to have in the backcountry.

The Axe packs 31 features into a hatchet style ax that will fit into any backpack or bug-out bag.

There is the heat-treated hatchet blade which can be sharpened again, which is expected, but then there is also the belt cutter, hammer,  gas valve shut-off wrench, and a locking six-inch replaceable Sawzall blade that is capable of cutting through metal.

These add-ons make the Axe a great multipurpose tool, but with a stainless steel near-full tang construction and nylon handles, it is surely one of the best survival axes of 2022 too.


✅ It has textured grip.
✅ It is durable and resistant.
✅ It has ergonomic.
✅ It is well balanced.
✅ It is compatible with the Sheath.


❌ It has a brittle edge.
❌ A bit discomforting for beginners.

Editor’s Pick

The Axe is made of hot forged carbon steel that has undergone a passivation treatment to protect the Axe from corrosion. A Tennessee hickory handle extends from the Axe’s head. At least it could if one can seek out and ask someone to massage the Axe for you.

8: Schrade Mini Axe

Key Highlighted Features

  • Twice Injected Handle and the pommel on Back of Axe Head.
  • Ti-Nitride Axe Head Coating.
  • Axe Blade Length: 3.8″ and Overall Length: 12″.
  • Blade Finish: Ti-Nitride.
  • Handle Material: Double Injection Molded.
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds.
  • Sheath Material: Plastic.

Schrade is an American knife manufacturer of hunting, and pocket knives started in 1904. Today, alongside Old Timer, and Imperial, the Schrade brand belongs to the Taylor Brands LLC. Schrade knives are popular due to their quality, strength, and relatively affordable price.

The Axe is a small, all-purpose type of hatchet/ax with a foldable saw built into the handle. The blade of the Axe is 3.8″ wide and has a Ti-Nitride coating to increase its durability. The blade measures 6.9″ in Length and has locking positions.

It is well constructed, and the pommel on the back of the ax head is solid and functional. Whether you are looking for an ax to bring on a camping trip, or just to keep in the vehicle or home for emergencies, Schrade has great models at excellent prices.

That’s why we have decided to add this as a budget option in this list of best survival axes.


✅ Nice grip.
✅ Good balance.
✅ Only 1.37 pounds.
✅ Storage space inside the shaft (no, really!).
✅ Easy portability.


❌ Shaft a fraction short (about 9.5″ to the ax-head).

Editor’s Pick

This Axe is the best for heavy work.

9: LIANTRAL Survival Axe Camping Axe

Key Highlighted Features

  • It is durable since it is made of steel.
  • It has a sheath that allows one to have a compact and portable handle. The Sheath takes the shock or the vibration from the blade during the time of usage or chopping.  
  • The Axe is a survival tool or kit for the ones who are going camping. The products come with many other tools.
  • Complete best survival axes kit with quality material.
  • Adjustable Length and easy to carry.

A Multi-tool camping ax is an essential tool for customers to carry and bring into their future hiking or camping trips. This Axe can be used as a log splitter ax. It comes with many tools such as a hidden fish knife compass for guidance in directions, magnesium rod for starting a fire, and a safety hammer to break glass.

This Axe is designed to perform survival tasks such as breaking, cutting, shooting, sickling, cutting, shaving, etc. The Axe is constructed from durable stainless steel. It is durable and able to sustain the impact when it is needed.

This Axe is designed to be an all one survival kit and an essential to bring during hiking or camping as this Axe can provide one with many tools in a compact design.

The product prevents customers from forgetting to pack a survival kit and helps them save backpack space while packing. These axes are designed with many safety features that come with a sheath and skid-proof handles.

This tool is the ultimate survival tool for outdoor traveling, outdoor living and Material: Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel Package Content. The head of the Axe is made of stainless steel. The extension rod and handle are made of high-quality thick aluminum alloy and are all durable.

The ax handle is skid-proof and keeps it from falling off during use. This survival ax includes the functions of trim, open, scale, chop, cut, split, chip, whistle, compass, fire and hammer. It is also used as a tactical ax; it is a military portable folding ax that has a sharp blade, a sheath, and adjustable handles. 

Folding Axe comes in a sheath, portable, and amazingly compact, thus makes this tactical Axe the best emergency tool for hunting, outdoor camping, and hiking. The handle of the Axe is adjustable according to one’s needs. Its Length can be changed by adjusting the extension bar of the handle.

The Axe is very convenient for use for different usage scenarios. Sickle two-in-one and Axe, the new model comes with a flashlight, weak light torch with intense light, whistle, window breaker, also equipped with a saw-toothed knife, strobe three functions, compass,  magnesium bar flint. The Axe is suitable for outdoor travel and outdoor living.

The Axe is excellent for anyone to use, gardeners, hunters, survivalists, campers, hikers, first responders.


✅ It is durable & strong.
✅ It has an adjustable length.
✅ Easy to carry.
✅ It is compact.


❌ It has brittle edges.
❌ Expensive.

Editor’s Pick

The Axe is the only tool that is better in making the work easier. This Axe has many uses. It is used in clearing bushes where the tent is to be placed; it is the one that is used in chopping off firewood that is to be used in lighting of camping fires.

The Axe is durable, and once it is taken care of, it can last for years without wearing out. The cost is affordable.

10: Schrade Mini Survival Axe/Saw Combo

Key Highlighted Features

  • Durable: It is made of Ti-Nitride Coated Stainless Steel with a twice-injected rubber handle
  • Dependable: Easy and quick access with a 2 locking positions
  • Secure: It won’t slip due to its ergonomic black rubber grip
  • Be Prepared: It features a hammer pommel and a blade cover as well

The next one in our list of best survival axes of 2022 is this Five Star hatchet which has already proven itself; its been in production by Swedish ax maker. The handed Axe is designed to make fast work even for the hardest woods, the steel-head hand-forged in a factory that has been in operation for a century, and a shapely handle.

This Schrade Mini Axe is designed to last for years, and the head can be profiled and customized by the ones with the skill and tools to do so.

This Schrade Mini Axe is durable since it is constructed with stainless steel. Aluminum alloy is used to make the handle and the extensions on the Axe. This Schrade Mini Axe can drive into an object when an emergency arises.

The amalgam of aluminum is the one that is making this possible. His Sheath of the Axe is compact and portable. This Schrade Mini Axe Sheath protects the fingers from the knife that is below the handle.


✅ It comes as a kit containing an ax and a shovel.
✅ It may be used for a variety of outdoor activities.
✅ It is robust and durable.
✅ Has other tools that you require for camping.


❌ It is considerably heavier.

Editor’s Pick

That’s the list of our best survival axes. If you are an adventure lover, the this ax is a must have tool for you. That’s why we have recommended it as one of the 10 of the best products that you can buy!

Best Survival Axes 2022 Buying Guide

1. Longevity

It is better to buy an ax that is going to last longer compared to other products. So it is something that one should keep in mind. Shafts, which are made of right materials, tend to last longer.

2. Compact

When one decides to buy best survival axes, one should go for a thick shaft. When one goes out for an adventure, you ought to have a lot of things. As a result, one should take truly compact stuff. Besides, a small ax is one that is easy to use.

3. Sharpness

The ax blade has to be sharp in such a way it can chop, split and trim. It is better if the blade is made from stainless steel.

4. Grip

An ax is a hazardous tool to use. So one has to use it carefully.  The grip has to be good. If you cannot grip it properly, then it may be hazardous to use. Always make sure that it is easy to grip. In this way, it will be safe and sound to use.

5. Easy to Carry

All the best survival axes have to be designed in such a way that one can carry it easily. It is complicated to work with a massive ax. The Axe should be lightweight. The one should not be more than 2.5 pounds.


Axes are tools that help a lot in most camping works. These axes should be light in weight to reduce the impact they may have on the user’s hands. The prices of purchasing the best survival axes that are pocket friendly. They are of high assistance.

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